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ASIAN AROWANA Aquarium Fish Market

ASIAN AROWANA Aquarium Fish Market

(Asian music) – [Speaker] Wow, look
at all the Red Arrows. Or Gold, I suppose. Oh wow, over here, this looks cool. Look there’s a cat! There’s cats all over the place. Look at that, Asian Arowana. Oh, and a Fly River. I love Fly River turtles. That’s my dream fish, slash
thing I don’t have yet. My unicorn is a Fly River turtle. So if I go look over
here, from around the way, that display down there caught my eye. And so usually you can
find out who’s producing all these plants, plastic
plants, that kind of stuff. But look at these tanks, tell
me these don’t look awesome. You see all these displays,
but this is the one that caught my eye, right here. From way down the way. I think they’re all Wakins, maybe? I’m trying to think. Yeah Wakins have the dorsal and… Yeah, these are nice tanks. Wow, that’s a platinum Redtail. I’ve never seen one in person myself. I’m gonna stop the video
and take some pictures ’cause people want to see that. (camera shutter clicks) Wow, look at this set up. Look at this set up, it’s insane. So you got all these big
fish: Asian Arrow, Datnoid, Mammon Parrots, Fly River,
big stingray, Platinum Gar. Look at that thing, it’s crazy. So you got all that stuff, and
then look, it’s all digital. And the filtration, the
sumps, are all down low. This is one of the
crystal-clear displays, so nice. And it’s got all LED lighting up top. And then I think that’s
a return right there down at the bottom, so it
wisps up all the debris, to get it to come up over
the overflow, over here. So crazy, look at this, the tile bottom. But just look how clean the bottoms are and that kind of stuff,
for the fish density. People are like, “Oh
there’s so many fish,” but, look at all these Discus,
look at that Dragon Stone. Wow, another platinum Redtail. I gotta take more pictures. I gotta put this away
and take some pictures. (camera shutter clicks) Here’s another big tank. A lot of Goldfish. Nice little tea set. Yeah, these tanks are really cool. Super cool. Look at this planted tank right here. This wood’s really cool. Hopefully we’ll be able to find it, it’s got all that modeling in it. Look at this tank slash pond. It’s, like, on wheels. And look at this tank, it’s
like, I don’t even know, 20 feet by … by three feet? It’s huge. This short body Koi, I’ve
never seen a short body Koi. It just looks really cool. Maybe it’s the next evolution in the goldfish hobby, is short body Koi. Super cool. Thank you. It’s a misting system
with Anubias on wood. That’s pretty cool. It’d be cool to have set up in the store. The humidity inside would
be nuts but you can see how much Anubias, this is all Anubias. All Anubias, crazy. Snails, Reticulated
Hillstream Loaches, Shrimp, Spotted Gars I think, more Koi. Look how much Anubias that is. This is an insane amount. As you can see some of them are huge, like that whole four foot, it’s a
four foot span right there. They just keep them wet. Java Fern mats, and all kinds of stuff. Crazy. We are looking at one of the
booths that has wood and rock. You can see it’s all the
way up to the ceiling. You can see it’s infinite of it. Here’s some Bonsai. Dragon Stone, different types of wood. This piece of wood is really cool. It’s a pretty small place. The place we’re going to, in
theory, should be a lot larger. This is more of a … I don’t want to call it retail, but this would supply other stores, not directly export, type of deal. Crazy marbled electric cats, or something. I don’t even know. Weird, seeing all kinds of stuff here. I don’t know that I’ve
ever seen the Albino. These are Heckelii, I believe. That’s pretty cool. So starting outside, we’ve got
the Rays, and the Gold Arrow, and if you look down here,
there’s a bunch of Datnoids, more Rays, another Arrow. When you come in, more Dats and Rays. But then you stumble upon this tank, which has some giant Datnoids. Look at some of these bigguns’. Peacock Bass. Look at that guy. Look at that Pleco. Super Cool. Datnoid. Another Tigrinus. Oh, look at this Gold over here, wow. Wow, super cool. So many stores like this
too, it’s just amazing. Is that a platinum Arowana? I think it’s the Albino Gold. Still good looking though. All right guys, well,
check out the other tours, ’cause there’s a lot of cool stuff. This is just one of
the little mini stores, and there’s so much to see. Just filming so, so, so much. I’ve been here for half a day, it’s gonna take at least another day to keep filming the rest of it. So, thanks for watching! (Asian music) So you can see, we are
up on the second floor, and you can see across the way, if I zoom in, there’s more fish shops. You can see the one right
there, there’s one on the left, there’s another one above
it, there’s more above that. I’m not sure we can get
to all these in a day. There’s another one over there. There are literally floor on
floor on floor of fish shops. More beautiful, beautiful Goldfish. Amazing, wow. (Asian music)

