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Bait fishing the banks of Blue Marsh Lake.

Bait fishing the banks of Blue Marsh Lake.

more than 50 folks today we are out here
towards the blue marsh area of Pennsylvania we’re doing a little
fishing and we look who we’ve run into we’ve run into wrong from out about
outdoors we saw him last week on our video but today was actually playing we
had planned to go fishing with him today so we’re just doing a little
Nightcrawler fishing here and this little spillway area that we’ve found
off to the side of the road just see what we can get to bite
hopefully we’ll pull in something we’ll get it on camera and get it uploaded
thanks for watching let’s get fishing make sure guys this Shawn baby monitor
this one look at that beauty all right first issue your day where we
got here how we got here nice nice counting a half largemouth
a large pump I’m out here while you bring them juicy night crawlers for days
like today birds are out hunting them dropping them from the trees when
they’re sitting there being greedy with each other and that’s what the fish are
waiting on I’m big juicy night crawlers we got one gonna put him on line nicely
that was a nice one hey so I mean a nice crappie nice
crappie nice big one look at that yeah I was in the mood to clean fish today nice little Cron’s got a piss nothing
that sounds like a plan I know y’all see me use lures quite a
bit but somedays you just want to catch fish here’s a tip for all of y’all you
can’t fish your guys out there if you’re new to catfishing you see a lot of stuff
on the market these do–and stink baits and all of them stink pun intended
catfishing they’re natural waterways are apex predators
if you want to catch the big ones you use what they eat already what do you
think Riley why I got me a bluegill here stick fish let’s go and they rain it now three so yeah he wasn’t much punkin
anyway oh this little pissant stayed on yeah was putting on your video he ain’t
worth putting on your video no just a little pissant ah we’ve moved locations here started only
catching those little pissant bait fish over there so I guess that crappie and
that small bass is the only predator in town at least in that that section
you know when fishing from the bank you’re you’re limited to get to where
the fish are we’ve moved over here it looks like we’ve outrun some rain for a
little while and see what we can get out here this is blue Marsh Lake you’re
looking at the actually the main lake is out there this is a little cut off to
the side of the road there but other than that don’t ask me I couldn’t tell
you I just know it’s blue hoarsely old church access we’re gonna see well then
get into here stay tuned this younger nope little piercing it you might end up being beat nope got it
you lucky buddy little arty fishing blind him or not
anyway there he was the line snapped when he flopped hey don’t run that’s got a little largemouth a nice bluegill it’s a good size and was
a good eater if you were eating they saw it run what do you think about
this rain coming in yeah I guess I mean I don’t want to get
caught in this anything to you looks like there was some decent fishing
to be had here though just how I’d come back here boy I think
you need to come back here and fish there in early in the morning when the
fish are in there feet ain’t right now I don’t think they’re in their feet
i’ma stop two of our little fish fish assessment our fish assessment of this
area I landed one good-sized bluegill and one nothing to write home about
largemouth bass couple videos here on so we’ll see if the we can find in
another spot another clearing in this rain the weather hasn’t really
cooperated too much they force me and Ron finally get a a day out planned it
together to the lab here again and this is the pissy weather we get it that’s
just a break sometimes so hope you guys stay tuned we’ll simply find us another
spot and if not then you know the two stocks might be yet for
both of our videos today if this rain don’t let up anymore
well thank you all for watching and once you go over and check out Ron’s channel
help him get to that 200 subscriber mark as well as me and if this is the end of
the video thanks for watching everybody and tight lines y’all can see blue marsh
has turned into soggy Marsh so I’m not exactly sure what we’ll be doing right
now besides getting stuck behind this track get around
what’s your ideal run once I get around this tractor we’re gonna see how low is gonna rain
baby will read that longer coat different spot baby will put something
to drink snack telling the good news you you

15 comments on “Bait fishing the banks of Blue Marsh Lake.

  1. From one bank fisherman to another, fun video. Hitting the sub button. Wouldn't hat it if you return the favor:)

  2. Ty so much for the catfish tip 😊 im new to it and almost everyone tells me 2 go with the stink bait…so im gonna try the tip yall gave me! Tyvm! Awesome video and thanks for the follow on twitter! Im @kickmudgrl13904

  3. Sweet looking area to fish. That bridge looks sketchy looking bridge. Tight lines from R & J Bass Fishing

  4. Use Sonnys Super Sticky dip bait and you will NEVER get skunked! They all might be 2 lbs or less, but it is the absolute best dip bait out there. This is my first year using live bait and I caught my personal best last night. a 13.11 lb flathead on a bluegill. SOOO excited!

  5. Your videos just keep getting better and better, I can't wait for that giveaway, I hear the prizes have been growing. I know I've heard some pretty big names have decided to support your giveaway. That's a big deal Kelly. People are really starting to notice. You are always a peaceful and entertaining end to my day. I appreciate Blue Collar Fishin🦎👑🐟

  6. Looks like a nice spot. Enjoyed your video. At least you caught something. Thank you for sharing.

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