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Baby Salmon Threatened?

Baby Salmon Threatened?

EPA staffers were shocked to receive this email obtained exclusively by CNN. Which says “we have been directed by the administrator to withdraw the restrictions” The proposed protection of that pristine area was being removed Oh no, that pristine area, filled with these gorgeous salmon will be obliterated by a mine! At least that’s the impression you’d get watching CNN’s 2 part “exclusive.” I would have believed it except I happen to have reported on that mine as part of a special for Fox on the green tyranny pursued by today’s rich environmentalist s. The proposed Pebble mine is a disaster waiting to happen. That ad comes from one of America’s richest environmental groups, the NRDC, the National Resources Defense Council. Imagine this natural paradise destroyed. The environmental groups ran these ads, they made people believe on TV that everything was going to die. The truth, it turns out, is that the mine would not even be on Alaska’s Bristol Bay. The proposed mine, would not even be 10 miles away, or 20 miles, or even 50 miles. It would be 100 miles away! Did CNN mention that? No. Never. Instead, CNN made EPA director Scott Pruitt look evil by suggesting that right after a meeting with the mine’s boss, he gave the mine the go-ahead. He made that decision without a briefing from any of EPA’s scientists or experts. What? Shocking! Without consulting scientists, Pruitt’s going to let a company massacre these fish. But in fact, he hadn’t given the mine a green light. He’s simply allowing them to submit an official proposal. Obama’s EPA had rejected the mine before it even looked at an environmental impact statement. That’s unheard of. The EPA normally asks for that environmental research, examines it, and then accepts or rejects it. It doesn’t reject things without looking at them. Pruitt’s allowing the review process to go forward was proper. CNN’s reporter did at least speak with the mine’s CEO, although he sneered at the boss’s reaction to the decision. “It comes with no apologies” And do you think it was not wrong that Mr. Pruitt did not even look at what the work had been done? It’s not a science decision. It’s a process decision. This looks like the head of a gold mine went into a new administrator and got him to reverse what an entire department has worked on for years…” The reporter was accurate there. The entire department had worked on killing that mine for years. They had colluded with zealots and environmental groups. Lots of those people want no mines built anywhere. Don’t believe me? Listen to my interview with their spokesman. There’s some mines where NRDC says, great, go ahead? Well, it’s not up to us. Are there any? It’s not up to us to green light mines, but what we do is… Are there any you don’t complain about? Yeah, sure. We asked him for some names, we’re still waiting. CNN also made claims like this: The mine could potentially create a footprint bigger than the island of Manhattan and nearly as deep as the Grand Canyon according to the EPA. It could. But it won’t. The actual Pebble proposal is much smaller. Pebble’s CEO isn’t some monster destroyer of the Earth. He’s a Democrat who ran environmental policy for Bill Clinton and Al Gore. CNN never mentioned that either. Instead, the reporter called him: A guy who wants to mine gold in an area that many scientists believe will destroy one of the most pristine sock eye salmon sporting grounds in the whole world? What am I missing? What you’re missing is if they’re right then we won’t get a permit. Right. But explaining that now the mine must begin the EPA’s long and detailed environmental review wouldn’t fit CNNs theme: evil Trump appointee ravages environment. We asked CNN, why didn’t you mention that, and that the mine would be 100 miles away? They didn’t get back to us. If environmental zealots and their sycophants in the media get their way, America will be a place with no mining, no new pipelines, no oil drilling. no new anything! People used say “NIMBY.” You can build, just not in my backyard. Now it’s BANANA. Build absolutely nothing anywhere near anybody.

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  1. Sounds like the same spin that is being put on the proposal to create a national marine sanctuary on Lake Michigan. Who could oppose a "sanctuary"? It isn't that those who oppose it think we are doing a perfectly fine job of preserving shipwrecks and our resources without federal(NOAA) "help" (That kind of help, nobody needs), it's that we are all uninformed or evil.

  2. The CNN "reporter" framing the question as a double double negative with the smug look on his face. POS had made up his mind and wasn't doing journalism. Pure propaganda

  3. Are those GMO salmon, with eel genes sliced into their DNA, which causes the salmon to grow to tremendous size? That would be enough to make environmentalists heads explode.

