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Aquarium Supplies from the Dollar Store

Aquarium Supplies from the Dollar Store

What’s up guys. Steve Poland here. I’ve got a few videos in the works for you but I wanna do a quick one here on some stuff that I found today in
a place I didn’t expect so as aquarium hobbyists, you know that we’re always on the lookout for cool stuff for our tanks. Obviously you go to pets stores and stuff a lot but one place I happened to be today I did
find some cool stuff. And that was the dollar store. I don’t
normally go to dollar stores, not that there’s anything wrong with dollar stores but I just don’t, uh, it’s just not someplace I typically to go but I was near one and I popped in there just to see if they
had anything cool and I did pick up a few things. So
the first thing… A lot of people use…in their cichlid tanks they use uh clay pots and stuff as hiding places
but I found something there I found these black mugs. I thought they were cool just because they’re black. I’m always
looking for stuff to put in there that’s black looks a little better. Also they have handles which I thought was cool. They don’t roll around as bad and they’re a dollar so price is right on those. Another thing I found that I’m always looking for..and have been
meaning to get I guess is probably more accurate Funnels. So this is actually three funnels and there are just so many times when I’m doing stuff with the aquarium and I’ve thought, man, I wish I had some funnels that weren’t like, garage funnels and had you know, oil or whatever all over them so, a buck I got three aquarium funnels, but by far the coolest thing that I found and really the reason I’m doing this was they had these styrofoam containers. A lot of times if you go to your local fish clubs and shows, or even if you just go to the store, a lot of times you’ll see people with coolers but they’re… I usually see them with bigger coolers you know, and they’re kind of annoying to carry around really big but at Dollar Tree they
have these for a buck and they’re smaller and they’re
really the perfect size for like two fish bags that you would pick up. And really you could even keep these in the trunk of your just in case you happen to be out and like me you happen to stop into a fish
store and impulse buy some fish, which sadly
I do all too often. I thought those were really cool. I picked up a couple of those at Dollar Tree. So I don’t know if that’s at every Dollar Tree but it’s definitely in ours I thought these were cool.They have a lid, the lid kinda fits in there, stays on a little handle. It’s just easy to carry around transport you fish home, keep them cool, keep them warm, whatever the case may be. Kind of a neat thing so anyways guys, if you have a Dollar Tree near you maybe stop in, check those out, see if you want one. Until next time, thanks guys. Hit like, hit subscribe, talk to you soon.

21 comments on “Aquarium Supplies from the Dollar Store

  1. Nice info Steve, great place to look. I was in one the other day and fabricated a pretty cool sand bed mover. It keeps my hands and arm dry and works great, $2 total cost. It's a win…lol.

  2. Wow those coolers are great. At Jewel-Osco they're about $5.
    The plastic dish scrubbies at dollar stores make for great media as well.

  3. More people should use coolers when they get their fish!  Especially when it is extremely cold or hot!  Also when they are traveling a good distance and add a battery powered pump to it!

  4. Living in the desert as I do, those would be great when buying groceries and ice cream during the summer…. and of course for fish!

  5. I want to get a pet carrier to take my fish home because the bag is a little unstable and moves around a lot and I'm imagining how much stress the fish are under so I want to get one.

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