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Ask the Aquarium — “Are Other Fish Safe in the Electric Eel Tank?”

The Ember Tetra is what we just added into
the (electric eel) exhibit. They are a pretty common fish in the aquarium
world, as far as just about any local retailer can have them. So they’re easily accessible and bred at their
facilities, which is nice, so we don’t have to go out and catch them anywhere in the wild. They are actually pretty safe in there because
as long as those little Tetras do not come into contact with the Electric Eel, they are
perfectly fine. Even when he discharges in the water, they
have to be physically touching the eel to be shocked when he gives off his discharge. They have learned to stay away. They keep to themselves in a nice school and
give a good distance between the eel and themselves. They are a really good schooling fish, and
because of their color — that ember kind of color — they add a little pizzaz to the
exhibit. It’s added a nice compliment of color and
movement in the exhibit. When you see them schooling, it looks like
a whole lot more, but they’re so small. Today, in fact, I just added 84 fish, and
I think I had maybe 75 in there prior to that. I put the first group in probably two to three
months ago, and they all seem to be doing really well. Even though you wouldn’t think there’s that
many in there because they’re so little and they disperse into different little schools,
it’s pretty impressive that they still keep their numbers up pretty good. They just stick together because it’s safety

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