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Today’s episode we’ll be learning the Roll Cast. It’s an unrolled cast. Ok?! It has a lot of easiness, but there are 2 main ones: Let’s say I’m using a line or a lure that sinks and it’s faraway, so if I need to take all of the line out of the water, that would be a lot of weight! I did break rod doing this, and it can also gives you tendonitis due to this effort. So the Roll Cast allows you to take the line out of the water, back cast and throw it even further. Ok?! I’m gonna show you now. The other utility, the one you’ll be training today it’s when there’s a structure behind you and you are not able to back cast. Despite distance limitations, I can use the Roll Cast as a… a tool that allows me to keep fishing. Ok?! I’ll explain it better and then you’ll practise. Ok good. Always when I’m ready to start fishing, I don’t like to make too much noise because that way I scare every fish in front of me. So I just need to take some line off… I do this to take some line out of the rod and just disturb the shallow water right here. – Taking line out?
Yes to take some line out of the reel. Just throw some line out there anyhow. And now I’m gonna start to do the… movement. Very well so… Let’s imagine a situation where the line sank. So I just can’t take the line out at once, so what else can I do? I can do the roll cast… Watch me… Already took the line out of the water Now I do the back cast, so I’m able to throw my lure again. Ok, otherwise it will be hard. I can break the rod by the way. So I did the Roll Cast… took the line out making it weightless, did the back cast and threw the line again. First possibility. The other one is just the Roll Cast when I cant do the back cast So Roll Cast only. Bring the line… and throw. Ok? Do it again? haha Of course I’m gonna repeat many times for you. Watch this. Ok? So what’s Roll Cast? Bring the line slowly. Slowly! I don’t wanna miss the water energy it’s the only energy I have, I don’t have the ”back” anymore. Bring the line slowly. Bring the line slowly and lift the reel to the height of my jaw. Bring the line slowly, lift the reel to the height of my jaw and stop by the Ear Level. Stop the rod up here. Bring the line slowly lift the reel to the height of my jaw, stop by the Ear Level wait until the line passes me and stop. Bring the line slowly lift the reel to the height of my jaw, stop by the Ear Level, wait until the line passes me and stop. From here I will not do any other circular movement but kind of hummer It’s like if I had a
cleaver and there’s a little table here so I’ll just hit it at once like ”pow”. ”Pow”! At once.
Keeping the angulation. Great! Keep the angulation, flex your legs. keep it like that. It’s like if I hummer at once! Nobody hummer with the arm outstretched. Just like that, ”Pow”. ”Pow”! At waist level and the rod will stop
parallel with the waist, ok?! Let me change position. Here. Bring the Roll Cast slowly, reel up Ear Level, line has passed, stopped and now I’ll hit it. From here, down! There’s no other movement. At once! I have 3 options: I hit at the waist level see the rod is parallel. It’s not like this or like that, it’s parallel. I can make the Roll Cast down here even closer to the water… less wind… I can scare the fish a bit more but it’s a lot easier. There’s more friction with the water. Ok? So it’s the same movement. Bring slowly, wait the line stops. The line is stopped. Parallel down here. I can also… Do another kind of Roll Cast: The Argentine Roll Cast. Crystal clear water, if I do this movement I will easily scare the fish. So in that case instead of hummering down I will hummer the wall up here. You’ll see that the line unrolls out of the water and smoothly lands. Did you see that? It’s smooth but I hummered the wall, the nail is up here. Ok, so there are 3. Brought here… Waist. I’m gonna do this real quick. Wall. Down… Slowly, slowly, slowly… stop the rod! Ok now hit it! Let me show you. When I’m down here I need to stop on the wall right? No, you gotta stop parallel to the water. Good job! See how easy it is?! Slow, slowly. Stop the rod and wait the line. Now hit at once. Good! Slowly… Slow, reel up… Ear Level, move the rod a bit, stop it… Wait for the line stops and hit it. At once. Very good! Ok, that’s it for today folks. – How was it guys?
Great! On the next Episode you’ll learn how the line comes out from the ground You’ll do the movement with the line on the ground, brake it and see the line… if you do a good back cast, load energy and stop it properly… You’ll be able to throw the line. So I’ll see you on the next Episode! Ok? Thanks!


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