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#AskDoCo – Do People Really Fish Out On The Ice?

#AskDoCo – Do People Really Fish Out On The Ice?

♪Ask DoCo♪ (Woosh) Michael in Palatine asks
“Do People Really Fish Out On The Ice?” Yup! The bay of Green Bay, which lies off Door County’s western coast, see’s a ton of ice fishing action in the winter from as soon as there’s enough ice, until there’s not. The bay usually gets 2 to 3 feet of ice every winter, and you’ll find ice fishing enthusiasts wherever the fish are biting, “Oof!”
“Ouugh!” Snowmobiles, ATVs and even vehicles can be found out on the ice during the ice fishing season, along with hundreds of ice shanties, too! Whitefish, perch, walleye, northern pike and other species can be caught through the ice. Try it yourself or better yet head out with a local ice fishing guide who knows where they’re biting, and may also have a warm ice shanty waiting for you. “It’s so nice!” Several ice fishing tournaments take place on the bay throughout the winter too, from Southern Door County to Washington Island. “Incredible” Hey Michael, thanks for asking!
See you on the ice! ♪Ask DoCo♪ (Phone Rings) Ask DoCo Hotline Oh Hey… Ah man, swamped here today… Ah man, it’s been crazy. Phones been ringing off the hook Emails coming in… Yeah I’ll be home around 5:30pm. Ok gotta go bye! Come on I can feel you nibblin’

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