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As Seen On TV My Fun Fish Tank Review

As Seen On TV My Fun Fish Tank Review

hey what’s going on Dan here for 9 malls and today i’m going to review the as seen on TV product it’s called the my fun fish cleaning tank clean water in dirty water out so it’s a self-cleaning fish tank here it is excited to try it out you haven’t already please subscribe to my channel if you want to support my channel go to / 9malls or just search page for 9 malls alright so i’m going to review here it says eight is eight to a hundred-plus so if you’re over a hundred you can still use a fish take watch your fun take light up comes the light cleans itself like magic so yeah one of the worst things about owning a fish tank is cleaning it and i’ve owned a fish tank you got to take out all the water put the fish in a separate container and you know and then you have to have a water that’s been sitting I think it’s over night and you can just put fresh water from the tap in a fish tank just right off the bat looking at this the only thing I would say is it’s pretty tiny so make sure if you do have a fish that it’s very very small in size this this is not a big container at all alright so we’ve got a lot of pieces we have here we have those guys we have the rocks i’m just going to open those I’m just assuming they go user base that’s it ok we have a little I guess this goes like this like this not have to look at the directions they’re all right we have little plants and here is a light right there comes with batteries which is great ok so i’m just going to look at the directions here so don’t waste a lot of time doing it wrong ok the grills in there you can see the opening is pouring point towards the spout so Russ flat tip of the tube should protrude slightly under grill like this i guess and then it connects here i’m assuming ok I think that’s how it goes so make sure you are driving the grill grille is closest to the spout and is facing fly the bottom insert pointed into the tube so FG through the large opening in the grill and then connect the opposite into the tube through the grommet be with spout outside the tank gently press down on grill so that rest flat tip of should produce slightly gently fill the car with rocks and add plants provided in the kit make any necessary adjustments to the tube so that is fully inserted into the spout and sit straight in the aquarium you may need to slightly adjust the spout to fully straight the tube do not do a trial one run and activate the self-cleaning system ensure you get a strong under and honor interrupted flow of water out of the aquarium make sure the receiving cap not include use use it you use is larger than the amount of water youporn there’s a problem with the water flow make sure the current is sitting level and the two is fully inserted into the spot but this does not fix the problem then adjust the rubber tip so then step for you slowly fill the aquarium with water at fishing and enjoy so I’ve been taught that you don’t just add tap water you gotta let it sits or else you’ll kill your fish and LED light are already contains two lithium batteries twist knob clockwise to turn on and counterclockwise turn off all right the place LED light inside of the lid to illuminate the aquarian to optimize LED backlight life make sure the light is turned off when not in use alright so i think i did it correctly the first time i’m just going to gently add the rocks you do not want to throw them in there okay and then we have our tree and let’s see if we can get that cover put it down there flat right there we go our lid and i’m just going to turn on the light and that’s the light so I’m going to add the water from the water pouring in okay so here’s the part about the water before I I test the cleaning system we recommend using water conditioner when adding topwater to the aquarium to remove quote chlorine and heavy metals that are toxic to fish it is like water temperature between Saudi 482 lat condition tap water set approximately 20 minutes in the picture before adding the according to reduce bubbles president and president you take so I’m kind of wondering how do you keep it at 74 to 82 without any type of heater if you do have fish that needed 742 make sure you get a heater if if you are getting the heater I would invest in a nicer aquarium but I guess that’s up to you to decide so this is really cool you can see once you fold up to a certain level it just starts draining out so watch this they keep going it up and you’re basically taking water from the bottom of the tank and it’s pushing it up the tube out here so when you know when the fish make a mess it goes to the the great down below and then the tube with water pressure sucks it up and just pours it out here so it’s actually a really cool idea really cool actually alright so just so you can see actually i’m going to get over the table and so you can see what it looks like with the light on ok so here we go and put the light on and that’s your fish tank just imagine there’s a little fish in there that’s the water level is going to be at some pretty impressive this item I think it’s really cool I was not expecting to like it as much as I’m actually liking and I think you know it’s really nice clear plastic it’s it’s not too cheaply made the design works perfectly I mean it’s straightforward everything kinda has a purpose from the light to the spout to the rocks to the plant and you know just don’t put a big fish in here i would say just get a teeny tiny little fish it’s just for fun and this is what it looks like so I do recommend the as seen and TV my fun fish-cleaning take self cleaning fish day you like my videos please subscribe if you want to support them go to / 9 malls or search page on for 9 malls and thanks for watching

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  2. I checked the reviews on this tank. It's adequate for a very small hardy fish and you do need to check chemical and pH levels if you want to take care of the fish and environment long term. I wouldn't recommend this to serious aquarium hobbyists but for extremely casual pet owners that are willing to risk the life of their fish then sure go ahead.
    I purchased this item as a temporary holding tank for small fish I need to separate from a regular sized fish tank that's 10 to 40 gallons in size. Since the price of this thing can drop as low as three bucks, you're not investing much to try it.

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