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[ASMR] Edible banded HoundShark Fried 🐬 식용 양식 까치 상어튀김 먹방 Eatingsound Realsound Mukbang

Hi everyone, it’s Ssoyoung. Today I will be trying a shark. It’s my first time seeing a shark this much close. This shark is called banded houndshark. I wanted to show you guys this shark so, I went to the seafood market in the morning to bring this. If you guys feel uncomfotable watching alive shark, Please click go back button or skip this video. Hold on, how can I take this out? Okay, I need to get ready for it. I am so scared. I think it’s gonna bite me for sure. Its head is keeping moving toward my hand. How come.. How come.. Hold on! How come! Mom it will slip. Wait, wait, wait!!!! Don’t get close to me, no~ no~!! Don’t come to me, don’t get close to me! This one. This is the banded houndshark. It can actually breeds. About 10 to 20 sharks at once. If you look at the upper side, Mom!!! oh my god!! There are stripes if you look at it. It looks different than other fish. This one actually blinks the eyes. This is something special. And it lives near Koera and islands near by north pacific ocean. Don’t go! I really want to grab it and show you guys closer. But this one is just too scary. And the shark’s special… Hey don’t go. And it has a triangular horn. Hold on, don’t go anywhere. Now I will show you guys. I got it!!! Finally! If you look at this, This one is houndshark. It’s very strong. It looks like this in profile. And just like I told you a while ago, it blinks the eyes. I will cook this one as a sashimi and some fried dishes. Guys!! I grabbed a shark!! But it’s so scary. Please click Like and Subscribe. Here it is~ Dishes are ready~ From the head to fin and tail~ It was too long so I cut it out a little. It’s my first time trying a shark. I will tell you guys how it tastes after I try. It’s gonna be a good meal! It’s huge! I will be trying it first. It tastes like a port cutlet. This one is the tail part. I guess this is the bone in the middle. The fin. I will put some mustard sauce on. Since the shark was huge, there is lots of meat. It has no scent nor fishy smell at all. It just tastes very light. It tastes like a whole meat pork cutlet. Fire chicken sauce. It’s perfectly deboned. Chilli sauce. I will try the fin part. It has no bones in the fin. Almost no meats either. But it’s still yummy. I guess it’s just the cartilage that you shouldn’t eat. There is some meat in a long shape. It just falls apart. This part is the belly part. Not only the tuna has the belly part but also shark has too. Yes, the belly part of shark is the right one. It’s a bit fatty. The fatty flavor comes from the deep sea. This is just amazing. It’s so delicious. How could I even imagine eating a shark? I guess it was a good decision to be a Youtuber. The head part, looks like this. If you look at it, it kind of looks like a rubber shoes. This is good enough for feeding three or four people. It’s just a lot. Also there is no bones, not even tiny bones. So it’s easy to eat. Today I tried a houndshark. I used to feel so scared everytime I think of shark. But from today, I will just think the shark as one of the delicious fish kinds. Look at this.. It’s so cute. Please Click Subscribe and Like~

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