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Baffin Bay Red Fishing in Texas Bays with DOA 2.75 Shrimp

Baffin Bay Red Fishing in Texas Bays with DOA 2.75 Shrimp

See that slick right there? That should be
a fish. There should be a fish in here. You can catch him too.>>Alright I’ll try! I’ll throw it out there.
Oh yeah!>>We got us another little drag puller here.
Little drag puller, but he’s pulling drag. You know there’s one thing about redfish no
matter where I go and catch them, they all pull good. Alright I’m going to put him right
up there on the deck you ready?>>Alright, sling him on up here. Nice one!>>That’s how we tournament him in the boat.
>>Good thing that line broke right there.>>Morning Glory did the damage again on another
nine mile hole redfish.>>Nice and coppery>>When gah they stink. Must be eating shrimp
or something.>>They probably think the same thing about
you.>>Woo, there you go. [Laughing] Thanks man!>>I think it’s time for another one.>>So Sally how many times a year do you get
to make it down here to nine mile hole?>>It varies really it’s a good windy day spot.
So if it’s a very windy year, then I’ll be down here a lot.>>What do you mean if it’s
a windy year? I’ve fished tournaments here and I don’t think I’ve ever been here when
the wind wasn’t blowing thirty.>>Well… Excessively windy year. How bout
that? [Laughing] ♪♪ [drag pulling]>>Hey we got some drag going fellers. We got
a little bit of drag action here.>>Sounds like a redfish.>>Feels like a redfish.>>Right on.>>Looks like a redfish.>>We knew there had to be one hog in the hole.>>Oh yeah there he is. The nine mile redfish
right there we’ve drifted nine miles to catch this fish. [Laughing]>>That’s an awesome fish too.>>Come here mister redfish.>>Very nice!>>He likes underneath this Skeeter.>>I’m right here for you, I’m just saying.>>I’m gonna come around.>>Oh my gosh. It takes a professional to do
it like that.>>There he comes. [Laughing]>>Uh oh, this is the hog from the
hog hole. Uh oh, oh no! Talk him into not going back there. He likes hanging out in
that shadow.>>Awesome little fish! It’s actually nine
mile hole. And this would be south Laguna Madre?>>Uh, yes.>>Lower Laguna Madre?>>It’s actually on the lower edges of the
Upper Laguna Madre.>>Lower edges of the Upper Laguna Madre- Ow!!
That’s a pretty one.>>Look at that tail.>>Got him a little lesion over here. I think
he’ll be alright, see ya dude!>>Mullet kind of scared him but he’s still
right here. He’s not very big.>>Pshhh! I guess that was a fish. [Laughing] Could you get any closer to him?>>He was just sitting there on the bottom
like a sitting drum>>Like a sitting black drum. [Laughing]>>They’re pretty feisty. You got
to keep their heads up. And hope you tied a good knot. And hope your line doesn’t have
a nick in it.>>Not much to get snagged or nicked on out
here is there?>>Not much. Oh no, ahh!>>That was an easy release.>>He wasn’t meant for the stringer. I got
all the good out of that one.>>So this is the land cut, how far down does
this flat go?>>About twenty more miles. [Laughing] Just a little ways.>>And it’s all pretty much just like this?>>It is. It gets a little narrower in places
and the few places down there there is some back lakes that you can fish.>>Your fly fishermen must absolutely love
this.>>It’s just a real real treasure. He’s right
here.>>Which way is he going?>>He’s going to the left. The mullet kind
of scared him, but he’s still right here. I can’t tell if that’s a footprint or a fish.
I got him!>>There you go right in front of us.>>I love this stuff!>>Gah you got to love that.>>The key right there was trying to figure
out which way he was facing.>>A black drum.>>He couldn’t say no to the DOA Shrimp.>>They love them DOAs don’t they? Come here
dude get that head up. What’s your size limit on black drum here?>>Fifteen.>>So we’re going to invite this one home for
our camera guy?>>he definitely meets my criteria.>>Black drum. On the half shell. We’re going
to try that one tonight.>>Listen to him.>>Oh then he quit. We get these fish up on
the Indian River sometimes up to eighty and ninety pounds. They’ll actually when they
swim under your boat it goes doomp doomp. If there’s any little snaps or anything loose
that will rattle, you can actually hear the snaps and stuff rattling, it’s pretty cool.
