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Archbishop Fisher’s Easter Message 2018

Archbishop Fisher’s Easter Message 2018

As we come to the end of Lent,
we can wonder if we have done enough to prepare for Easter but as we
enter into the holiest days of the year don’t let your Lenten regrets
overcomplicate your Easter. Children see the world with a simplicity
and wonder we sometimes forget as adults and with this in mind, I was delighted to
speak with the Year 1 children at St James Catholic Primary School in Glebe
about their view of Easter. Good morning. My name is Enrica,
I’m the Principal of St James Catholic Primary School, Glebe and
this morning we’re really excited. The Archbishop is coming to visit us.
It’s the first time the Archbishop has been to St James Primary School in Glebe
and we particularly look forward to seeing him as there is a strong Dominican
connection between the Archbishop and our parish, Saint James. The children
are really excited. We have told them they have got a very special visitor and
they have been learning about Easter and the lead up to Easter through Lent,
and they look forward to sharing their ideas about what Easter is about
and of course, it’s going to be through the eyes of young children — six year olds. CHILDREN: Good morning, Your Grace. ARCHBISHOP: Good morning, children.
Lovely to meet you all. ARCHBISHOP: Why do you think we have an egg?
What lives inside an egg? CHILD: A chicken? [ARCHBISHOP: A chicken?] ARCHBISHOP: And what happens when
the chicken gets big enough? ARCHBISHOP: Because Jesus breaks out
of his tomb, his egg… CHILDREN: Ahhhhhh… ARCHBISHOP: You see? It’s very good for us
to keep learning things like that, isn’t it? CHILD: It means they live forever
and ever and ever. ARCHBISHOP: It means you live forever
and ever and ever. TEACHER: They are very intrigued by religion
and Jesus’ life so they have always got burning questions after we read Bible stories.
They are always intrigued to know more and discuss, and share their ideas,
and their interpretations of each of the Bible stories that we read, which is good . ARCHBISHOP: On Easter Sunday, Jesus came
back to life. Isn’t that wonderful news? CHILDREN: Yes. ARCHBISHOP: Because we love Jesus and
Jesus loves us and because it’s a promise that we can come back to life too, if Jesus did.
So that is wonderful news, isn’t it? ARCHBISHOP: Let’s have a look at our
story and I will just remind you… Our children remind us that the message
of the Gospel is new in every age. I pray you experience the Easter story
through the eyes and heart of a child as if for the very first time. Like a chicken breaking out of an egg,
be ready to leave behind your sins and anxieties, sorrows and regrets. May the risen Christ who burst forth
from the tomb, bring Easter hope and promise to you and your loved ones.

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