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Asam Pedas Ikan Pari | Fish in Asam Curry [Nyonya Cooking]

Hey guys, welcome to Nyonya Cooking! It’s time to attempt another typical ‘peranakan’ dish or a typical ‘nyonya’ dish In my previous live stream, I did tell you that I really want to eat this spicy, tangy, sourish dish that I love so much In this video, I’m going to show you how to recreate this dish This is how to create ‘Asam pedas ikan’ ‘Asam’ refers to the sourness provided by the ingredients to prepare this dish while ‘pedas’ means spicy ‘Ikan’, on the other hand means fish So, as you may had already guessed, this will be a fish dish I absolutely love this dish because it’s just so appetizing, especially when eaten with rice Curry with rice… you got me there I’m going to show you the ingredients right now We are going to use ‘ikan pari’ or stingray for this dish To add some sourness to the dish, we’ll need some tamarind paste… this one with seeds and also tamarind peels or also known as ‘asam keping’ We’re going to add some aroma by adding some lime leaves As for vegetables, we’ll use some tomatoes, aubergines and also ladyfingers Of course, the heart and soul to chili paste would be dried chilies Over here, I have some spices which we’re going to blend We have lemongrass, candlenuts, shallots, garlic, blue ginger, turmeric, ginger torch flower and also shrimp paste Now, it may seem like there are lots of ingredients here Trust me, the taste is really worth it There are 2 ingredients which I could not get in Germany First of all is this ginger torch flower I got them flown in from Malaysia and then I froze them So, it’s much better than not having it If you do not have it, then just skip it It’s not really a big issue It really adds this distinctive flavour of ‘asam pedas’ If you’d seen my ‘asam laksa’ video, you’d also noticed that I did mentioned you may want to add this into the ‘asam laksa’ Now, you would also noticed that whenever there is a dish which is sour, this comes in handy So, if you do not have it, just skip it The second ingredient is ‘asam keping’ Now, ‘asam keping’ is also another ingredient that provides some sourness just like tamarind If you do not have this, then just add more tamarind to substitute the flavour and add more sourness to it This tamarind peel really adds a different kind of sourness compared to tamarind So, I got this also from Malaysia It’s not really easily available in Europe We make do with what we have As you can see, the rest of the ingredients are widely available in Europe So, if I can get them in Germany, I’m sure you can cook this anywhere in the world Now, we will begin by blending the ingredients Remember to toast the shrimp paste or ‘belacan’ Also, soak these dried chilies If you like, you may also remove the seeds and the membrane So, that would reduce the spiciness in the dish Before I blend the spices, I’m going to soak this tamarind paste… these are with seeds… in the water It has to be warm or hot water You may get those tamarind paste without seeds I prefer them with seeds Then, lightly press it Then, I’m going to just leave this aside while we blend the spices Using my trusted blender, I’ll first add the dried chilies, shallots… I’m going to cut them into smaller pieces, lemongrass, garlic, turmeric and also blue ginger Now, before you start wondering what blue ginger is Blue ginger is actually just ‘galangal’ I used to call it ‘galangal’ in my other videos Lastly, we’re going to add candlenuts Now, it’s time to blend All right… so, it’s nicely blended Just before we finish blending, I’m going to add the shrimp paste Then, let it blend for a few more seconds Right… the chili paste is now ready In Malay, we call this ‘rempah’ The next step is to cook the ‘rempah’ We need some oil in the pot Do ensure that the oil is hot and then we’re going to transfer the ‘rempah’ directly into it Keep cooking this at low heat until the colour starts to darken You’ll also noticed that the oil starts to separate from the ‘rempah’ or chili paste It had been about more or less 8 minutes We now noticed that the ‘rempah’ is ready because the oil is separating and the colour had already changed Then, I will add the ginger torch flowers Give it a few quick stirs You can smell the greatness of this dish right now… at this moment I love cooking such dishes that really brings back memories So, at this point of time, we are going to add the tamarind water Now, it’s ready Be very careful because we wouldn’t want the seeds in the curry What I’m going to do is just run this through a sieve Sometimes, just to ensure that I get every bit of the tamarind, I dip the sieve into the curry Then, just vigorously mix it Increase the heat Let it start boiling again Then, we’re going to add these tamarind peels Meanwhile, while waiting for it to boil, I’m going to cut the vegetables So, we have aubergines here I didn’t cut these earlier because it oxidizes after a while I’m very lucky to be in a country where I can get stingray If you cannot get stingray, you may use different types of fishes White fish would be the best So, you may use talapia, seabass… It really doesn’t matter Now that it’s beginning to boil, we’ll add the tamarind peels Stir it This is like a magic pot of mixture I’m so excited If you cannot feel my excitement from the video, I’m looking very hungry right now So, for vegetables, I have tomatoes, ladyfingers and also aubergines I think tomatoes are really great… especially in this dish Now, I’m going to add the vegetables into the pot Let this continue cooking until the vegetables are almost soft but not too soft… you wouldn’t want everything to be mushy Then, we’re going to add in the fish It’s not going to take too long for the fish to cook Before that, we’re going to add a bit of sugar to this dish just to enhance the flavours Now of course, a bit of salt just to balance the sweetness, sourness, spiciness Now, onto the last step of the dish We’re going to put the fish into the pot here Then, let this continue cooking until it starts boiling again It should take about 8 to 10 minutes until the fish is cooked I am so excited to try it If you can get hold of ‘laksa’ leaves or vietnamese coriander, you may add it to this dish That would also help to enhance the flavours I used it in the other recipe, ‘asam laksa’ If you don’t know what it is, you can check out the recipe It’ll be linked in the description box Just before the dish finished cooking, we’re going to add lime leaves Smells awesome Into the pot So… bruise it a little Starting to boil I’m going to be really careful here because I don’t want the flesh to tear apart Okay… it starts boiling We’re going to switch off the stove The dish is done That’s about it It looks like there are a lot of ingredients The flavours… I tell you It’s just so worth it Now, I’m just going to try it We have this whole pot of goodness As usual, we need to taste a little Awww… look at that, look at that This is exactly what I love about stingrays The flesh is just so soft Now… with a bit of gravy Remember, we add candlenuts to this dish? That’s to thicken the gravy So, now we have a bit of gravy… a bit of fish Hmm… This… to me, is the best seafood dish ever Nothing beats this I’m going to have a bit of aubergine… also my favourite vegetable A bit of gravy too Hmmm… Now, just the gravy by itself I’m going to taste that Boy… this is so good Everything balances… the taste of spiciness, sourness, sweetness… the tomatoes We’d also added a bit of sugar just to sweeten things up I love the flavours in this You have to try it with seafood, however Use any type of fish that you like White fish would be the best My personal preference… stingray Of course… the last slurp before I move on to eating this with rice The dish came together harmoniously Looks so beautiful I can’t wait to show you more recipes Give me a thumbs up while you are here Subscribe to the channel, if you have not Do you know you can also inspire others to cook? It’s so simple Once you’d tried any recipes on Nyonya Cooking, join the rest of the ‘nyonya’ community and upload your delicious recreations Till then, I wish you, happy cooking!

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