What we’ve done now, we’ve changed locations. It’s gotten real windy out on the flats out
there. Came back in can’t see much out there, but we got some nice clean water right here
We’re in South Texas so we’re doing what South Texan’s do and that’s wade the flats.>>And
my favorite, sight casting.>>And it works well. Let’s see if we can get
another one. Let’s see if we can get another one. See if I can get one.>>Sorry about that. [Laughs]>>It’s fine. Welcome back folks, what we’re doing now is
sitting in the water wading like they do in Texas, like I said when in Rome do what the
Romans do. We’re in south Texas and Texans do a lot of wading out here. We parked the
boat up on the sandbar. Actually we’ve done about a hundred yard walk and Capt Sally went
back to get the boat so we don’t have to walk all the way back. Thank you Capt Sally for
doing that for us. There’s some fish tailing right over here, we’re going to see if we
can whack one while she’s gone. Here’s one right here. [drag pulling] Fish on baby! Yeah look we
got just ahead of them lo and behold Woo! Catch a nice redfish baby. well as they say
when you’re in Rome do as the Romans do get out in wade when you’re in Texas. Not only
will it cool you off, but you can catch you a nice redfish too. Hello mr redfish gah they’re
pretty here aren’t they? Look at that puppy. Out of knee deep water. Got to love that.
Beautiful fish. Ain’t all that big, but this is just like- Ooh he hit me in the ankle.
Almost like bone fishing in the Bahamas except it’s redfishing and black drum fishing on
a south Texas flat. That was cool.It’s been a really interesting day
you can tell the times are changing and we’ve got a lot of ducks flying over head.>>It is hard to keep concentrating on this
flat right now with someone as ate up with duck hunting as I am, seeing all these pintails
it’s kind of hard to keep focused on the water. There is just flocks and flocks of pintail
and red head flying by, about the time you see a tail pop up, here comes a flock by and
you lose the tail.>>One of the really greatest things about
Baffin Bay is that we are in the middle of the migratory fly way.>>Yeah you’re right on the central fly way
where everything comes down from the middle of Canada straight down to Mexico.>>It’s an unbelievable deal and things keep
showing up. More birds keep coming down all throughout the season it makes it really fun
for our clients. And we shoot a lot of species of ducks too. Last year I think we shot thirteen
species.>>That’s pretty cool.>>Blair we got a fish
right ahead of us in that first pot hole. About thirty five feet.>>I got him, I got him. Fish on baby!>>Yeah that’s what I’m talking about.>>Finally how long did it take to get that
one to eat? [Laughing]>>Like twenty minutes of hard labor.>>That was a lot of work for a redfish.>>That really was, that last cast was right
on the money. He could not say no. [Drag pulling]>>Oh yeah! Phew. Man that fish
was a lot of work.>>In a real heavy wind and throwing up wind.
♪♪ Great job.>>Never had so much work for a redfish in
my life. [Laughing] Come here dude. [splashing] They always like to try to shoot
right between your legs.>>And usually do.>>I remember when I was a kid wading we’d
be using top water plugs on them, and you’d get one hooked up and it’d swim right between
your legs and hook ya.>>What a pretty fish. Same color as the rod
look at that. What’s y’all’s redfish limits here now?>>It’s three per person and twenty to twenty
eight.>>Twenty to twenty eight? Beautiful little
redfish.>>Way to stick with it too.>>I think Mr Aderman is gonna eat tonight
since he’s carrying that camera around and Adam too but that is a nice one.>>The half shell is the best way to go.>>If we are going to get him on the half shell
you better pull that poker out.>>That’s true ♪♪>>There you go.>>Thank you.>>Back at the lodge we’ll see you again and
you’ll be on blackened redfish on the half shell, something like that. Well let’s get
re rigged and see if we can spot another tailer. Y’all stay tuned we’re going to be right back
with Capt Sally Black in the Upper Laguna Madre, South Texas.>>Rig it Right by Wright and McGill.On
today’s Rig it Right segment I’m going to show you what Capt Sally and I were out there
throwing today. Real simple rig, same redfish rigs I’ve used all over the Gulf states, all
the way up north on the east coast. Except for this one right here. This is Mark Nichols
from DOA A brand new shrimp that he’s making it’s a two inch shrimp and it was definitely
getting the job done today. Had it rigged with twenty pound test Seaguar fluorocarbon
a lot of people down here don’t like to use fluorocarbon or don’t like to tie leaders
on a lot but I always say if it brings you one more hit during the day, it’s done it’s
job for me. Had it rigged with fifteen pound test Smackdown new stuff by Seaguar. Smoothest
braid in the world. Throwing the seven-two just something I can carry around really light
all day long when you’re walking the flats you don’t want to have to come all the way
back if you don’t like the rod you got so Sally was throwing a shrimp, one of my favorites
this one happens to be the glow shrimp. Looks any of the other shrimp that are around here,
the white shrimp. When we were out on the rocks out in the middle of Baffin Bay we were
throwing DOA CALs we were throwing Mirrolures, top dogs, all sorts of plugs to try and get
one of those great big trout Hey it’s fishing, it didn’t happen for us this time but I will
definitely be back to give it another shot. That about covers the bait check. If you ever
get a chance to come down here to Baffin Bay make sure you look Capt. Sally and Capt. Aubrey
up They run a heck of an operation down here out of Baffin. One cool place. Remember one
thing though, every fishing season starts at Dick’s.>>Rig it Right, by Wright and McGill.>>If you’re gonna fish in Texas, better learn
how to fish in the wind. [Laughs]>>I think I made a bunch of mullet
mad.>>So Texans wont eat mullet but they’ll eat black drum.>>So true! [Laughing]>>I was raised on mullet, it didn’t
stunt my growth none>>I don’t know they’re kind of nasty here. Black drum is delicacy.
