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Baffin Bay Fishing South Texas Red and Sea Trout Topwater Blowups

Baffin Bay Fishing South Texas Red and Sea Trout Topwater Blowups

>>The bucket list is getting full Oh, oh here
we go.>>I want to see one of those toilet flush
blow ups>>Blow it up right there! Ohh little trout!>>I saw his tail stick up>>There he is. I find if i can get that lure
to make that trout sound like it’s hitting most of the time it will trigger them and
they just cant stand the sound>>Yup They think one of their buddies is up
there having a free meal.>>Oh yeah there’s two of them looking at it.>>Here we go, here we go, come on! Couldn’t
stand it when I did that>>He’s thinking about it>>Oh gah dang it. Still on it.>>Still there. ♪♪>>There he is! [laughing hard]>>I like it when you can talk them into it. Baffin Bay brother you got to love it. Coaxed him into eating. That’s a good one. What do we say, they’re all good some are just better than the others brother. It’s
a redfish. I thought it was a trout. Well it’s a Baffin Bay redfish Instead of a Baffin Bay trout. Come on up here a sec Aubrey. Well welcome to this episode of Addictive Fishing if you can see South Texas on one of the most beautiful mornings I think i’ve ever seen. We’re with
Capt. Aubrey Black from Baffin Bay Rod and Gun. Our main target today is drum, but not
this kind of drum we’re trying to get us some big sea trout that live here. So y’all stay tuned we’re gonna get this guy unhooked he loved that top water Top Dog. We’ll be right back
with Capt. Aubrey Black right here on Baffin Bay. South Texas baby! beautiful. ‘ wooo . . . beautiful!>>I love it when you can talk them into hitting
like that. Yeah man!>>Using the 7’9″ flats blue. Got a 4000 new
prototype Sabalos on here that we’re trying out. And so far so good I like it a lot. Using
the 7’9″ just so I can reach way out and touch these fish. If I happen to hook
a big trout, you want to get your rod up as high as you can there’s a lot of rocks down
there that they can cut you off on so hopefully you’ll get him to the boat.>>Yep>>Hahahaha. Uh oh! That one might have a little
size to him Aubrey When they shake in that one sp- let’s see if he’s got a brother there.>>Oh yeah there’s got to be more than one
there That’s got to be the best fish I’ve hooked today>>Not a bad one, that one will work. Oh there
we go- oh dad gum it.>>I’ll bring him around there?>>Oh yeah that’s a pretty one there.
Come here dude.>>There you go.>>Oh he liked that DOA. urgh! Beautiful little fish, just messed up my boat.>>He did ha ha.>>See ya dude. Welcome back folks we’ve changed
positions once again and just got a little light breeze and we’re- what Aubrey said is
you don’t get a chance to fish these outside middle reefs that much so that’s what we’re
doing here basically is just pitching these. and the reason is…it blows here quite a
bit sometimes and you don’t have the opportunity to do it so that’s why we’re out here doing
this today.>>Thirty-five mile an hour is the norm.>>I’ve been out here before where I put three drift socks out. Could be a good fish there? Oh, here we go- Come on! I want you
to want me- There he is! That’s a little better fish there I think.>>Come on big girl come on.>>Yeah that’s a good little fish. Pulling
some drag out.>>That’s good.>>Using this 7’9″ today so I can reach
out and touch them. Oh, what do we got there a little bit of drag. I think it’s a redfish.>>I don’t know it kind of looks like a trout.
Hey I’m the eternal optimist man.>>Come on baby, let’s see how big you are.
See if you’re net worthy. Redfish. A redfish.>>Rojo.>>C’mere Mr. Redfish.>>He sure ate it like a trout though didn’t
he?>>Yeah he did. When you had him coming in
sideways that looked like spots instead of dots.>>Hey there’s only one way to live and that’s
a little bit dangerous. Oh man! There we go. Little red fish from Baffin Bay>>I got a decent fish on.>>You know that’s not a bad bi-catch right
there. You got one too?>>Yeah, feels like a decent fish.>>Let’s get him off of there.>>T-rout?>>Ah he’s about seventeen, eighteen maybe.