  4. Show me an objective and unbiased third-party who cannot be 'bought off' who can submit a fair environmental impact assessment.
    Please don't discount lobbyist and large special interests standing to gain without regard for fucking up the environment.

  5. Mining is one activity we want to keep to the lowest levels we can. It's a fuck-ton nasty environmentally-damaging human activity. One thing we should strive to recycle are metals. Paper and glass, not so much.

  6. Stop the fucking chemtrails there killing the flys that the salmon eat that's fucking them more than some stupid fucking mine

  7. Honestly though, who cares if the mine is big or deep or disruptive? There's a demand for those resources, and they're going to come from somewhere – whether the mine gets built or not. Those resources are no use to anyone while they're in the ground…

  8. You are correct that EPE should evaluate the environmental risks of the mine based on engineering and science. Salmon spawn in streams (fresh water), so the the quality of Bristol Bay water matters, but the potential mine's proximity to Bristol Bay itself is less of an issue than you've made it to be.

    (I suggest you also research Georgia Guide Stones) c'mon man…

  10. Simple rule: go ahead mine whatever they want to mine, but as soon as they damage the environment and kill the salmons, pour the same toxic down the throat of the CEO’s. Fair?

  11. CNN is the number one news station at the retirement community I work at. All of the young employees almost gag every time we hear CNN, but the 70 year olds love it. CNN’s viewers are dying by the hundreds everyday, and not being replaced.

  12. I hope that the make America dependent again does not continue. It's always an uphill battle when you have the crooked press drowning the folks that still consume it. If Trump does nothing else he has lit the fires that question everything the MSM does and you can't go back after that.

  13. John stossel, while I do support green technologies like alternative fuel sources, solar power, recycling electronics, and electric cars I do often question the viability of the more unique ideas like tidal energy, wind power, battery-powered electric car's, and biofuel production methods.

  14. I live in Alaska and a lot of people are against Pebble mine. I think it should be put to a vote by people here not Washington DC.

  15. LOL are you kidding m??? When all the salmon is poisoned and I hope you eat it, lets see what you think. The comments are just plain ignorant. Mining companies don't care about the environment. They want to make money people!! The permit will be given without a thought to what it will do to the water. Time will tell just how corrupt this government is.

  16. Fuckin' SEACC kept sticking it's nose in…one of the biggest job killer in Southeast Alaska alone…I know, i used to live in Juneau, Alaska for 11 years, and the Interior of Alaska for 6 years.

  17. Of course that guy is evil, he's a white business man in a suit. I've seen enough Hollywood movies to know. If I have any doubts I'll see what the Kardashians' view is on it. I'm guessing they'll be totally against hurting the goldfish

  18. This piece is full of baloney. I lived and worked as a sport fishing guide within sight of the proposed Pebble Mine for a decade. I was an underground miner in southeast Alaska. There are so many outright lies in this piece it's unreal.

  19. Mr Stossel have you considered the fact that underground water sources feed rivers and streams these underground waterways can and have been contaminated by these mining operations our planet is an interconnected ecosystem as a whole & mans greed for more and more gold or silver and other materials considered to be "valuable" have contaminated nearly every source of clean water in the U.S. I Am not even going to speak of what i think of a demarcate digging a gold mine

  20. Mr. Stossel we all know that both sides streach the truth to met their own agenda and we as Mr & Mrs average citizens must dig the the piles of steaming cow pucks to find the truth.
    I take every news story I see video/radio/print with a grain of salt, no matter who says it.
    Have a good day sir.

  21. "if their right (the environmentalist epa) then we wont get a permit" Really, Trump has been dismantling, defunding and badmouthing the EPA and puts Pruitt a non scientist as head of the EPA. Head of EXON as Secretary of state, Who believes this BS. Trump is just getting even for past reigning in his total disregard for the peoples land and water when building his own buildings. People will turn their heads to the facts and believe this propaganda.

  22. John, you are so flagrantly ignorant you cannot even begin to comprehend the importance of the ONLY NATURAL SALMON SPAWNING HABITAT ON THE PLANET will be destroyed w/a STRIP MINE JACKASS!

