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Welcome to the beautiful world of Aquascaping, to the Green Aqua Gallery in Budapest, Hungary. Today we’re talking about this aquarium that is right next to me. This is a 60P aquarium, a 60x30x36 cm. In the past weeks in the YouTube videos that we published for you guys we showed a total of 8 – actually 7 aquariums… 7 bigger aquariums that we have here in the Gallery. Did we show all of them? I think yeah. The 8th aquarium is empty right now. It’s waiting to be set up. We’re gonna make a different video for you guys showing how we do that. In addition to those 8 bigger aquariums, we have another 4 smaller aquariums. 64 liter aquariums to be precise. This aquarium right next to me is one of them. Behind me you can see the rest. One of them is also empty. It’s also waiting to be set up and I hope that we’re gonna have some guests… Here at the Green Aqua Gallery who are going to help us to set up this aquarium. We really like this 60P size because if you don’t want to buy a bigger aquarium, don’t want to spend a lot of money on gear… If you wanna just try how it works for you then it’s a pretty cost-effective thing to run a 60-liter tank. If you want a nice and affordable light, you can just get this ADA AquaSky… Well… Relatively affordable light. You can just get this ADA AquaSky G that we have right above it. Today all the RGB type LED-s are really popular among us aquascapers. This is a little-bit different because it gives you a nice and cool fresh green color. As you can see on the whole image the greens are really accentuated and it has a nice-n-fresh green color. It will bring a piece of nature into your room. I told you that… 60P is a good size for a beginner. Obviously this is the second step from having a nano tank. Like a 30 cm cube. But this is the first size that I would consider big enough to have a nice and decent aquascape in it. You can have depth with it, you can have height with it, you can fit rocks in it, you can fit a lot of plants in it. And you can have quite nice layouts in this kind of aquarium. This is the second aquarium in the Green Aqua gallery that was inspired by Mr. Takashi Amano. We were visiting the ADA Gallery in Japan with my business partner Viktor a couple of years ago. We saw there two tanks that specially inspired me. One of them was Mr. Amano’s 180P tank, an island composition that we made a video about a couple of weeks ago. The 650 liter tank… You can check out the YouTube link there. Or is it there? Yeah, it’s there. And this one is the next one. …That was also inspired by a 180P tank in the same ADA Gallery. Obviously the tank that you see on the picture now that was made by Mr. Amano is a bigger tank. It has a different kind of foreground, and it obviously has a lot more structure to it. It has a lot more details than our tank. But nevertheless I wanted to talk to you a little bit about inspiration. You can get inspiration from two places… In my humble opinion. You can get inspiration from nature. Directly. By walking in the forests. Walking in the mountains. And just look at rock formations. Look at tree formations. Bushes. Look at different hills. Chasms, whatever. Valleys… You can look at rivers, there’s a lot of really nice inspiration to be found out there for aquarium enthusiasts. This is – by my opinion also – this is a bit more difficult approach towards building an aquarium. For beginners I would recommend to find an aquarium that you really like, copy that aquarium, and get inspired by that aquarium and start from there. Obviously I’m not a beginner but I also started with Mr. Amano’s work here, because my idea about building an aquarium that is a “copy” would be that you’re not gonna be able to make that copy precisely anyways. So it’s going to be your own inspiration. By the time that you’re done building the tank, it’s not gonna look like the original one. But at least you have something in your mind that will start you, that will give the initial kick to you. In order to be able to build a beautiful aquarium. Based on another aquarium. I actually have 4 bigger structures of lava stone built in this tank. I have tied Taiwan moss on them. I also tied Hygrophila pinnatifida on the moss – together with the moss – on the rocks. As a special kind of foreground plant I was using the Hydrocotyle tripartita. Hydrocotyle tripartita is not being used very often as a foreground plant. Usually it’s a mid-ground plant or you grow it on rocks, or you put it in the background. In this case I was thinking of doing something different. I wanted to accentuate the foreground a little bit. To have something of lighter-green color in the foreground. Which would give you a nice contrast with the darker green of the mosses. And also, to have some red patches of Hygrophila pinnantifida in it. So light-green, dark-green and red. And all these three will give you a combination of nice contrast. Also, the fish selection is these little colorful guppies. Endler guppies to be precise. These will give a tank a fresh-green look as I told you before. And also some color. This is why the whole thing looks