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Aquascaping a DBL bottom Aquarium – Step by Step River Stream Flow Tank aquascape tutorial

Hey guys, today we have a really cool project.
I’m here with a couple of my friends we’re scaping this flow tank.
You’ve probably already seen the concept from Panta Rhei.
We have a double bottom here. There is a strong water flow inside the tank
and this is going to be some sort of biotope style layout for Panda Loaches. Let’s kick in the
intro and check out the hardscape afterwards So guys, you have seen the hardscape and
it’s really really cool, you can almost feel the flow of the water. How it comes
on the right side and has formed the roots of I don’t know, some kind of a
dead tree, going all the way from right to the left side and kind of a really cool small table,
you can slide out from the cabinet of this aquarium.
It’s an entire DIY build. Unfortunately I wasn’t a part of the whole process. If you’re wondering,
how the whole hardscape is holding together? The guys, they have used Superglue and they covered the superglue with a little bit of soil dust so you don’t see the white markings Next steps: The guys they have filled in
the Soil and created some sort of like Soil pockets for you know, kind of,
to separate the soil from the sand areas there were, like, round shape river pebbles used and for the small gaps in between the
rocks, filter wool has been used to block those small gaps.
So the Soil cannot come to the front as a final touch,
some small gravels have been added. Those gravels are almost the same type
like the pebbles in aquarium some are bigger, some are smaller I already like how it’s looking and
before you ask any questions about the LED this is some sort of custom-build
LED by a German brand called AquaGrow you can find a link to them in the description below Fully controllable, everything, but like I said,
it’s like a custom build model and next we’re going to prepare the plants
and put them inside and yeah,
guess what kind of plans we’re gonna use here? of course Rheophyte plants.
Mosses, Bucephalandras and Ferns and some Crypts
and some special things as well so stay tuned for the planting Ok guys,
now is time to talk about plants meanwhile it’s already water inside, that’s because
we let the Reverse Osmosis water run in slowly the entire planting process started with
the Cyperus helferi in 3 major soil pockets,
in the middle of the island the Cyperus helferi was side-planted
by Hygrophila ‘Araguaia’ and Cryptocoryne ‘Hobbit’ also 3 major pockets were created in the back, where basically Cyperus helferi was mixed with Juncus repens and some Hygrophila ‘Araguaia’
has found its place in the background as well Towards the foreground you can see lots and lots of
small Bucephalandras, those species are mini Needle Leaf and whatever those names are..
I will list them all down in the description below Basically we have a mix of
Cryptocoryne parva, dwarf Bucephalandras Hygrophila ‘Araguaia’
Cryptocoryne ‘Hobbit’ and Cyperus helferi as well as Juncus repens further on top of the driftwood we have
added Bucephalandra species some Bolbitis heudelotii,
just tissue culture, very very small Hygrophila pinnatifida as well as Fissidens
and regarding Fissidens, I just recorded a little Pro Tip you will find a link up here So how we added the Fissidens we wrapped it around small filter wool patches and it’s a super cool technique
to add it in the driftwood Going forward, we are
going to finish adding those Fissidens to the tank and fill it up to the top and I’m going to show you
how it looks when it’s finished Ok guys, the tank is finished and as the
final steps we have glued some Moss and Pinnatifida on the upper areas of the driftwood
sticking out of the water and as a byproduct, just recorded a
second Pro Tip over here, so make sure to check it out the link up here, or just later on in the description or, if you’re subscribed – you will get it It was a really cool project,
to be here invited by my friend Sebastian and the other guys Dennis and Florian and all of the guys are linked down below,
if you want to stalk them if that’s something you’re into I will wrap it up here I hope you enjoyed this vlog,
you know, the creation process. Unfortunately I missed the hardscape part, but well so is life.. Guys, if you like this video give me a thumbs up 👍 Subscribe to my channel
and I gonna see you in the next one 😉

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