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Baffin IMPACT Ice Fishing Boot REVIEW!!!

Baffin IMPACT Ice Fishing Boot REVIEW!!!

the review we are doing it a are these
are my Baffin Impacts welcome back everybody uh for all you guys that are
already subscribed I know it’s been a little while it I had some stuff I had
to take care of just couldn’t get out get you know get anything really filmed
for a little while and this is a review video for anybody that’s looking to
stick around for an actual honest review um gonna be fishing again soon here got
some days planned out ahead so make sure you you know turn on those notifications
if you guys are subscribed already obviously if you’re not subscribed
hit the subscribe button too while you’re at it the notifications blends a
little bell put a little info graphic up right here for you and basically what I’m looking to do
here is I had somebody comment on one of my ice fishing videos which was kind of
interesting because it’s the middle of summer for me um but I’m okay I’ll do a
review for ice stuff in the summer if you guys want me to and I didn’t even
think about doing one because I actually had these boots for I think two seasons
now last season I really put them through the works I was out on the water
almost every single day and by water I mean ice and the review we are doing
today are these are my Baffin impacts real simple boot two belt buckles
slip-on removable liner something really nice that you know you can benefit from
whenever you get them wet but honestly I you just can’t get them wet so I’m gonna
go into detail on these things I’ll show you some of the cool features
up close and we’ll go to that next Ok so pretty much the things that I covered
I’m hoping that most you will have an understanding something that you can do
that a lot of people don’t understand is like right now well probably next month
next month there’ll be some sales and you just got to look around for them and
you can buy these boots sometimes for I think I got these for half off I believe
there are about a hundred and thirty dollar boot normally I think I got them
for about 80 bucks yeah this is about $80 obviously I got the plain-jane ones
they come in a bunch of different colors they have camo they have pink camo for
girls I think they have I think they have one other color for it other than
that is standard black but I wanted something simple oh I don’t want I don’t
need them to be fancy and pretty looking uh these are my go ice fishing and
get stuff done boot I’m gonna go over this real quick this is something a lot
of people might like so if you look at these
patterns or the tread you’ll see that like these these go in opposite
directions and I could never figure out you know the whole deal behind that and
like how they put these points on the inside and then wedges here and I wear I
wear cleats with mine I think I wear Katoola like they’re basically like
mountaineering cleats but that like I said I live on the ice so that’s why I
do that but I have forgotten my cleats before and not put them on here and
walked out on glare ice with these and you would be pretty surprised I can
actually guarantee if you have a set of ice boots already and you’ve gone ice
fishing and been on glair ice where there’s no snow and it’s perfectly
smooth and you understand how slippery that is if you were to go from that like
a standard boot that you know isn’t really special it doesn’t have any kind
of cleats built into it meaning there’s no studs like no metal in there and you
went to just these I can guarantee you would notice a grip difference right
away which is kind of cool because I mean the fact that you can buy a boot
that won’t slip on ice well it will slip but it won’t do what most boots do and
put you on your butt right away so that’s another big benefit of these
trying to think of what else I really wanted to say about these just so you
guys get a really good in-depth understanding because I you know this is
kind of a video that I would be looking for whatever I buy something new is I
want someone who’s actually used the product obviously like I said I can put
videos any ice video you see I’ll have these on and I I do a lot of ice fishing
it’s one of my favorite things to do I love living on the hard water I spend as
spend as much time on ice as possible because it’s very short season for me
and I you know don’t necessarily get get to spend a lot of time walking on
water which is just is an awesome fun thing to do it’s kind of funny talking
about it the middle of summer here so some of you guys might not like this
video you’re enjoying the heat if you watch my other videos I actually got
heatstroke this season like early spring and it’s been messing with me ever since
so like any time it’s over like 85 90 I have a rough day going out there filming
so that’s another reason why I haven’t put out a bunch of different videos in
the last I think two weeks here have been pretty much absent so I hope this
video helps a lot of you guys out go out and choose a boot like I said these are
the Baffin Impact’s and they’re I mean it’s a pretty standard go to slip-on
boot as far as like I just thought of something so as far as like bottom of my
foot to where it goes that’s I’m short I’m five nine but that’s how high up the
leg they go so that just gives you an understanding of like this is like an
extra pair of pants and then oh that’s something I’m I guarantee a bunch of you
guys would probably ask that anybody that goes ice fishing I wear a Striker
suit so Striker Ice makes float suits and the zipper or the pants leg what it
zips all the way up your hip so all the way up your leg so when I put
these on I can put the snow shield around the base so yes that does fit um
you can still velcro it to them for the most part I think one of the velcro’s
don’t fit but when you go to zip it down it zips down and it’s tight on here so
as big as this is it still fits around it I know that’s you know a big thing a
lot of people want to know is my snow suit gonna fit around these I can’t
vouch for any of the other ones like frabill or clam or any of those other
ones I don’t know if they will fit around it so that’s just my honest
opinion I know that my Striker suit works with it
so that’s a little tip for you guys if you’re looking to get a suit and boots
the Striker suit should work with these boots okay so like I was saying I
basically went around and I tried hundreds of boots on um as far as price
point to the boot was kind of what sold me on this I’m not big on going cheap
when you want something that functions for you and considering I’d live on the
water basically that was something that I needed to make sure that you know they
can hold up to my standards now personally I what I do a lot of times is
if I’m trying new stuff out on like really putting it through its test and I
