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Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More


*Welcomed by Ambonese song Oh, I want to buy these songs haha.. Ambonese songs are good, huh? We are arrived at Ambon! There are Pak Anas, Mba Ellyse, Wendi Let’s go having a morning tea hey, morning tea
hi OMG how are you? can I?
*posing shamelessly to the camera Evi, I’m thinking to featuring you in my blog for Trash Hero but like… Okay… wait… okay… yeahhh…
we will talk about it later We are going to Wai Village In Wai you can see for the eels You can see how the people can call the eels using eggs eggs??? Then the size of the eels raw eggs or boiled eggs??? It’s just like a chicken eggs it’s just a normal eggs that hasn’t to be boiled or something and the place is like the pool with the people washing (doing the laundry) So you can see how they call eels They call the eels is the Holy eels It’s a holy eels because they believe In their village for the eels is their ancestors OOOOHH It’s their ancestor
So, they don’t have to kill the eels And just for one family (clan) can call the eels Not for all the villag(ers) Just one family (clan) in the village who can call the eels and it’s just for the Bakar Besi family (clan) Yes, the name of the family (who can call the eels) is Bakar Besi **Our guide gave us a great performance by singing the famous Ambonese song Welcome to Air Waiselaka We will see… They said that there are eels Holy eels! This is What is the name of the VIllage again? Wai at the Wai Village wow.. so clear take a bath there… with the fishes… wow… the fish is so faaaaaat Attention please Welcome to Wai Village. This is the village where you can find the eels and this village is named from Water Wai means water because before they still live on the mountain The Dutch came.
The Dutch just ask them (move) from the mountain
just live in here (Wai Village) and then to decide where the place they can live their king just throw his spears from the mountain
*so the water just came out at this village This is the man who want to calls the eels so the eels can get out, and still interviewed by Pace Alex ready to see the eels?? The man is entering the pool The man is praying (or say something else) so the eels can get out safely He took the eggs So, the one who can call the eels is only one family (clan) Bakar Besi Bakar Besi, isn’t it? the family name So, the clan/generation of Bakar Besi who’s ONLY can call the eels only Bakar Besi yeah, and they believe that the eels are their ancestors Can you see it? OOOOOO
he following him! OMG!!! It’s very big! OMG!! this is the small one
not a big one this is the small oneeee???
OMG!!!(still amazed) OH MY GOODNESS!! Ya, if you wanna touch it just go to the water Can I? can I?? The eels is not bite just be careful with your hand If your hand is smell like fish and it will bite your hand before you hold the eels, you have to smell your hand first it’s clear! OMG!!! (I am still amazed tho~ kkkk) You wanna go down? I wanna go down there just stand over there, Nona (lady) They said this is the small eel it is so sweet just touch it gently, gently your left hand on it’s stomach
your right hand on it’s upper part later, down there is better Sir, how you give it the eggs? Can you give it the eggs?? Don’t! If the eels eat, it will go back ooooh don’t be panic
don’t screaming Fery, look at your back! there’s the small one over there oh, so it’s hide in the gap of corals like in the sea, isn’t it? this is fresh water, isn’t it? I will feeding it, okay? if it’s boring it will go back **the eels slurping the eggs so it’s teeth is so sharp the teeth is like needle what? like a needle just hold the eel
it won’t bite at your back
watch out watch out, Fery you can’t go home to Lombok watch out, Fery, your eggs will be eaten LOL The eel likes you, Fer
It knows you’re a good person it’s okay, Vero this one is cute, like Evi Nona Manis, it won’t bite Nona Manis it won’t bite Nona Manis it’s okay, Vi it’s male Vi, it knows, Vi it knows the scent of a virgin (LMAO)
be careful *the eels coming closer me: hey, hey, hey (in korean) Arnold: Evi! why are you “Ya ya ya” like that LOL OMG, that one is so big it is so hard to touch them just touch it I’m afraid Prof. Bill wants to go into the pool it name is Joseph LOL Who is his name, Om? Mr. Joseph Evi can you stand besides Bill? Besides Prof. Bill It’s under your feet, Vi
just touch it there is the little eel there, Vi the little one is more sliperry than the big one keep calm
don’t be panic **still panic XD Evi!!! it’s okay
it’s okay just hold it just don’t take it home… XD just hold this I think it’s a male, Vi watch your pants, Evi **the eels is (again) coming closer to me hey, don’t come to me
don’t come to me don’t come to me! Evi!!!! Evi, Evi, good position, Evi good position XD the position is good for Instagram Vi, if your hand were bitten, take it easy there’s an insurance Bye, Opa
Thank you I saw and get down to the eels pool so slippery and it’s so big, OMG I’m walking bare feet because it’s wet which door did I get in? this is Liang Beach OMG… Look at this the water is so blue lunchie at the beach

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