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Assistant Professor Jolene Fisher

Assistant Professor Jolene Fisher

There’s a few reasons that I was really
excited to come to CMCI. One is that it’s new, it’s a new college and so
there’s going to be so much that happens over the next few years in terms of
growth. My name is Jolene Fisher and I am a new assistant professor in the
Advertising, Public Relations and Media Design Department. APRD, specifically, is
a really exciting place because students are getting both important classroom
experience, critical thinking skills. But they’re also getting a lot of real-world
experience because we bring clients into the classroom, they get to develop things
for those clients, and it really gives them such important skills to understand
how to talk to one another across industries, across skill sets, and I think
it’s going to be really beneficial to them as they move out into the world
because we’re watching the way industry is changing and we’re making sure that
we’re adapting within the classroom so that they have the skills they’ll need
out beyond CU Boulder.

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