  23. If it was in your backyard, you would certainly recognize the ignorance that you are spreading like a plague.
    You are afraid of nature and therefore too ignorant and out of touch as a classic sell-out to offer a true perspective. True journalism is dead and you are leading the march against intelligence.

  24. At least I am capable of comprehending that we can do better. You want to continue filling the pockets of those who are too ignorant to make money any other way. They control the progress of humanity and have absolutely no problem whatsoever doing so as long as they keep making money.

  25. Admit it is a FOREIGN STRIP MINING CORPORATION you are choosing to cheer on as they destroy the planet. 🤥MAGA💩🤡

  26. George Washington never put his own interests before the interests of the nation. John, you are a pathetic excuse of a human. How much did your soul cost?

  27. ALASKA VOTED NO! You are lying 🤥 try telling facts. #NOPEBBLEMINE can be found everywhere in the state. We know how crucial Bristol Bay is.

  28. Why not tell them how much you paid off locals to pretend they were willing to support Pebble Mine? 🤥 Talk about FAKE NEWS!

  29. CNN doesn't need to mention the distance because of how fast water travels you moronic imbecile! Does it hurt to be this ignorant? It should 🤥🤡

  30. You are actually bragging that the vote of the Alaskan people don't matter. 👍🏼 Wave that Ignorant flag proudly John!

  31. Since a 4th grade Science education will explain why a STRIP MINE would destroy the ONLY NATURAL SALMON SPAWNING HABITAT ON THE PLANET along with migrating birds, the EPA shouldn't be required to waste funds on basic math and science. Maybe you should try 4th grade again John! 😜🤥💩

  32. "But it won't!" 🤥💩🤡REALLY? Would you like to bet your life on that claim John John? Oh look! You can almost count to 🥔😜

  33. Pebble Mine is a FOREIGN STRIP MINING CORPORATION! oh how noble! They have lead the charge to making the world a better place? 🤣
    You must have to drink yourself into a coma in order to sleep at night.

  34. CNN doesn't need to justify your ignorance! 100 miles is NOTHING in Alaska! Your ignorance is painful to listen to, John. #NOPEBBLEMINE means NO! Alaska has spoken!

  35. Stossel, your ignorance is showing to children everywhere 🏆a 4th grader could debate you on this subject and leave you speechless 😶

  36. One of the Republicans biggest running points was touting STATES RIGHTS. So why is this being debated on a national stage by people who have NO RIGHT to tell Alaskans what to do?
    You are cheering for the abuse of power w/out consideration for what Alaskans have already voted on? As long as you make some money you will continually grasp trying to justify your part in death.

  37. You need to remember, Hitler said the Green Movement was an integral part of the Nazi Party. While the natural movement was always party of the free world, not until Hitler came along was it PC. For that matter, eating red meat, tobacco, and so much more part of life was dispised by Hitler, and today is hated by liberals. dnc/kkk=nazi party usa

  38. What about the rare fish that made California's Jerry+ Dems order the recent release of billions of gal rain water into the ocean in a vain bid to save them? (They are about to die anyway) The water could have saved houses in the recent fires and helped reduce the effects of the drought ravaging CA?

  39. Bias news. If you want real info about the impacts of the mine go on google scholar and read primary literature. No to pebble mine.

  40. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the mine built on headwaters so if a spill were to happen it would eventually end up in Bristol bay?

  41. Just tell CNN the mine will operate with union workers; they'll be there the next day driving the bulldozers themselves, eating a salmon sandwich.

  42. Do you want to see what an open-pit copper mine does to the environment — come to Arizona: Ajo, Bisbee and the Duval Mine south of Tucson….. They tried to grow trees around Duval Mine— the ground can't support them….. The people of Bristol Bay people have a right to say no…….. come to Arizona…… they can't fill the damn holes… Ajo is one sorry ass town .. Bisbee .. water is tested constantly for heavy metals …

  43. What is going to happen, is what has happened 50 or 100 times already. There will be no change, the stream will be destroyed as a salmon spawning ground. The normal processes for gold or silver involve tremendous quantities of cyanide. The are ample by products of lead and cadmium. The type of proposed mining, and the type of land , there will be no easy job to maintain contamination from escaping. Nor will it be easy to restore the land afterward.