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  2. Those aquariums get me everytime you show more footage of the various shops. They are just so pristine. Really makes me feel like the slacker I am, compared to how they keep their tanks on a daily basis. Hope you feel better soon, Cory. As others have said, do get checked for DTV, you do have some risk factors for it, however, I don't see that being related to your fever, then again I am, by no means, a medical doctor. Just a concerned long time fan.

  3. I'm not sure if I should be using it but for the really fine stuff that the filter refuses to pick up I've been using "Acurel-F" for over 20 years and even though it's only for freshwater fish, it's been the best thing for clearing off all that fine stuff you're talking about on this tank. according to the bottle I should be using a drop a gallon but to clear up my tanks from extra fine trash all the way up to clearing off a bacterial bloom I've used a drop for every ten to twenty gallons and it gets my tanks crystal clear to the point where I can read the comics from one side of my six foot wide tank to the other. I was going to ask you about it a long time ago because I've never heard you mention it in any of your videos over the years so I thought there might be a reason why, but I always forget about it, but now that i saw you bring up "extra fine mechanical filtration" in one of your older videos (the one with your goofy mouth goldfish and the bug zapper) I figured I'd ask about it before I forget about it again. Have you ever heard of it and what do you think of it?

  4. I don't understand how the siphoning can be done at the bottom? It looks great but won't it drain the whole aquarium? Or overfill it? it would need to be in perfect balance with the pump, wich seems insane. Also if the power gets turned off it will drain? Can someone explain?

  5. The reason why we don't see shops like these in the states is that we're more distributed in our country. China has 2 cities that equal almost half the country's population. That's about 250 million people in one city or about 25 times the size of NewYork city. It's actually one of the reason's why China has a booming economy. It's easier to manufacture, import, and create in them when around any corner you can acquire and manufacture your products within feet instead of in the U.S. where manufacturing could be done in Ohio and assembly would be done in Texas to distribute in GA to sell in 50 states..

  6. this is an excerpt from a recent CNBC article on the dragon fish…hope you read the article (if not already )

    In Malaysia, five arowana were reportedly stolen from a woman's house and in a separate incident, an aquarium owner was stabbed to death and almost beheaded over the fish. At fish beauty pageants, armed guards escort the rare breeds.

  7. Some of those tanks , specifically the ones with the bigger fish, looked especially crowded. The standards by which we treat fish in retail environments are cruel and NEED TO CHANGE

  8. Friends, Where can I get aquarium accessories in China. I am from India and I want to import it to India at best price. Please help

  9. who do some arowanas have an eel looking tail while others have more of a typical fish tail ?
    thanks 🙂

  10. Gosh what great content… something is on my mind betta… 5.5 gallons no plants or rocks brand new been running for few days and nights is it ok for a betta to be in a clear empty tank maybe some fake plants and rocks later but for now completely empty….

  11. Some fishes should not be in a tank…but those tanks are so clear and clean…technology imazing. ..nice vid

  12. It would be nice if there was an Arowana that could live in a 55 gal. tank, ( a 3 to 4 " Fish) I'll just have to be happy with my aquascaped 20 gal long with Neon Tetras. I live on the 4th floor of a condo, so anything bigger than a 55 gal tank is out of the question.(don't know what the load bearing the floor is rated for .still tha Arowana is a fish I would love to have.

  13. fly river turtles are endemic to the philippines are being hunted to extinction by aquarium enthusiasts in china.

  14. Hello Nice video ! What kind of camera did you used for making this video ? It's really clear ! Amazing ! I want that kind of camera !!

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