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Baby Tub | Fisher Price

Baby Tub | Fisher Price

are you considering buying the
fisher-price baby tub well in this video I review it with pros and cons to help
you decide whether it’s for you or not stay tuned hi I’m Dan and welcome to parent
pacifier on this channel we help new and soon-to-be parents with tip videos
stories and product reviews just like this one so if you’re new here consider
subscribing and hitting that Bell icon so you never miss a video so if you’re
looking for a baby bath option that won’t break the bank I absolutely
recommend this fisher-price baby bath four in one sling so the first thing
that stands out about this tub is the price it’s one of the lower-cost tubs
that has a lot of options within it so if you want to look at the price we’ve
put the link in the description below that’ll give you the most current price
of this tub it gives a lot of options it’s got four in one so it has this
sling that sits in here for newborns our baby is four months old he actually
still sits in this sling it keeps him comfortable within the bath it also has
this seat that you could sit right in here and as a baby gets older they could
switch into this seat and even as they get a little bigger you could sit them
here and their butt just sits right on this part to stay seated and keep their
head on this rest up here this tub is also fairly lightweight so you could
pick this up move it around bring it to the sink to fill up and move it around
your apartment or house with ease even after it’s filled up with water I also
like this little hook right here it’s a very useful feature you could hang it up
in the shower after the bath is done so we could dry or even in the summer
hanging out outside and then for storage you could put it right up on the wall
and it’s out of the way that’s the one thing that’s so that we have to deal
with with baby stuff is there’s just stuff everywhere you could hang this up
on the wall and it’s just out of the way it does have these bottom legs to fit in
a sink but the cons are is that your sink has to be big enough for that ours
isn’t so we have to sit this down on our table and one of us has to hold it to
make sure it doesn’t fall because it slips just like that and that’s also
just a safety concern so that’s one con for this you could also sit this right
in your tub or on the floor and one thing that is annoying about this
sling is that the baby sometimes does slide down and that throughout the bath
every once in a while you have to pick the baby up and put him back up into the
top of the sling so otherwise he starts to get soap or water in his ears and
that’s just annoying to deal with so that would be one other con that I would
say about this now to clean it you could just take this sling right off the tub
and you could throw this in your washing machine and it’s ready to be cleaned and
inside here just take a sponge clean it down and you’re good to go
this also comes with two accessories this will squeeze bottle in this little
cup with holes at the bottom we at this point rarely use this cup but as he gets
older we may we may end up using it but this is an incredibly useful feature
what we do is we squeeze and then suck up the water and you could use it to
pour over his head and then to play some games with them as you play it pour some
water over them just like a shower spout it’s a very useful tool
now what accessory I wish it came with was a thermometer so you will have to
get a separate thermometer for this tub now we recommend the aquatopia safety
bath audible thermometer and alarm and we have a video all about baby bath
temperatures and you could get that right here in the YouTube card or in the
description below now once bath time is over you could
just unplug this plug down here at the bottom water pours right out into your
sink or slop sink or into your tub and you are done so if you’re interested in
the fisher-price 4-in-1 sling baby bath you could click that link in the
description below now question for you what baby baths do you use or are you
planning on looking at put your answers in the comments below
thank you for watching and if you’re interested in another parent pacifier
video why don’t you try one of these selections and don’t forget to hit that
subscribe button we look forward to seeing you again you

3 comments on “Baby Tub | Fisher Price

  1. Hiya, I was wondering if it fits over a laundry sink? Dimensions are 21.5 x 15 x 9.5 inches, was thinking whether the legs can go in and leave the top part out? (rim of the bath)

  2. we have fisher price 4-in-1 and for 3 week old infant…he slides down in it and looks uncomfortable. I would recommend taking sling & seat out (for newborns) and just use the tub portion and use one arm under his neck/head for support while other arms wipes him down.

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