want to do a good review for everybody if I’m doing one so I won’t say anything
about anything I haven’t been playing with for like a year or even two years
like this is to season these are two seasons old and something I want to show
everybody is if you look at the soles of these things two seasons and I live on
the ice like I said so two seasons and they still look pretty much brand-new
now some people are gonna say well you don’t ever wear them or maybe you don’t
go out a lot if you just look through my ice videos I think I was on the water
a little over 60 days this winter maybe even more and I’m in the Midwest so
there’s not a whole lot of good ice you know ever down here so I said well
southern Wisconsin that makes more sense for everybody but uh something else I’d
like to go over somebody was requesting I walk in some mud and stuff like that
these boots I can tell you right now is something that I would do usually it’s
late ice that it happens where you end up you know say you’re in warmer
climates where the ice gets slushy and melts off and freezes and melts off
freezes these boots when they get really wet what I would do is I would just go
home and I would dump warm water over them and rinse them off and then they
would look basically like this I mean the last time I used in this season I
was walking through I think yeah I was like about a 50-yard
beach to get out and off the water um and I don’t scrub my boots I just
maintain them so like what I did with these is like you can still see it
there’s a little bit dirt and stuff on there so um I just dumped some warm
water on them and actually at the end of the the last day I was out there was
open water next to a bolt launched I was going on I just stuck my foot in the
water you know swash it around or a little whatever get the water on there
rinse it off pick him up and like I was saying the biggest reason I got these as
they are slip-on boots so um they got these little tabs which makes life
really easy this little rim right here you can step on it really easy slides
right off so what a lot of times I would do is I would go to a body of water with
like my shoes on or even another pair of boots um I have like five six different
pairs of beat-up just old junky boots that aren’t waterproof aren’t worth
fishing in but I just put those on if I’m traveling somewhere like I went up
to Lake Winnebago I have a couple videos I’ll put some of those up here if
you guys want to see them what I would go up there is I would drive out on the
ice take my other boots off and slip these on which is you know that was the
nice thing about having these is some people don’t like big boots like this so
this is kind of a big clunky boot I wear a size 8 shoe well not 8 like an eight
and a half to nine fluctuates depending on obviously what shoes I’m wearing but
I went with a nine on here and it fit snug off the bat it’s got a lot of what
do you call it the insulation and the footbed in the bottom of the shoe is
kind of thick so even me normally wearing like an eight and a half or a
nine nine on the smaller side or 8 1/2 on the smaller
obviously it was a little tight at first I remember when I first got them yeah
when I first got them there were a little snug but with a slip-on boot I wanted it
to be that way so what ended up happening is as you walk in them for I
think it took about a season it’s like yeah I think my first season they stayed
pretty snug I just had to wear a good sweat wicking sock which I highly
recommend looking for those there’s specific ones you’re looking for that’s
something I don’t know enough about but I just were
I have snowboarding socks that go up to like my knees basically and they’re
designed to wick away the sweat because that’s what makes your feet cold um that
and lack of circulation so you wear those with these and your feet stay nice
and dry and they’re warm these boots I got the specs up over here let me get
there yeah so these boots are rated for all the way down to what was it yeah
negative 148 degrees Fahrenheit or 100 degrees Celsius so that’s negative 100
I don’t care Celsius or Fahrenheit that’s cold so these guys will always
keep you warm and the best part about them I can honestly say is gonna be the
fact that like if you sit in a Ice house well like a flip over or if you
fish outside a lot a lot of times boots won’t have the proper insulation from
the bottom up they’ll be good and warm all over the place but when you’re standing
on ice you’re literally on top of an ice cube basically all day if you’re not
moving around and creating and generating heat you’ll get a lot of heat
loss zapped right out of the bottom of your shoes so pay attention to that when
you’re buying boots that’s a really big thing you need to keep your eye on
alright guys I hope that helps a bunch of you guys out feel free if you have an
ability to translate this video or any of my videos I’m actually looking
for multiple people to come out and help because my videos do travel around the
world it seems in my analytics it looks like I’m covering anywhere between 30
and 40 countries with these and that’s great I love helping everyone out that
wants to get into the sport of fishing so a big thing I would love to you know
I would appreciate it greatly is if you guys can go ahead and get out and look
into the ability I have it set so you guys can add subtitles and translations
so if you guys you know I have the ability to translate these videos and
you know help another person out so they can understand them better please do
otherwise I really hope you guys know like I said get some benefits from
honest ice fisherman’s review and I’m gonna lie about boot it’s I don’t get
paid by Baffin or anything like that I just you know I spent the time I did the
work I’m just hoping to shorten up that you know that learning curve
for everybody obviously all products aren’t the same for everyone so they
might not be for you but they’re good good for me
they’re good quality and I I can honestly say without a doubt that if you
do like them at all you’re gonna love them because they’re great boots so all
right so that’s that’s all I got for you guys today
I’m hoping you guys enjoyed the video I’m really hoping it helps a few people
out it’ll be really cool to see if you guys do the translations and stuff like
that because it will help more people around the world obviously the word you
know the United States or Canada or whatever isn’t the only places on the
planet people go ice fishing so I mean you’ve got you got a lot of countries
out there that you know can benefit from using these boots so I hope you guys
help out with that like I said I’ll be greatly appreciative of that one
otherwise pretty much the only thing I can honestly say is if you if you like
the videos just remember to

