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Are there still pike in this private lake?? Pike fly fishing

Are there still pike in this private lake?? Pike fly fishing

so today is gonna be a pretty special
day for me first time going out to a to a private Oh two seconds you gotta fix
this to a private lake and get dinner I’m going out to a private lake for some
pike fishing and it’s the first time I’ve ever been to a private lake and
rumours has it that’s it might have some awesome pike time will tell so again
this is a pre spawning season so if you can see it it’s pretty dark two seconds
I can fix this that’s alright you see but right here
the weed line comes down from this this way and then it comes down here it goes
into a groove and and there’s a pocket in here so since this pre spawning I’ll
give this a go let’s see if there’s any Pike’s here pikey pikey pikey no pikey No pikey…. nooo pike normally where I fish I fish with a big
Daddy sink three line to get the fly down. Because where I fish normally it’s
pretty deep. Well no not that deep but in some places is pretty deep. Here
it’s a lot more shallow so at the moment uhh mother.. that was dammit.. I’m fishing
with a slow-mo from vision. Slow-mo line so it sinks really slow. that’s not
that’s not a pike attack that’s just a some under under brush and at the moment
I’m fishing with the articulated fly so it’s got two hooks but it’s barbless
Ahrex barbless. I can’t remember the name of it. It’s Ahrex Predator light
predator hooks so they’re barbless but it’s articulated and seems they want it
so that’s cool.. that’s really really cool but in this Cove no pike I think I’m just going to go a bit
further down me like.. but.. I will row a little bit
further down.. well whatever.. Pikey pikey pikey..That could be a decent pike.. oh
that’s a big one wow that’s a big one that’s a nice pike’s… ahh I want a net.. Thank god! ******
yeah!! That’s one nice pike!! Yes baby!! that’s one freakin nice pike!! Yes!! Yeah!! That’s a decent pike! Yes baby! Yes!! yes!! 8.2 in the net.. let’s go baby Yes yes!!! 96 centimeters… yeah close to the
magic 1 meter Awesome!!! Sorry for the water and the on
the lens… that sucks.. Well any anyway… in it anyways
I totally forgot my pliers I couldn’t find them and I went down to
buy this ginormous Pike net because I know there can be… There has been very
big pike like 15 – 18 kilos here or something around that but not that one… That was a decent pike! First Pike trip of
the year. A good fat one. but I forgot this the pliers.. Pike pliers.. So I actually
had to go back to shore and then I had to drive back to the store and buy
one of these so.. I lost some time but right now with this this weather.. and
a pike like that my day is saved.. thank you lord so apart from forgetting the pliers
for the fly and feeling absolutely nothing for the first two and a half
hours. This has been a pretty interesting Lost a pike.. I didn’t see it
but because the wind is blowing the boat so quickly I’m blowing into the weeds
and that’s freaking annoying to lose a fish because of that.. that’s really
really annoying but that’s just the way it is. But I can get
it like three four five casts and then I have to stop and row and that’s really really
a pain in the ass but that’s just the way it is.. Come on pikeys! They said five
meters per second and that’s not even close.. I can’t even get the fly back in the
cast It’s really annoying and time to row again… god damn it… .. And I’m in flying into the freakin weeds here… I have to row out and get back to the fly… Where did you get stuck?? It’s back there… yea yea yea…. Pike on.. Pike on.. Pike on… yeah yeah yeah baby… it’s not a big one though… But it’s strong one! That’s a decent pike… that’s a
decent pike!! Jesus Christ… Get this one in the net.. Thank you! Now I’m drifting like a mofo again… Yes yes yes…. Another great pike! Calma calma calma… I need the pliers.. 8,6.. 8,6.. 8,6 six in the net.. 92 kilos..?? No! 92 centimeters.. bye bye bye.. Thats freaking EPIC! By the way… I got this big ass net from savage gear today.. it was 500
danish kroner and never had to use it before but I know there can be really big pike
so I figured.. ahh in a boat.. The best thing for the pike is this net so… Had to use it twice! Epic.. Epic.. Epic! So this was ehh… I had one sea trout trip
this year. Missed one fish and this was the first pike trip of the year and the
fish is close spawning think it’s Sunday.? Monday..? first of April
so it was last chance and I have to say so much thank you to the owner! This is the first time I’ve been fishing a private lake.. the wind was annoying when you don’t
have a electric motor to keep you where you want to control the boat but was
worth it! 2 fish over 90 centimeters and The new net I got it was about..
The wight said 1.7 kilos and both fish were over one was 8,8 I think and
the other was 8,6 or something.. and that was that was just an
amazing day so I hope you enjoyed the video..
Cheers guys and thanks for watching!!

2 comments on “Are there still pike in this private lake?? Pike fly fishing

  1. very nice video! Wish i had access to a private lake, i hear that there is always some good pike there 🙂

  2. Congratulations, Pete, the two pikes were epic! I empathize with you on the wind blowing the boat about, it is a constant challenge when I am out in the kayak. I've been having success with the Largemouth bass, Crappies, and the Bluegills recently. I've been using the flyrod and spinning gear with success. I look forward to your next fishing video. All the best, Gordon

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