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I’m probably gonna turn into a puddle of
burrito mess I’m ready to die oh my god hello I am BratKnee and if you have watched any of my earlier videos or if
you follow me on Twitter or the gram you might know that I have an unhealthy
obsession with burritos I don’t think that Moe’s thinks it’s enough healthy
thing for me to frequently go into their establishment but that’s fine that means
that a lot of people know that I have this burrito obsession so one day my
friend put up a video it was like showing pictures of these burritos and
obviously now that I’m here on the west coast I said we have to go guess who
picked me up and is taking me for burritos and here we are present tense
we are en route for this crazy burrito from Cali tacos Cali tacos okay Orange California what about this burrito did you see and say Brittany would really enjoy that
it’s a giant burrito and it has all the good things a burrito has plus more so like french fries I think burrito I think Brittany so oh we are here we arrived live on camera rick mentioned the french
fries and that immediately made me think of rutgers and our fat sandwiches and so
i thought like this was the fat sandwich of the burrito world in comparison i
would say but can you tell me like who else does fries and their tacos
well I know Del taco so this isn’t as special as I thought it was like I
literally looked at pictures of this burrito I watched videos I scrolled
Instagram like I was really excited for this I wasn’t gonna let the negativity
of knowing that there are more places that put fries in their burritos there’s none in new jersey that does that none that’s weird none like weird like how do you not
think of putting like fries on a burrito by me my Moe’s is next to a smash burger
so I’m kind of tempted to go into smash burger get some fries then go to Moe’s
and be like can you just wrap this in there as well and then they probably
will ask me not to come back and I don’t know if the risk is worth the
reward I don’t think they can banned you I mean they follow you on twitter so yeah that’s
true but they kinda follow everyone so I don’t feel as special anymore like I thought I was and everyone who gets followed by them
thinks they are and then I’m like oh I was you I got followed by them Darrell did too we’re all we’re all Moe’s friends now next time I got to come over to Jersey we
go to Moe’s that’s like part two of the video all right are we gonna do this let’s do this do you think I’ll be able to eat burritos again after this you can but I
don’t think it’s gonna be the same guys I might have to move to California stay
tuned right that’s the size of my arm It’s huge right I wasn’t lying I’m ready to die I need a saw it’s not cutting oh my god It’s so beautiful holy shit I’m so excited (pig grunting) oh my god
I hope I’m getting all the ASM our mouth sounds in this they never put enough
cali sauce so you gotta make sure you put some I don’t know what it’s made of but it’s delicious you know foods good when you have to wear it on your face pretty much oh my god I can never go back you’ve ruined me so the thing I’ve realized about this
burrito it’s like an all seasons type of food like I want to eat it when
I’m happy I definitely would love to eat this when I’m crying and now I’ll go
back to New Jersey and never get to do it again did you bring me here to
sabotage my life maybe a little bit I’m feeling like a victim
I can’t leave Southern California now so anyone looking for a roommate I will be
living here at Cali tacos it’s just gonna be different angles of me shoving it in my face what I realized is during my time here
coming to VidCon for the last four years I have been truly gypped on food because
we mainly eat Denny’s and Taco Bell and this wasn’t that far away
first off and second I just feel like now why did we eat at IHOP and Denny’s
so much now I need to know what are the best places to eat in this area for next
year because I’m not playing around all right well figure this limited to
Anaheim Cali tacos is the best place for Mexican food where you were staying at there’s also a mexican place there that’s some great potato tacos I believe it’s called taco mi puebla I hate my
life as far as pizza goes you’re going to need to go a bit further that would be Mobtown Pizza Mobtown pizza has really good pizza and they’re from New York so you
know it’s good like it’s like delicious I don’t know where the microphone is I’m trying to make noises I love mediterranean food same so it’s like delicious and like I found a few places here and it’s good but the best place I found is Kebab Crush in Cerritos mom and pop run shop so like you’re getting the food takes
forever to get to you because everything is made fresh to order there you know
