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baby shark collection 아기상어 클레이로 만들기 모음

baby shark collection 아기상어 클레이로 만들기 모음

Start making baby sharks! Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo Please make me a baby shark. Make a baby shark’s belly with white clays. It makes baby shark’s tail. Make and paste the shark’s head. I’ll make you snow. the other side is the same. Make a circle of white clays and paste them. Make eyes out of black clay. It makes your eyes glisten with white clay. So that the baby shark can breathe. Make me a gills, please. To be thicker than yellow. Mix a little red clay. Make the gills into long, half-moon shapes. I’ll paste it for you Do the same on the other side:) Please press the subscription button. LOL Thank you for your subscription 🙂 I’ll make you a fin. If you put your fins on, baby shark completion Subscription ♥ Start making daddy sharks Daddy shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo Dad, I need you to make me a shark. It makes dad shark’s belly with white clay. Press the eye part. I used white clays to make Dad Shark’s eyes I’ll paste it for you the other side is the same. Please do it for me. in black clays It makes dad shark’s eyes. Blink your eyes with white clays. I’ll show you the gills. Blend the blue collar with a little black clay. I’d like some azure, please. Make the azure clays into tiny circles. It makes Dad Shark’s nostrils. Then, make it into a long half moon shape with azure blue. If you put it on, Become a father shark gummy:) Do the same on the other side. I’m going to make a fin now. First of all, the Make and paste. And then… Make and paste shark’s head fin. If you make and paste the fins. Thank you for your subscription. LOL Dad Shark Completion Start making mommy sharks Mommy shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo Combine red and white. pink finish It makes the body shape of a mother shark. I’d like to have a good mix, please. I’m gonna make you a mother shark’s belly with a white collar. Thank you for your subscription;) Stick your body and stomach together and trim your shape well. It’ll make you snow. Mom’s shark is pretty, so please make your eyelashes pretty and put them on. Make white eyes on the eyelashes. Make the other side the same. Subscription ♥ Make black eyes and put them on. Don’t forget your eyes. Mark the mother shark gills. Combine a little bit of red in the pink slay. Make a half moon shape and then stick it on. Become a gummy:) Do the same on the other side. Subscription, you, please. 🙂 Lightly fold the black collar. Make the mom shark’s nostrils and attach them to them. Now I’m gonna make a mother shark’s fin. I’ll make a head fin. Put it on your head. Make a tail. If you put your tail on. Thank you for your subscription:) I’ve become a pretty mom shark tail Now they make diamond-shaped fins. Please put your fins on the other side. I’m going to make a mom’s shark lips out of a red clay. Make it in the shape of your lips and paste it on. with the last black clip I’ll make you an eyeline and put it on. Make your eyes look prettier:) Pretty, right? LOL mommy shark completion Start making Grandma sharks Grandma shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo Combine yellow, red, and white. It shapes the body of a grandmother shark. Trim it so it looks good. Use a tool knife to press wrinkles around your mouth. Make a grandmother shark’s belly with white clays. I’ve made the boat too big LOL Please make it smaller. Trim your body and stomach to make sure they stick together. Make the wrinkles around your mouth more clearly with a tool knife. It also makes eye creases with tool knives. Do the same on the other side. Shape black clays into circles and paste. Don’t forget your eyes. Now make a fin! Granny Shark Tail Subscribed ♥ Thank you for your subscription 🙂 I’m going to make you a gills by making you a little red. Make it a half moon. I’ll put it in the gills. Same thing on the other side! Don’t forget to make your nostrils! Don’t forget your! Make a pair of grandmother shark glasses with a white collar. When you’re done with your glasses, Just stick it on the back of your grandmother’s nose. I’ll make you an arm fin. Grandma shark is complete! Grandpa Shark Starts Making Grandpa shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo Combine yellow and blue. green completion Please shape my grandfather’s shark body. Scissors make it easier to make shapes. Please use tools to make wrinkles around your mouth! I make grandfather shark boat with white clays. Thank you for your subscription 🙂 Use the tool once more to make the wrinkles around the mouth clear. Make a crease around your eyes, too. I’m going to make grandfather sharks’ eyes. Pupil I’m going to make my eyebrows now. Make the grandfather shark’s eyebrows look like drops of water. Make a gills in deep green. Don’t forget your nostrils:) Thank you for your subscription 🙂 Make a fin~! ♪ Toulouse ♪ ♪ grandfather shark tail Please put it on. Good job. I’d like to have a fin on my arm. Lastly, make a grandfather shark mustache! Make two droplets and attach them to each other’s round parts. Moustache completion Stick your mustache under your grandfather shark’s nostrils. Grandpa Shark Completed! Good job, everyone!

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