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Baja Fish Tacos | Week 5 #TacoTuesday Cookbook Recipe!

Baja Fish Tacos | Week 5 #TacoTuesday Cookbook Recipe!

– It’s Taco Tuesday! And that means, welcome back to another incredible taco recipe. Today’s recipe is the baja fish tacos. This is part of our one year of tacos in our Taco Tuesday video series. I know that it might seem crazy but I really love tacos. Yeah, I’m sure you thought, I do too. But the thing is, that I have the Taco Tuesday
cookbook to prove it. And this year, I’m doing something insane, every Tuesday, I cook a
recipe from the cookbook with you so you can follow along. You can tell me which
ones are your favorites. All that stuff in the
comments below the videos. Of course, I’m going to
link where to get the book, the recipes, and all that jazz, right below this video
in the description box. And now, it’s Taco Time. This fun recipe came from
my friend Ana in San Diego. She makes her batter with crushed crackers that you could either roll
out, put in a blender, or use your food processor. Then you mix those bread
crumbs with Panko bread crumbs, some flour, seasonings,
egg, water, and lime juice. I know that seems kind of funny
to mix the dry and the wet. I wondered the same thing the first time I saw Ana make these, but follow along. Because the result is the best
buttery and crispy coating you’ve ever had. It practically comes
together in a single bowl. As far as the fish, I found that mahi mahi or cod filets are a great option when making this recipe. But you can use whatever
firm white fish you prefer. I recommend a thicker filet since they hold up better
through the cooking process. I’m going to cut each filet into strips and pat them with a paper towel. You’re going to want to
do this so the batter can stick to the fish. All you have to do is place the fish in the batter bowl and toss to combine. Easy enough, right? And here in this large skillet, I have one inch of oil
over medium high heat. If you want to test your
heat or have a fryer, you’re looking for about 375 Fahrenheit. Let’s place a few of the fish pieces into the oil and fry
them until golden brown, flipping them at least once. Once they’re cooked
through and golden crispy, you just transfer them into
a paper towel lined plate. Of course, you’ll need to work in batches, since you don’t want to crowd the pan. This results in a soggy coating and that’s a no go for these tacos. Alright, while the last batch is frying, I’m going to set up our taco toppings. We have some cabbage, avocado, fresh pico de gallo, and
of course sour cream. I have my tortillas warming up right here. I like them tasty enough so that they are pliable and they hug my taco
ingredients perfectly. So let’s start by placing
some of the cabbage onto the tortilla. And then we top it with
our crispy, buttery fish, avocado slices, pico de gallo,
and a little sour cream. This is looking so good. The buttery breading, the
texture from the cabbage, the sweetness of the avocado. Oh man. This Taco Tuesday is off the charts. Grab the recipe and the link
to the Taco Tuesday cookbook below this video to make every Tuesday the best day of your week. And while you’re down there,
click that red subscribe button so we can hang out and eat tacos
together every single week. See you next time. (salsa music)

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