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Awesome Quail Farming | Raising quail chicks & Modern DIY Quail incubator

Hi guys, it’s another beautiful day once again, and you are here back at Dexter’s world channel today Allow me to make an update about our quail Farming in the previous videos We have mentioned about the importance of producing your layer in a ladderized system Meaning that you will not produce your layers At one time because you will certainly run short of Capital if you don’t have much capital and you will also have the problem When the time will come that you have to cull them all there will be a time that your production of eggs will become dormant and that was our topic in the previous video and today our topic is how to Ensure that your chicks will not die when the moment you are going to transfer this chicks to the brooding cage one of the common mistakes that quail farmers will commit is this Stage the transfer of your chicks from the incubator to the brooding cage It is very important that if you are going to transfer the new hatch of birds You will maintain the temperature that is inside the incubator and maybe you ask what’s the temperature? For us to be able to hatch the eggs inside the incubator we must be able to provide a temperature Amounting to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and this temperature should also be provided In the brooding cage and maybe we’ll ask Dexter how to provide a 100 degrees Fahrenheit Temperature in your brooding cage well for this box that is measured by 7 feet in Length and two and a half feet in width and we have this one and a half feet in height I have provided three bulbs that has 100 watts each Meaning all in all I have provided them with the 300 watts of this Incandescent bulb and you will see that this incandescent bulbs are now providing heat for this Beautiful and tiny but delicate chicks and this is very important if we fall short. Oh this Temperature maybe you will just provide the 80 degrees Fahrenheit and you are short of the 20 degrees that will cost stamped it meaning that this Quails will pile up and they will trample upon each other and it will certainly cause their death and you will provide this temperature for a period of five days after five days you can reduce the heat of your brooding cage by means of removing one of the bulbs I mentioned three bulbs So you will remove the one bulb and you will replace the bulb with a LED bulb or LED light which can produce lesser heat and that temperature Would drop around 80 or 70 degrees Fahrenheit and after five days of Enjoying that temperature and then you will change the other two bulbs with the LED Light or the LED bulbs and it will produce a lesser temperature now after 15 days You can remove all the lights and you will now transfer your chicks to a layer cage Well for the newly hatched chicks We will use this baby stag Booster and any brand can do I’m not promoting any brand but I’m using the Thunderbird and this brand is good for a day all chicks up to five days old and After five days of feeding baby booster we will add 50% of the chick starter until the quail will Start laying eggs so you will gradually mix this booster with chick starter and my formula is if 100% of your layer Quails have already started laying eggs Then that’s the time that you will no longer makes the starter feeds and that’s what I did It’s very effective since you are providing heat to your chicks they will really need a lot of clean water and that’s very important because if you will just miss an hour or two hours without water Then you will realize that you can commit the biggest mistake all of them Might die if they cannot drink water in just a very short period of time maybe in one or two hours Without water. It will really make a difference That’s why we have to make it sure that water will be available 24/7 meaning that the water is really available Every time this chicks will feel thirsty I Have invented a new design of layer cage that makes us easy to collect all the dangs and to collect the eggs So this is the cage that have been telling you about then this case is just measured around 4 feet by 3 and you will see that the height of this is just around 1 ft this can accommodate 180 layers of quails and maybe you will ask Dexter. What’s the purpose of this plywood? Well this plywood will serve as the protection of our quails at the second layer and All the dungs of the quails that are in this first layer will be gathered around here of course we have to paint this with enamel paint to protect this plywood from getting easily rotten or destroyed and You will use the scraper if there are let’s assume that there are so many dungs here We’ll just scrape the run and we will put a sack over here and gather all of the dungs Inside the sack. It’s more easier and it’s more convenient for us to maintain the cleanliness of your cage and You will see that this portion will be the place for our water So all the quails will drink the water here and then they will eat their feeds Here so the water will be placed here and the feeds will be placed right here So we will put some screen over here and we will make a Space where they can eat there feeds or their food and they will run over there to drink their water So you look at the system. This is very easy yet very effective in My previous videos have said that it’s good to maintain Just a one-layer cage the reason is for us to easily gather the The dungs and for us to easily monitor the quails inside the cage but this system that I have adapted and it proves to be very Useful and effective will now solve the problem if you are Having a small area at your backyard. So imagine if the Quails lay their eggs Then this eggs because this is inclined the eggs will just roll down and Stop to this point and you will easily collect and gather all The eggs and the water and even the space provided for the feeds will not become dirty Because this cover will protect The quails that are in the second layer and so on and so forth so maybe you can use your ladder and you will make a five layer or six layer quail cage to accommodate More than 1,000 quails. So this is the tip that we can share with you This is very effective and i hope it will help. I hope this will help and many have said in the comment section Dexter Can you please do more videos and updates about quail farming where can I buy the chicks will I cannot provide? The chicks right now, especially in the areas that is really very far from our place But you tried to research about quail farms and if you have source of quail Then you can adopt this method So Guys that’s the thing that we can share I hope this will help I hope that you will continue to like and share our videos. We are close to 400,000 subscribers maybe tomorrow we can hit the target of 400,000 subscribers you are part of this channel and we are spreading the knowledge to others who may wanted and also to engage in this kind of farming and if you have questions, please do comment and Make some queries put all your queries and I will really find time to answer that Questions. Thanks for watching only here at Dexter’s world No way throw

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