you’re in America when you get excited when you find out a place actually makes
the food fresh capitalism democracy we’re blessed is there something in my teeth no that’s pretty much all I can think of at least from my personal taste I mean I trust you now couldn’t confirm
if I was going to trust you until we tried these that’s just limited to here because we’ve also got san diego san diego also has great mexican food too oh my god i need to move here why okay I hope nobody is disappointed in
me but we called it that’s it I mean I did have taco bell for breakfast so that
probably didn’t help however I’m pretty sure this weighs as much as a newborn
baby so if we are gauging this on you know baby scale I eat half a baby
and I think that’s more than enough for today okay it’s okay you’re going to a
good home later I don’t know why I decided to compare things to a baby but
it’s not weird unless you make it weird now apparently we’re supposed to move I
don’t think that’s happening anytime soon we’re just gonna take a nap on it I
don’t know what time it was when I filmed that last clip but essentially we
have sat here for quite some time unmoving but just talking about things
like life and YouTube and most importantly Netflix but now we are
getting boxes bags for our remains you saved us it’s like a blanket I don’t know how to use my phone I don’t
know where the focusing deal with this high quality footage like it doesn’t even fit i don’t think it’s gonna fit you got this come on come on he did it he got it in it’s huge right he got it in i wasn’t lying rock it to sleep like why are we still going with the
baby reference can you tell me your thoughts on the burrito can you can you don’t attack I don’t know what happened at VidCon but
I turned into a fuck-boy wait why wasn’t this on your best place
to eat tour what is it what do they have besides tasty freeze yeah no what is it
about we don’t have these oh the world’s largest hotdog chain I think that is an
absolute lie because I have never heard of this and I have never seen this and
it does not exist dogs no I’m dead serious like literally I’ve never heard
no like when I think of being either sniffles I think of sausage in Germany
and Oktoberfest I don’t think of a hotdog chain that’s apparently the
world’s largest I’m gonna have to go fall jared koons and do like an
investigation video because this literally doesn’t exist
wait is this root anicon where’s Janet Cohn was so lid look at it it’s such a
small hotel and there were 20,000 people 20,000 did you hear me for those in the
back she said there were 20,000 people here I was gonna go watch it first well
I guess it’s safe to say that my trip to California is pretty much over now that
I have eaten a burrito that will put me in a food coma until I leave tomorrow
night on my red eye so I just wanted to say thank you for bringing this to my
attention you’re welcome for you know bring this
into my life we’ll have to have an annual trip now every time I come back
to Southern California so let me know in the comments below if a burrito that
looks like this and tastes like oh I don’t know if we mentioned it in the
video but it was wrapped in a quesadilla yeah so the whole giant quesadilla yeah
I don’t think that was mentioned with the bubble you can also have other ways
to you can eat but you can open-faced a burrito like with nachos like the basis
so what you’re saying is like there should be multiple trips
so that we have to taste-test each option exactly that’s part three of the
video the part four will be like revisiting Mo’s the next time not the
next next time the next time I will leave Rick’s information in the
description below check out social medias podcasts I’m everywhere we’re
just being internet kids in real life eating the biggest burritos I’ve ever
consumed maybe they’ll be footage of me eating it later but I can’t promise


  1. oh my gaaaaah that is the biggest burrito i have ever seen! i love how happy you get when eating a burrito. i love burritos too but im not coming for your brand so no worries lol. also i have missed your videos!

  2. i will GLADLY go to cali tacos and so many new places if it means i don’t have to go to denny’s again. and that burrito is a thicc boy

  3. I'm glad you loved the burrito. By the way, weinersnitchel is not good….unless your drunk. If you have a sweet tooth, next time I can take you to, Afters. Homemade ice cream between two freshly made donuts. 🙂 Their cookie monster ice cream is amazing!

  4. I can't believe you don't have a wienerschnitzel in NewJersey! I can believe about not having a del taco as that's only a west coast thing, but no wienerschnitzel??? You need to move here to Cali!

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