Trout.>>Whew, man that was a lot of work for that
fish. [laughing]>>Worked up a sweat huh? Yeah he’s about seventeen.>>I’ll grab him.>>What pound test you got?>>Uh oh!>>About that pound test. Well on that note
guys, stay tuned, we are going to be right back with Capt. Aubrey Black. Right here in
Baffin Bay and brother let me tell ya the heater is on in October down here if y’all
want to escape from up north when you get them cold fronts and another thing, if y’all like the east coast of Florida around Mosquito
Lagoon, Indian River, Banana River where I come from- If you were to be transported instantly,
bam! And head to Mosquito Lagoon and you’re looking in the water, absolutely no difference
what so ever. Salinity is a lot higher here but it looks pretty much the same. Y’all stay
tuned we’re gonna be right back Captain Aubrey Black. We’ll be right back. Woo!>>Oh here we go. Come on baby. [laughs]>>Is he hitting it or trying to make love
to it? Well you get your money’s worth.>>Welcome back folks, we’ve changed locations
here on Baffin Bay and still no wind I mean I’ve never seen it like this, I’ve dreamed
about seeing this place like this. Still got Captain Aubrey Black with us and we’re sweating
losing weight on the Baffin Bay weight loss program but we are catching some fish. Aubrey
how long you been down here doing this?>>Well I’ve been guiding going on my thirteenth
year in Baffin Bay. I’m married to my wife who’s going on her sixteenth year.>>And the name of the new lodge is Baffin
Bay Rod and Gun right?>>Right, we fish and we do a lot of hunting
most of the hunting we do is dove and duck hunting Our home burned down a year and a half ago in April and it’s kind of been a tough road to hold but we’re rebuilding right
now. Bigger, better->>Yeah wait until y’all see the lodge that
is going in right now. It is going to be the prettiest lodge I’ve seen on Baffin Bay. It’s
starting to take shape you can really see what it’s going to be like and all the thought
that went into it. We’re really excited about that and about our future, we brought some
really good guides on to help us out and I think it’s going to be top notch.>>It looks top notch – as far as it looks right now, it looks like it’s going to be top notch. There he is! That feels like
a pretty good trout. Not a bad one, come on bae. He had to hit it five miles out there.
[laughs]>>Well you get your money’s worth.>>Well after thirty or forty casts, he’s a boxer but we’re going to let him go. Look at that pretty fish.>>You want to use the net?>>No I’ll lift him up. What a pretty fish.>>Solid trout. It’s about our average trout
right there.>>Well big enough to eat a big old Top Dog
like that. Then again I have caught trout actually smaller than the Mirrolure I’ve been fishing with. Pretty wild.>>Beautiful Baffin Bay trout. Awesome. Pretty fish. And they’re getting bigger. Let’s see if his grand daddy is out there. Look at these mullet tailing, is that a mullet tailing?>>Yeah looks like it. Another decent trout.
I don’t know if we are going to hook any big ones or not but there’s decent fish in here. We got into a bunch of birds working one time which we don’t get very often because we don’t have tide movement back here but we got into the birds one time. It was in October and the fish that we were catching were twenty four to twenty eight and it was on every cast.>>Y’alls big fish here I kind of judge in
Florida, a twenty five inch trout usually will weigh five pounds unless it’s spawned
out and then you get a twenty six you get six pounds, twenty seven seven pounds. You
said your thirty inch trout here will rarely get rarely be at ten pounds unless they’re
spawned?>>Very rarely. Twenty five, five pound. Twenty
six, six pound, when you get to twenty seven thats when it’s got to be twenty seven and
a half really to weigh seven pounds. I’ve seen a handful of them that were legitimate
thirty inch trout that weighed ten pounds but not too many. If it’s going to be ten pounds it pretty much needs to be at least thirty one.>>That’s cool. So what do you think are we
off this reef?>>Yeah I think so, lets go try another spot.>>We’re going to re rig and reposition y’all
stay tuned we’re going to be right back with some more Addictive Fishing with Capt. Aubrey
Black right here in South Texas man finally on a beautiful day. We’ll be right back.>>Rig it right, by Wright and McGill.>>Folks today I’m going to show you what Capt.
