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Hi, fellow birdies! Today, I’m having homemade fast food! Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe! Let’s start off with some mac & cheese bites! Going to dip them in ranch. Tastes great! The ranch brings out the flavor! These look like chicken nuggets, but there’s mac & cheese inside. I got them from Trader Joe’s! Let’s try some thin cut fries now. These are Great Value! Nice and crispy. I added my own salt to it! These remind me so much of McDonald’s fries… with the taste and shape 🙂 Let’s try these fish sandwiches! Look familiar? These aren’t Filet-O-Fish sandwiches, though 🙂 I made these myself, and the taste is so seafood! I used a potato bun, fish fillets, American Cheese, and tartar sauce! I was craving fast food after someone requested this. So I was happy to make these on my own. I air-fried the fries, giving them a nice crunch 🙂 What would be your favorite from this meal? When I saw these at Trader Joe’s, I was amazed. I had never seen anything like them before! I wonder how they put the pasta in breading? I typically use ketchup with fries. But I decided to switch. It’s good to have variety! I made two of these sandwiches because they aren’t filling. When I get them at McD’s, I order two, as well 🙂 The taste of the ranch makes the fish tangy and sweet. It also makes the bun softer to chew! The Filet-O-Fish is my favorite sandwich from McD’s. What is your favorite? I would be curious to try other cheeses. But I believe American is best for fish. I like to eat my fries two at a time. They go well with a variety of sauces, including ranch. I prefer ketchup, though 🙂 I still can’t get over these mac & cheese bites! I feel like I’m eating chicken nuggets. Whoever invented these, you rock! These fries don’t come with any added salt. So if you eat them, you need to add your own! Air frying can do such wonders! It’s a healthier alternative than deep frying. That was a big bite 🙂 The cheese inside is perfectly gooey. Trader Joe’s has some amazing food, for sure! I think I actually prefer these fries over McD’s. When I get them there, they’re usually stale. Everything is fresh here 🙂 I might’ve made a few too many fries. But I think there’ll be enough ranch to dip with. Let’s start working on the other sandwich now! Such goodness. The fish is made of Alaskan pollock! It’s minced fish. Like eating a big fish stick patty 🙂 I’m always happy about eating fast food or seafood. It’s one of the best kinds of food in life! I grew up eating fish sticks as a kid… so I’m definitely used to this fish 🙂 Next time I eat this, I may use two patties inside! Last bite of the sandwich! Good until the end. Let’s finish the fries! Yes, there was even a curly one LOL I was very hungry while filming this. This was breakfast! Getting down to the last of them! Let’s do three at a time! The last bunch! Full and happy! I’m satisfied 🙂 See you next time! Bye, birdies 🙂


  1. I decided to make my own homemade version of my favorite sandwich from McDonald's. I can tell you that it was a hit! After putting this all together, I'm tempted to make more of my fast food meals at home!

    What would be your favorite thing from this video?

  2. I honestly think it’s just me, but, I LOVE dipping my fries in honey mustard. It’s delicious. 😋😊 But great combo on what you choose to dip it in. 🙂 I haven’t tried that yet, but I totally will soon! Everything else looks great as usual. 😊👍 keep up the good work. This channel is going viral. ❤️

  3. Hey cutey…I'm gonna have to do this! I've never really thought about it, but this is genius! And it looks so delicious…better than the fast food version! I have a homemade tartar sauce that I make…I could just slather it with that and cheese(I'm getting real hungry🤣😂) I'm really gonna try this very soon. I love all of the sounds. The fries and the bites are the perfect companion.

    I hope everybody is doing and feeling great! Tell everyone I said HELLO!😍😍😍

  4. First I wanna say that your asmr is soo good like the presentation and sound is amazing! And you should be recognised by a lot more people!But it's just sad how you have over 66k and only like 15k watch your videos?! But keep up the good work :))

  5. That all looks very delicious.. i have been sick for a week and, after just eating soup, i am craving all that food your eating. 😉😣

  6. I LOVE Fish sandwiches from mcds (I usually get 2 as well) I must try making my own! Your meal looks so good – great sounds too!

  7. A great meal.🤤☻ I usually fry the potato at home after it pours the cheese powder and shakes it well.❤🤨 It's great 😂😎👌

  8. To answer how they put the pasta in breading, you usually refrigerate the pasta until the cheese sauce is hardened, then scoop it out and make round shapes and then do the breading. It is actually pretty easy if you have enough time. ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Today I also eat fast food with my friend. I'm very happy! Because after being ill for many days, I can eat all kinds of meat and food I like. Your burger is delicious!

  10. She looks so adorable when her nose raises up as soon as she takes a bite of the sandwich/hamburger 😚💜 I love her so much

  11. you should show the cooking parts!!!! vum yum <3 i love homemade food! unfortunately i've never had good mac n cheez bites, but i've also never made them myself! maybe better homemade!!! love ya <3

  12. L 617
    Subbed to your channel hope you will do the same 🔔
    Looks very delicious very nice sound video 😊👍🏻

  13. Wow… I want to taste that mac & cheese balls… Looks so yummy from the inside and crispy too even fries are crispy as well…. 😍😋

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