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Back Creek Recreation Ponds Fishing Report

Back Creek Recreation Ponds Fishing Report

Hey gang, I’m Jason Hallacher and I’m Paul Bugas and today we are night shocking on the back Creek rec ponds out
in Bath County. Today is May the 14th and joining us today is Dominion power
behind us the biological staff is helping us out today. Paul we’ve been
partnering up with this group for a long time tell us a little bit about the
history of this partnership out here. Well we’ve been working up to these two
lakes these are two mitigation ponds that were put here for the public for
recreational fishing as a result of the pump storage project going in. We have been working together a combination crews and doing a nighttime electrofishing to keep up with the sport fish population in here. and I work with various crews from Dominion power since the 1980s here at night. and we’ve gotten some really good samples up here and we’ve got a couple of good really good
fishing ponds up here for the public to enjoy. Consistency is the name of the game up here we have two ponds two different stories one’s kind of clean
and clear and the lower pond is full of a lot of edge and you know your this is
not a place to come for trophy bass but an awesome place to come if you want to
fish for numbers. Good clean fish tons of fish you know anywhere from 12 to 15
inches every now and then you’ll get you know largemouth that will break through
three or four pounds something like that but you know it’s just a great place to
come and fish for just that stock size largemouth bass. Nice place to get a few filets to and the sunfish are amazing the red ear and
the bluegill just great you know palm size sunfish that are fun to catch
on a popper or a worm good place for kids to come. We’ve got behind us we
have the bat creek delayed harvest area so if you like trout you can go back
there and catch an early Strout during the delayed harvest season. You know and the the campground is a great place to check out as well. You know you’re out in the middle of nowhere out here Paul but the campground has some nice amenities. So you know you’re not roughing it too bad. It’s a pretty nice place to come. So definitely check out the Back Creek rec ponds if you like numbers of fish and we hope to see you our here soon! Thanks for watching and remember to go outdoors Virginia.

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