Aubrey and I were using out there in one of the most unique spots in the world i’ve ever
fished in my life here in Baffin Bay. I started off this morning since it was nice cool, calm
conditions throwing one of my favorite baits this is the Mirrolure Top Dog Makes a nice
rattle, it wakes them up out there. All you’re trying to do is get a fish to see the bait
out there. I make it slap the water, I make it slurp the water and just try to make it
sound like an injured fish out there getting hit or what not. I was using the seven-nine
Flats Blue today with a new four thousand size prototype reel it is one good reel, you
heard it out there today. Later in the day, when the top water bite shut down we went
to the DOA soft plastics. I was throwing a sixteenth ounce Trokar jig head with a DOA
CAL Electric Chicken on it and let me tell you, everywhere I’ve ever thrown this lure
right here, it works. We had them both rigged up with fifteen pound test Smackdown by Seaguar.
awesome stuff, it’s the smoothest line I’ve ever used and since it’s breast cancer awareness
month, we’re throwing the pink Seaguar thirty pound test. Worked really well. And now for
one of the coolest things that makes Baffin Bay what Baffin Bay is. This is the Serpulid
worm rock and if you can see those little tubes right there. Those are the Serpulid
worms that form the petrified worm tubes that have turned into rock. But that about covers
it if you ever get a chance to come down here highly recommend it, one of the most beautiful
spots in the world. Remember one thing though, every season starts right at Dick’s.>>Rig it right by Wright and McGill.>>That last ripple right there- He’s chasing
something there. Do you like the top water blow up or the thump? I’m a thump guy.>>It don’t matter as long as it gets on that
hook. You say you don’t get to fish these middle reefs like this much huh?>>No it’s usually blowing thirty five miles an hour as anybody that fishes in this area knows.>>That’s what I’m use to. Well as you all
can see I’m not throwing the top water anymore. I have switched now to what I call my hundred
thousand dollar lure – oooh and something pulled it’s pants down. This happens to be the electric chicken color and I got about a hundred and fifty thousand reasons why I like that color.>>That little paddle tail gets a nice good
vibration. You can fish it slow let it flutter down or whatever happened right there.>>Ohh look out now! That’s a good one whatever
it is. I think it might be one of them big black drum but he whacked it. I’ll tell you
what if it’s a trout – It might be competing. It could be competing. Wooo hoo hoo hoo! Come
on baby! Man I set the hook on that thing I thought I was on one of them rocks again
and then it started going the other way. That’s what we do it for right?>>Yes sir!>>Now that’s the way a drag should sound.
[chuckle]>>A smile on a television host is almost as
good as a smile on a client. [Laughs]>>Out here in the middle of Baffin Bay. I
would have never of thought to come out here. Years ago anyways. That red fish trail taught
me a lot. We’re fixing to see him. Big red.>>That looks like a redfish. A bruiser one.>>It is definitely a bruiser.>>Come on up here big girl.>>Ugh! Learned that one from Bill Dance. Thank
you very much Bill. [laughs]>>There he is- Aww look at that puppy! Man he loves the bottom of this Skeeter don’t he They get in that shadow and hide. You want
to jump on the net?>>Sure.>>I want to show this guy- oh look at that
fish. It’s amazing when a redfish gives up, they just lay over. That’s not a bad redfish
huh?>>Not too bad at all.>>No matter where I go, I’ll tell you what
redfish are one of my favorite It’s not because I’ve won a lot of money catching during redfish
tournaments. They are one of the most fun fish in the world to fight. They just, they
pull and pull and pull. What a beautiful fish. That one is a perfect redfish, perfect specimen.
Got one spot on each side. Perfectly symmetrical. Fights hard and we’re going to release him
so you guys can come back and catch this guy with Captain Aubrey Black>>You catch a trout that size I’ll kiss it.>>You catch a trout that size… It’d be a
knee shaker! [laughs]>>And off she goes down, Aubrey. Let me tell
you something, I am so glad I got to come down here to Baffin Bay and do this fishing.
There’s going to be a lot more fishing going on here today but, I think we’re about out
of time on the show. We have filled the boat, but we let everything go. We could have filled the boat. If y’all ever get a chance to come down here to Baffin Bay down here to Baffin Bay and fish. Your place is going to be finished in?>>We’re shooting for a christmas opening right
now.>>It’ll done be open by the time y’all see
this show. Highly recommend you come down and fish with him and Capt. Sally You will
not be disappointed, I think I put on three pounds there at the lodge so far this week.
I appreciate it brother, don’t forget about the website Addictive Fishing dot com and
we will see you next week.>>Check out more footage from this show by logging onto Addictive Fishing dot com for out-takes and bloopers.>>Oh I got him right there. Over there there’s rocks and back over there is the stick and yes… [laughs]>>There he is. Ahh ladyfish. [chuckle]>>Uh how come Bill always got his mouth open
all the time now? hehht uhhhh.

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