like a little juwel. Obviously you need CO2 injection. We have pressurized CO2 system below this aquarium. It will help you to have lush and green plants in the aquarium. The CO2 bottle will last at least 6 months under this tank. As far as the substrate goes, we have the ADA substrate system in the tank. You have ADA Power Sand at the bottom. And you have ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia and Aqua Soil Amazonia Powder on the top of it. This helps a lot with the planting of the Hydrocotile tripartita. Because the roots will be held inside the substrate much better. This is the foreground plant. Check out the length of it. See that? So what I do – basically – when I plant it… Is I put it and I cut like little pieces of 5-8 cm. And then I plant these bunches down and then… Gradually as it grows… I would trim all the stems that were growing upside and just keep the ones that are spreading downwards or sideways. It’s much better. So this is Hydrocotile tripartita from Dennerle. I wanted to show you Hygrophila pinnatifida, and that is the plant that I have on the lava stones. They were glued together with a special Impa glue. It’s a Polyester-based glue. It will not release anything into the water so it’s pretty safe for the livestock. This is how this plant looks like. In jelly – it’s a liquid jelly. You can just take it out and wash the plant a little bit and then you can tie it on the rock. Don’t be afraid of the size. Some… Most of the plants that come in jelly would look like this. They would grow immensely – if you don’t trim it… They can grow – even stem plants when they come like this – they can grow up to the surface. Small size doesn’t mean that it’s going to look bad or small in your aquarium. Actually if you’re looking at the label on the Tropica plant… You will see that it grows 20 cm tall in 30 days. Which means that this will be a big plant if leave it to grow. Another plant that we used is the Taiwan moss. The Taxiphyllum ‘Taiwan’. Right there… It says it will grow 20 cm wide in 30 days. Well I don’t know about that. Didn’t measure it. But it will grow everywhere and you need to trim it regularly. If you don’t trim it, it’s gonna be bushy as hell. So you better keep it nice and thin. ‘Cause after some time the bottom of the moss will get brownish and it’s not gonna look beautiful anymore. So you need to trim it regularly. I have quite a few cups of moss there, I’m gonna check how many. We were using only 5 Taiwan mosses and actually I see that we were using Weeping moss as well. Sometimes these mosses will mix up and you’re not gonna see which moss is where. They just grow together. Weeping moss would grow a little bit downwards. Obviously. And Taiwan moss would go everywhere. So these two will mix up and form this nice layout here. We were using ADA ferts in this aquarium, the Green Brighty Mineral and the Brighty K. And this is really good, because you only need to pump 3 of these – 3 ml. 1 pump=1 ml. And these 3 ml is enough for a 60 liter tank. Daily. You can see the ADA Maintenance Stand right next to the aquarium. On the left side of the picture- We really love that because you can just take out the ferts and just put the ferts in the aquarium that is right next to it. You can keep the maintenance tools on it. And you can keep all kinds of fish-feeders and all kind of other stuff on it. So it’s a really nice and beautiful addition to the Green Aqua Gallery to have this ADA stand here. Let me talk a little bit about the clearness of an aquarium. You don’t see that, but Opti-White glass that all our aquariums are built from is a really clear type of glass that has no Plumb in it. So actually there’s a procedure in which Plumb is being taken out from the glass. It results in a tint-less really transparent glass that will make your aquarium look… Empty… Like having no water in it. Actually, when you’re looking at old-school aquariums and you see some tint, you think it’s the water. That has some tint… Maybe that’s the case, but most of the time it’s just the glass. That will give a little bit of yellowish-greenish tint to the look. If you use Opti-White glass even with 5-6 mm glass thickness… That would result in a crystal-clear view of the aquarium. And also, let’s not forget about the filtration which is the most important thing in the aquarium hobby. If you have a good filter then you already have won your game. By having an algae-free tank. Because if everything else is in order, and you have a good biological filtration, that will take Ammonia out of your system and you will have crystal-clear water that you always desired. The basic idea is to have all the tech gear ready and stable, behind your aquarium. If you have that then you’re probably going to enjoy your aquarium for a long time. Until you wanna re-scape it. And keeping aquariums is going to be a nice hobby for you for a long time. It’s going to be relaxing for you to return home, sit back and just watch the underwater world evolving. All right, this was it. Next week, we’re coming with a new video. If you like… Please share. Please comment… Please subscribe. Until next week… Goodbye!


