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100 comments on “Aquascaping TUTORIAL – My Westworld style nano aquarium

  1. Awesome video work mate. Very professional and enjoyable to watch. Just keep an eye on spelling and it'll be even better 😉

  2. Wow. I Was caught up with the flow. This video grabbed my attention till the end. Nyc work. Beautiful n simple set up.

  3. Hi…i simply love watching your videos… light hearted….and so many aquascaping tips one can learn from them.😍….can you please do a video on how you manage your co2 in your tanks please…

  4. Thank you, the scaping is beautiful and the content is amazing, I so love this! Can you share how much such a setup would cost?

  5. azt gondoltam magamban, hogy a vizuális grafika illetve a minőség amerikait sejtet. a szemem meg kiakadt amikor megláttam a magyar feliratot. igényes elrendezés lett, minőségi videó és vágás.

  6. I'd really appreciate it if a kind soul could identify the plants in the tank at 0:53. There appear to be four varieties by my count. Thank you in advance.

  7. This is an excellent video. I"d love another with maybe some softer, more soothing background music, that just shows the tank from multiple angles as if I were just zoned out in its presence and admiring it!

  8. Muted. I just watched an aquarium design tutorial with no music and voice over. Groundbreaking. I hope more tubers will follow that format.

  9. While this Looks good. You should really have someone read over your subtitles. i'm going to guess English is not a first language for you…..
    "Aquascaping tutorial for beginners!"

    id say that's a Misnomer for beginners, as the price of your Setup here is not even in the SLIGHTEST bit open to a new person..
    Tank 100$
    Substrate,1.5 bags $50
    Hardscape $50-80 depending on fish
    Filter $100
    CO2 System $100-150
    Light $80-100
    In-flo/outflow tubes $60
    Plants $70-80
    your $700 Bucks in and you don't EVEN HAVE FISH yet..
    toss in some nice fish, cleanup crew Inverts, Some tools and you're $1k on this tank alone…

  10. Nice video …..I didn’t watch it completely but I thought I should mention my comment first (after watching the first1 min. ) . …now I’m going back to the video. 😍😀

  11. hi, i am slowly getting interested in aquascaping, so of course i still know nothing (jon snow), but what does making water "harder" mean?

  12. Can you please tell us a good alternative for those lamps ? Too expensive for some people, although they look great

  13. Watched this video, liked, and subscribed. I love the tank it's beautiful, I have a 65 gallon fish tank in my home and I have roughly 30 fish in it that are all relatively happy but I want them to be happier and I've decided to get substrate and get into aquascaping. Not completely sure on what to do but your tutorial definitely helped thanks 😊😇

  14. Amazing!
    The tutorial was so informative and easy to follow and understand what you were doing.
    The filming and editing is some of the very best that I have seen. Superb!
    The finished tank aquascape is beautiful and also very inspirational.
    By the way, your other tanks were also equally beautiful.

    You sir, are an extremely talented man. Thank you for sharing.
    Edit: Forgot to say how much I enjoyed the music in the background.

  15. The video editing is so good, like tv show good. Like damn, almost as good as the scape(or the other way around) anyway, this tutorial is an easily 11/10.

  16. Wow, this was the best tutorial I've seen! I'm new to the aquarium world and struggling with my aquariums. this was fun to watch and easy to follow. Most of the other ones I watch struggle with staying on task and get lost in their own videos. Thanks!

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