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-Hello, dear Tuna Tuner.
-Hi. -One of the questions that we’ve received…
-What is it? “Woman types that
we’re not supposed to fall in love with.” -Harsh.
-Dangerous zone. Again, dangerous zone.
We couldn’t get rid of the open water. We should’ve been swimming
close to the coastline. -They threw us into the ocean.
-Why did we… Why did we do such things?
We could talk about flowers and stuff. -I think people are requesting it.
-I think so. -I think they’re sick of flowers and stuff.
-They’re ready now, right? Yes. We should talk about the facts now.
Let’s talk with an adult point of view. -It should be done, right?
-Right. Alright. Now… What was the question? “Woman types that
we’re not supposed to fall in love with.” We can’t point at them
on the street like… -You’re not asking it like that, right?
-No, not like that. Okay. First of all, it would help if you don’t
get into a relationship with a person who couldn’t get over
his or her ex-relationship. -Man or woman.
-Yes, we should underline it. What could be the signs of that?
Ex relationship… He or she can still be stalking the ex. He or she can still be in touch with
his or her ex’s entourage. He or she can still be using
the old gifts. He or she can still be trying to see the ex.
Or they can still be friends. Alright? These are dangerous stuff. I’m not saying that if a relationship
ends, you should become enemies. It’s not that, right? At least our crowd wouldn’t
understand it that way. Okay, that’s first. Second… There are strong women.
In quotes. -Yes. A little bit tired…
-They can be wearing. I’m not saying that being
a strong woman is bad. There’s nothing bad about being
or feeling strong for a woman or a man. But if she has her eyes on a manly power,
if she wants to define, live and reflect… a manly power, it would be tiring for
the man who is trying to be in a relationship with that woman. And… You know what I say… A lot of make-up is like a mask
which is used to suppress feelings. And a lot of plastic surgery is the effort
of running away from the mother. Look, I’m saying this for the first time. -It’s very interesting.
-It’s very interesting. To be open to that kind of
an interference -or just…
-Letting it. letting it, for me is a sign of
competing with the mother. If a woman is competing with her mother,
this means that she’s also competing with her own femininity. So, they need some kind of a healing
at some point. -What should they do about it?
-First of all, sincerity and pureness are two concepts which are
very suitable for women. Sincerity and pureness.
This is ideal for me. Does this go for everybody? Never! Don’t ever be like that. Nobody
has to fill somebody else’s desires. I’m just sharing this to show something and inspire people. Woman means emotion. If somebody
has a problem with explaining his or her emotions,
that person would cripple the relationship. So I definitely advise a high quality
confrontation with their mothers, from whom they’ve learned emotion,
they’ve defined emotion and also learned the expression of the emotion. I’m not talking about
having a fight with her. To see the mother with new eyes,
with her story, with her marriage story, with her story with her own mother
and her own father… As a whole… You know, I always
work on it with my clients. When we arrive there,
when we open these chests, -we explore a brand new thing.
-In a way, -we invest in ourselves.
-Big time! So should we try to receive the mother
as she is, as much as possible? To receive the mother as she is.
A great relaxation and softening. I think having a very soft relationship
with their mothers, is the most suitable thing for women.
You know what I say? Do you remember this from our workshop?
When I look at a woman’s face, I see her. Bu the thing I see when I look at her face
is in fact the expression -of her mother.
-Even when she’s sad… Sad, angry, fierce, even despiteful. Of course the place of our mothers
in our lives is unquestionable. So, can we say it like that? Women who haven’t dealt with their mothers. Yes, there’s a very good clue here.
Look, you got it right. You know, I don’t give the whole thing.
I’d like it to be understood, because you tell it as a whole
to a stupid person. I think this is one of the things
that makes our channel tastier than the others. If you look at a woman’s relationship
with her mother, there lies a treasure. But there can also be disguises too,
you know. “My love”, “My everything”,
the way we speak to our mother… I’m not talking about something like that.
What is a woman? Woman is life. Woman gives life.
Woman is creative. Woman is the esthetic one.
Woman is the sensitive one. She’s the emotion, she’s the protective one,
she’s the one who heals in some ways. We should get in touch with that. We can’t talk about healthy relationships
when we see a woman who has a problem with her femininity and a man
who has a problem with his masculinity. So, after they fix their relationships with
their mother, what kind of a relationship they’d have with them?
What should they take from it? Let’s say, “What should they take more
to open better doors for themselves?” They should stop imitating
or running away from their mother. I’ve worked with a lot of women who said,
“You don’t know the things that I’ve done to not resemble my mother. To not be like her”. I understand these women’s
pain and suffering. You know, we have a video called, “Can there be
a bad mother?” It should be a reference. I’m not saying that the children are not
right. Sometimes we can’t see the deserved quality in motherhood. But the important thing is to be able to
receive her as she is. To not try to save her
or try to be exactly like her. Or you shouldn’t run away from her. What you say is to receive her
as a life-giver and accept her that way. Exactly. Let’s ask, “What doors may open for women
when that happens? -Which rainbows may they see?”
-They should see your face now… -They shouldn’t.
-Well, this is what happens. You can see the 32 teeth as a whole. But of course, the relationship with
the mother is also important for men. So I guess, taking this feminine side
from the mother means -having better quality in relationships.
-Yes, yes. -A happier life maybe?
-Look, this is how life is shaped. Man is the Sun, woman is the Moon.
This is not a romantic comparison. You know, I always begin
my seminar with this since 2007-2008. Man is the Sun, the giver.
Woman is the Moon, the receiver. You know, men sweat more easily
because of their muscle structure. They’re hotter and more moving.
Also with the effect of testosterone. They’re exactly like the Sun.
And women are like the Moon. So the ideal is, a woman who can receive
and a man who can give. We should talk about this later
with more details. Until we do that,
they can join our seminars. Of course it’s more detailed.
And we also have eye contact. With this status, women’s need
for a light source is greater. Because they can’t produce it themselves.
They’re taking it from the sun. They take it from the sun,
but make it ten times bigger. For example, they reflect this
as love, compassion, mercy -and abundance.
-It’s such a great comparison. And with this… This is a fact. Women need a relationship more than men. Thereby, as their relationships have more
quality, their life quality also improves directly in general. Of course a good relationship also contributes
to a man, but for a woman, it means much more. It’s very important in that matter.
And one more thing… Since the woman is the one who gives life,
she gives the next one, what she has. And the next one gives it to
the following. So, improving your life quality is
directly proportioned to improving your quality with our behavior
and point of view as a woman and a mother. We need to understand, support our women.
We shouldn’t upset them. In my opinion. -Thank you very much again.
-You’re welcome. So, we wish healthy days,
which are full of love. So be it!

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