  1. Как всегда очень красиво. Хочу к Вам работать, возьмите, буду чистить аквариумы и учиться!

  2. This tank is beautiful but also accessible to those newer to aquascaping. The plant choices are very easy to grow with CO2 and decent lighting. Moss, Hygrophila Pinnatifida, and Hydrocotyle Tripartita all grow like weeds in a decent 'high tech' setup. The nice thing about the two stem plants is they both send out roots everywhere and form natural transitions throughout the scape. Just need to keep up with maintenance so they don't go absolutely wild =P. Also, great notes about how to approach aquascaping as a beginner.
    Edit: Just noticed i wrote 'grow like weeds' twice in one sentence. Oops

  3. What's the reason for using ADA ferts vs. GreenAqua ferts?
    I also love ADA LED lights, they're the most professional gears available indeed (I use an older version of this – many thanks Viktor for the power supply replacement, it's been working fine ever since).

  4. Nice intro for beginners, lovely scape always from you guys, dont know about the reasonably priced light at over €270!, i will agree if you send me one though 😊

  5. I love your stylish aquascapes & videos. Absolute phenomenal!!!! Please keep on scaping & show us more of your work 🙂
    Would love to see a flat one (f.e. 60F, 90F or 120F) maybe the next few months 😉

    But one question: what colour do your premium cabinets have in the showroom…is it black or some greyish anthrazite? Cause I want to buy 3 of them on your online shop.

    Best regards and wishes from Germany 🙂

  6. I appreciate the regular high quality content! I have just become interested in aquascaping, and your videos are wonderful inspiration!

  7. Your videos are very relaxing. Can you put some of those Latin names up on the screen when showing and talking about specific plants?

  8. Wery beatifull aquascaping😍 love the video and insite about spicific s !!im looking forward to the next guys . my first 74l tank after6 weeks is a succes maintain maintain each week on sunday as beginner. the first 4 weeks it was difficult but with external and i ternal filters changed ewerything is going well👌👌😊and im wery interested in amazonia soil substrate !!

  9. Hello guys, I really like this video,maybe even one of your best! The laid-back, easy go vibe is just great, especially with the music that you used.
    Liked that you've shown us a bit of the surroundings and nature in your area.
    Also I love this tank, small and simple but beautiful. A good aquascape does't always have to be large.
    The Hydrocotyle Tripartita looks great in combination with the moss and a few Pinnitifida. Amano would have liked it I think!
    I got this Tripartita in my 55 litres scaper's tank, where it sometimes is a pain in the but 😉 It's runners grow everywhere, even in my inflow sometimes. However I do like it, it's a beautiful plant.
    Looking forward to see your new layout projects and curious who you guys have invited. Maybe George or maybe someone else this time? Can't wait to see it!
    Oh and just wondering if Victor will be at Vivarium all weekend? I think I'll be there on saturday, excited to see the VIP battle!
    Keep on scaping guys, enjoy your weekend and talk to you soon!

  10. This is the one of the most ugly planted tank by a pro I have ever seen. The designer is still in beginner level, because he/they did not get the basic rules of aquascaping from Amano's work. Don't show this to your customers. Two big failures here: 1) Hygrophila pinnatifid is too giant for this small tank. 2) Hydrocotyle tripartite was arranged in the dullest way. The overall design is very dull for a pro, so so for a beginner. And it is very crowded.The moss tree/ball … Oops. You really don't need to show off this tank. Go to any aquascape contest and see the real comments. Hope this help you guys. This is not Amano, this is wasting money and life.

  11. Hey have you ever tried bonsai? I been a planted tank guy all my life but have suddenly fallen in love with bonsai!!!

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  22. Hi guys, I have a question about photoperiod. If my aquarium gets indirect light in my room for 4 hours and I leave the lamp on for 8 hours, will my photoperiod be 8h or 12h? count only the time of luminaire lit, or all the time of luminosity, whatever it is?

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