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Asian Salmon Fish Sticks

Asian Salmon Fish Sticks

[Meal Makeovers] Frozen fish sticks can be an easy dinner solution when you’re in a pinch, but some brands have more breading than they do seafood. For my fish stick makeover, I use my favorite fish, salmon, and I create a light and flavorful breading so every bite provides a hefty helping of high-quality protein. Here’s how you make them. We’re going to begin my Asian-style salmon sticks with a healthy breading. We’ve got all-purpose flour. I’ve added a little bit of kosher salt and black pepper. And then in our breading we also have one large egg, and to that I’m going to add reduced sodium soy sauce— I’ve got one tablespoon— and a teaspoon of sesame oil. This is toasted sesame oil. You’re going to get a lot of good flavor there. I’ve got a half teaspoon of ground ginger and a quarter teaspoon of garlic powder. You can use a little bit of fresh garlic if you have that as well. And then whisk this together. [whisking liquid] And also, as part of our breading, we have a cup and a half of panko bread crumbs, so you’ve got a good crunch that way. All right, for the salmon, we’ve got a pound a half here, and this is center cut salmon. I had the skin removed, and then I cut the salmon into these sticks. They are three-quarter inch by four inches, approximately. And then all you do is take the salmon and coat it in the flour, shake off the extra flour, and then dredge that in the egg mixture, and then coat with the panko bread crumbs. So, we’re going to place all these fish sticks on a baking sheet. I’m going to spray the tops of them with nonstick cooking spray, and then we’ll bake them for about seven minutes in a 450 degree oven. It’s important to eat seafood twice a week for good health. And the reason I love salmon so much is that it’s a rich source of heart-healthy omega-3 fats, and we all need to be getting more of these fats into our diets. All right, so the salmon cooked for seven minutes. Now I’m going to turn each of the salmon sticks over, and then I’ll spray the other side with nonstick cooking spray. We’ll place it back in the oven and let it cook until the coating is nice and crispy and the salmon is cooked through, and that’ll take another 5 to 8 minutes. Each serving of my fish stick makeover provides an impressive 33 grams of protein. Frozen fish sticks can have just 10 or 12 grams. From adults to picky eaters, everyone will love these Asian-style salmon sticks. Mm, I am hooked. For Meal Makeovers, I’m Liz Weiss.

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