We call them black yum.>>Black yum huh [Laughing]>>If you’re not into it already
you should get into it because first of all, it’s a fun fish to catch.>>Oh they’re a great
fish to catch, they’re very forgiving they have been with me today I’ll tell you that.
>>You can make a lot of casts at them because they’re kind of busy. They feed on the bottom
and they’re not really paying much attention to you. However, they have a tiny little dinner
plate zone. So you have to put your lure in the right place for them to eat it. They like
to find their food they don’t like to chase their food. In Texas you cant keep them over
thirty and nobody I hope ever does.>>It’d be like eating a fishy tasting piece of leather
at that point wouldn’t it?>>Ah, yuck. But the delectable, beautiful, eighteen to twenty
inch fish. They have the most delectable white meat.>>Let’s see if we can invite another
one home and join that one we got right now that we got earlier. Just looking for a tail,
come on tail. ♪♪ Alright Sally I think i got one right here, I think I don’t know
it’s just a dark spot.>>About thirty feet?>>Thirty feet yeah it’s just sitting there.
I’ll give it a shot. When in doubt whip it out.>>Aw great cast.>>He’s got it. Fish
on.>>Right on!>>I think it’s a black drum, I just saw a little dark gray thing sitting
up there and tossed to him. Or is it a sheepshead? Nope it’s a black drum. A black drum baby!
The targeted species. [Laughing]>>Hang on. They’re meaner than
they look.>>They are. I think they fight a lot harder when they’re this size. At least
they move a lot quicker when you get those big fifty sixty pounders they just stay about
five feet away from the boat and pull and pull and pull. Ughh. Hello dinner. And when
they’re that size right there you can’t tell the difference between them and a redfish.
>>That’s perfect, that’s the perfect size because you get a really nice hefty fillet
and their meat is really white.>>And not full of worms yet.>>Sort of like lobster,
nothing but butter baby.>>I always say when they lose those stripes like a sheephead-
Don’t bite! [Laughing] When they lose those stripes they’re
like a sheepshead That’s usually about the time I don’t even keep them anymore but that
one right there is just a perfect size.>>He’s the perfect size.>>Where’s that stringer
at?>>It’s right over here.>>That is a perfect specimen of a good eating size black drum.
>>I’ll put him on the stringer if you don’t mind.>>Do the sticking.>>Alright hang on.
Nothing but butter.>>Well we got us a couple for dinner back at the lodge. What do you
think? I love it. I think we should go cook them up.>>Let’s go cook them up that sounds
good to me. Hey if y’all ever get a chance make sure you look up Baffin Bay Rod and Gun
what’s the town?>>Loyola Beach.>>Loyola Beach, one neat place. It reminds me a lot
of home here because there’s not really much tide flow we’re on the same lat line if we
went due east from here and hit Florida we’d run right into Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral
and Tampa right in my back yard just catching the same fish. So don’t forget about the website
Addictive Fishing dot com. And make sure you look up Baffin Bay Rod and Gun and go fishing
with Captain Sally Black or her husband Captain Aubrey Black they can both do just what you’re
seeing today and they’ll do everything to get you on the fish. We’ll see you next week.
Thank you very much.>>Thank you, it was great. ♪♪>>Check out more footage from this
show by logging onto Addictive Fishing dot com for outtakes and bloopers>>Like a sheepshead- [Laughing] Don’t bite. [Laughs] Come on little Baffin Bay we’re looking
for your grand pappy. The targeted species. [Laughing] [Laughing] A Black drum baby! [Chuckling]

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