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Awesome Longline Net Fishing – Big Catching Net Fish On The Sea # 66

Awesome Longline Net Fishing – Big Catching Net Fish On The Sea # 66

Yes friends Today Very cold weather Again with our fish spreader We came together with Abdi Muhdi We tried a few pastures but ….. We tried a few pastures We could not go there Unfortunately we could not land very steep places. We’re back in the old pasture again Elevated in water With the opening of the dam covers Our Dam. Water collecting Yes you see Under difficult conditions Yes friends Abyssinian brother made his first shot Let’s say bismillah Muhdi will take a throw Yeah, you see, there was a ghost there. Abyssinian brother Hullo Maşallah you have a brother Abyssinian These are all silverfish friends Yes .. Return to brother Muhdi Muhdi has found a fish monument .. Yes Muhdi brother Yes, we started with the fish I hope it’s a nice catch And make our audience watch a nice video Random to everyone Yes friends Landscape is very beautiful Water too cold Brother Muhdi made a good spreading shot Yes muhdi brother will make the shot friends Yeah, it’s a nice place. Brother Muhdi you brought out very beautiful fish Muhdi brother I can’t get out of there. Muhdi brother I can’t get out of there. Or Allah Or Allah Beautiful fishes out Hullo Spiny Fish Yes friends Abyssinian brother caught beautiful fish You hit it, Mashallah. Yes Beautiful fishes We caught fish, we take them out Abyssinian brother He will shoot Friends call this a note I want to tell Some of our followers He says we shoot the same video all the time. Actually not As you know The weather is so cold Icy waters us Every time we come, we shoot 2 -3 hours of video. And we’re putting our youtube channel in 10 minutes. Because of him, Leaves the image as if going to the same place But it is not Look toying behind you brother Do you have fish, brother Hullo Mashallah Abyssinian brother Mashallah You’ve made your emphasis Stones are very slippery Brother, what did you do? Actually the fish lay there You went where the fish lies. Abyssinian brother, let me take a pose like this One second brother OK Throw it there Friends drizzling in light rain Muhdi our brother Shooting again beautiful Grant Friends Really now walk in the I have difficulty Stones are very slippery you’re great Paste again Watch out You have Brother Mashallah Yes friends To show you more beautiful videos We are doing our best. Cold Weather We went fishing

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  1. Masallah arkadaslar yine guzel bir videoyla geldiniz rast gele allah utandirmazsin inşallah💕💕💕💕

  2. Emeğinize sağlık o boş yorum yapanlara takılma sıcak odada videoyu izleyip birde aynı yerdesiniz diyenlere

  3. Bu zor şartlarda bize güzel çalışmalar atıyorsunuz. Meyve veren ağaç taşlanır. Emeğinize yüreğinize sağlık. Rastgele güzel abim benim 💐🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗💐

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