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Bad Deal for Fishing

Bad Deal for Fishing

So, Yesterday in Parliament, our
Conservative MP Sheryll Murray stood up and asked the Prime Minister “Will my
Right Honourable friend assure the fishermen in my constituency that he
will put right the wrong heaped upon them over forty years ago and they will
get a better share of the fish from UK waters?” He grinned and stood up and
said “They certainly shall and I congratulate my Honourable friend for
everything she does to stick up for UK fishing.” Well, no wonder he was pleased
because she was going to vote for the deal apparently without having actually
read it! She seemed to think that if the Prime
Minister says that this is what will happen then that will happen and he can
be trusted. He won’t change his mind! But of course what we’ve seen from his
dealings with the DUP in Northern Ireland that he can say something one
day is absolutely categorically not going to happen and then the very next
day he will turn around and completely change his mind so what he said in
Parliament is worthless. What we need to know is what’s written down. Here’s the
91 pages he brought back from Brussels and in the small print it says during
the transition period until we negotiate the future trade arrangement we will
have to follow all the rules of the Common Fisheries Policy. The only
difference is that there won’t be anybody British on the board that’s
making those rules. So, they could decide to scrap our 12-mile limit to protect the
inshore fisheries; they could decide to cut the tonnage for the species that we
catch to zero and whatever percentage quotas we’ve got, a percentage of zero is
still zero! Then moving on, if there’s any fishermen left at the end of the
transition period, that will only end once we’ve agreed a deal for trade afterwards.
And the EU have made it very clear from the start that one of the things that’s
at the top of their list for that trade deal is access to UK fishing waters. They
want a share of the fish from these waters and they won’t accept that we can
have any any access for our banking industry or our car industry or anything
else until they give up the rights to our to our fish.
Do you think the Boris Johnson’s words are worth anything? We shall see:
Personally I don’t trust him as far as I could throw him! Even at the end of
that if we do manage to secure a quota that’s worth having, this
document has said that there should be “no discrimination” in who can have those
quotas. Now, we’re all against discrimination aren’t we, but what it means is whatever the UK quota is, European owners will still be able to register
their boats under a British flag and then buy a share of our quota so we
still won’t have the total control that has been promised to us throughout this
whole Brexit process. Now, I believe that the promises that you were made three
and a half years ago have been broken and that’s why I think you should have
the final say about whether you really want to go ahead with Brexit.

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