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BABY SHARK  | Kids Songs | Pancake Manor

BABY SHARK | Kids Songs | Pancake Manor

Baby Shark Mommy Shark Daddy Shark Grandma Shark Grandpa Shark Hungry Shark Yikes, I do not want to get near a hungry
shark. That’s why I’m safe and sound… *munch* Excuse me Inside a shark Oh no kids, how do we get out of here? Get out of here? I was just getting comfortable! You’re so positive, Zach! We could just have fun in here. Yep, besides, we both love sushi. Sushi part in the shark. Dance in a shark Shark Would you like to watch another Pancake Manor
video? Choose one here.

28 comments on “BABY SHARK | Kids Songs | Pancake Manor

  1. "Babe, aahhhh they're pregnant, she rubbed her belly!!!!" Was my reaction!! Congratulations we've been following y'all for 2 years now!!

  2. I'm a tween, still <3 you Zach and Reggie.
    Still has a similar techno feel like Pinkfong and Bounce Patrol's

  3. Get this song on our album “SHAKE IT UP!”
    Apple Music:

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