    The difference here is that we eat salmon. At some point, growing very near, there will be no more salmon spawning grounds.

  44. Not so fast Stossel. I know you are not the most scientifically oriented person, so I'll mention some facts for him (and other viewing the comments here).

    First, Sockeye Salmon (the primary species caught by fishermen in Bristol Bay) spawn in lakes, not estuaries or main stem rivers. It looks like Stossel dozed off in 5th grade science class when his teacher was discussing the life cycle of salmon. The Pebble Mine would result in destruction and degradation of the most productive spawning habitats within the basin, much of which would be difficult or impossible to mitigate for both during and after the project. His point is basically a red herring meant to obscure the real reason biologists are concerned about the project.

    Second, The EPA did go through a review process, which included several different mining and risk assessment scenarios. The review wasn't just spat out as a disinformation piece. It went through three different stages of peer review over four years, and included experts in mine engineering and waste disposal. Even with the lowest risk scenario, which included a smaller mine and more tailings ponds than proposed by Pebble, still resulted in complete destruction of 15% of available salmon habitat in the watershed.

    As for concerns of only working with NGO's, the EPA also met mine proponents as well during the assessment process, including the company owners. It seems like Stossel just wants this mine to spite environmentalists, despite the fact that the vast majority of Bristol bay residents and fishermen do not want the mine, as well as a sizable majority of Alaskans. I'm sure Stossel will be glad that Northern Dynasty Minerals and the Chinese will get some ore out the deal, but it seems like a losing proposal for most people in the area.

  45. To think that just a few years ago I was green-brainwashed. If I left something on, I would feel guilty, because, you know, "MUH ENVIRONMENT".

    All of this because I grew up with the captain planet, no joke. That garbage brainwashed me at an early age. Good to see nowadays it gets mocked and ridiculed, and not remembered fondly.

  46. Yes, the mine's proposed location is around 100 miles from Bristol Bay but very close to the headwaters and drainage systems that feed the Nushagak and Kvichak rivers. I know this because during the Alaskan summers, I fly over that location quite frequently to and from Bristol Bay to support a fishing operation. The thing that bothers me about the mine is that there are technologies and processes that can be used to make the mine tailings inert, for all practical purposes. Inert mine tailings would not require water-blocking dams and barriers that prevent groundwater from flowing, and inert tailings would not require perpetual remediation or run the risk of contaminating a large portion of that area in the event of a breach. Furthermore, inert tailings could be re-used to fill the hole and, at least, partly restore the area when the operation is complete, but that is not what the proposed plan entails, to my knowledge.

    As an advocate or responsible industrial development, I cannot support an operation when I know there are better ways to go about what they are proposing to do, particularly when there is a credible risk to the the environment and the natural resources of that region. Maintaining the surrounding environment in an acceptable condition that does not destroy the fishery will require a considerable commitment, engineering effort, and insurance policy. If the Pebble Partnership is willing to take on this challenge and willing to post a bond that could compensate the next three or four (or more) generations' worth of lost fishing resources to all Bristol Bay permit holders (and their families), I might be willing to entertain the idea of mining in that area. Please bear in mind that the Bristol Bay fishery is the livelihood of many people in that region, and irresponsibly risking the destruction of a local livelihood in favor of a foreign one is not right. The risks need to be both managed and mitigated for this to go forward in any acceptable fashion.

  47. You idiot! The owner of Pebble said they will kill salmon for 20 miles and 10 years!! Fox news you will go down in the history books unkindly!!

  48. Next they’ll be telling you solar power is clean.

  49. Yeah seriously, no1 in their right mind would MINE in a Alaskan national park. Come on CNN common sense is something I have and you dont. Yay CNN bag of asses

  50. 100 Miles away… But it's up stream, So if it bursts it will pollute 100 Miles of rivers, then the Bay. Plus It's only 17 miles upstream from alaska's largest lake. They also have applied for 100% of the water from 2 rivers and have the largest tails dam in the world. Why didn't you mention that? You're distorting the facts just like the liberal media.

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