19 comments on “Baffin IMPACT Ice Fishing Boot REVIEW!!!

  1. New sub love your vids. thanks for the whopper plopper tip. I did well with it and it worked great on bass and the northerns tor it up for some awesome explosive topwater action from them. Boots look awesome as well.

  2. Great Video, And why wouldn't you do a review like this in Summer, Ya can't do it in Winter, Too Busy Fishing, Lol,  Seriously though great review, just one thing I would add and many other have also stated all over the net, and that is If you are going to buy this boot make sure you go up one size possibly TWO sizes, I read all the reviews when I bought mine and many folks said the same, I normally take a 10UK which is a US-11 so I bought a US-12 this allows me to add another pair of thicker socks if needed Not that you would need to with the Temp Rating these boots have, But really you should go up ONE size to allow for better circulation of Blood Heat and Air and then go up 2 sizes if you want to add thicker socks, Lucky for me I am between a 9 and a 10 UK so a UK11/US12 gives me 1.5 sizes larger so all good,  As for the boots them selves, These are Shock and Awe, They have so much insulation and when placed next to a normal work boot these look huge, Just one Look and you will see what it takes to keep you warm down in -148/-100*c and these beasties will do for sure, There is no place on the planet that your feet will get cold "IF" you go up 1 to 2 sizes and wear a couple of pairs of Marino Wool Socks to wick away the sweat, Never Buy your correct normal shoe size when it comes to these boots because you do not want to squash the lining flat so they are tight because even going up one size they will be very very snug, 1 size is good 2 might be better, and if you are not sure then just go up by one size like I did, Best Boots Bar None. hope that helps.

  3. Where did you find these for 80? All I am seeing is 160 to over 200. One more question is how would these work for hunting, are they comfortable and flexible enough for that much walking/hiking without getting to hot. I would love to find a good ice and hunting boot. Thanks

  4. I was thinking about getting these because my feet are sensitive to cold and I wanna move back north eventually but I have a couple of questions: do I have to wear socks with them and how do they run size wise (I have big feet lol)?

  5. Some Amazon reviews say that this boot is simply not waterproof. I’m wanting to use them for snowmobiling too and one reviewer said that these boots kept his feet wet “4 days out of 4’days”’while snowmobiling. What’s your experience?

  6. Are they waterproof? Was on slushy ice today and got wet feet. Looking for something that will keep me dry and warm. Thanks

  7. I am ready to buy these boots. What size striker bibs do you have? I have the striker ice predator bibs in XL and was hoping that size would fit over the boot. Best review I’ve seen on these boots thanks for the info on them!! Subbed as well!

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