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Auntie’s Mexican Chicken Tacos | Week 41 Taco Tuesday

Auntie’s Mexican Chicken Tacos | Week 41 Taco Tuesday

– You guys, I hope you’re ready for tender, smoky, and
delicious chicken tacos. Today I’m going to share with you my auntie’s Mexican chicken taco. We’re gonna jump right in and make one of my favorite recipes in “The Taco Tuesday Cookbook”. The recipe details, and
a link to the cookbook, can be found right below this video. And, if you’re new around
here, I love tacos so much that not only did I write a
book, but I’m cooking my way through “The Taco Tuesday
Cookbook” on this channel. You could say that I’m
pretty taco obsessed, and that tacos give me all the feels. (beep) There are things that one
should not say out loud about their tacos, and
this is it, all right? (beep) The most important part of this recipe is that you use bone-in,
skin-on chicken breast. Heck, you can totally use a whole chicken, but bone-in, skin-on. Let me show you why. The first thing you want to do is to make sure that the
chicken is fully dry, so the seasonings can adhere to the skin. You can use a paper towel for this. I like to start with skin-side down and generously salt the chicken bottoms. Put some black pepper over there too, and the secret is Mexican oregano. (bouncy festive music) Once that’s done, you’re
gonna flip it over and repeat the process on the top. Do not skim on the seasonings. You want them to go through
the skin and the underside into the chicken meat. Because these are not your oven-roasted,
skinless chicken breasts. Oh no! This is gonna be the
juiciest chicken ever. Now you literally want to
cover the entire surface with your seasonings, and Mexican oregano is not the same thing as Italian oregano, so they’re gonna be,
usually by the spices, in the Latin section
of your grocery store. You’re gonna bake this
chicken for about 45 minutes. Now depending on the size
of the chicken breast, or if you use a whole chicken, give or take, you need an extra 10 to 15. That’s why whenever one cooks chicken, it’s best to go by the
internal temperature reading of 165 Fahrenheit, or 75 Celsius. I’m gonna slice some avocado here, and some pico de gallo that I’ve made, which by the way, if you want to learn how
to make pico de gallo check out this video, and some sour cream. We also need to warm up the tortillas. And if you’ve watched my videos before, you know that I love my tortillas
toasted on an open flame but you can of course warm them up in the oven or the microwave. Okay, this chicken,
literally with your hands, you’re going to want to remove the skin, and separate the chicken meat
from the bone, onto a plate. Now I like to do a
straight back in the pan, because I can mix the chicken
meat with all the juices. It’s everything I love. I’ve been making this simple chicken since high school, you guys. Now I usually make it on a sheet pan with potatoes and vegetables. They cook with the juices, delicious! But, when it came to selecting the recipes for “The Taco Tuesday Cookbook”, I knew that I had to find
a way to add it in there. It’s been my secret recipe for many years. Let’s add some chicken onto the tortilla. Place some avocado on the side,
add a little pico de gallo, some sour cream, a little
lime drizzle for good measure. This chicken, you’ve gotta
make this recipe, guys. The recipe and cookbook details
are right below this video, and of course more Taco Tuesday
videos every single week, to give us something good
to eat and talk about. See you next time. (upbeat festive music)

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