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Ballard Farmers Market – FISH TACOS!

Ballard Farmers Market – FISH TACOS!

A great way to spend your Sundays is at the Ballard Farmers Market. The market is part of the Seattle farmers market Association and open year-round selling only locally grown produce and artisanal foods. You will find friendly vendors like this gentleman from Sweet Caroline’s, selling a drinking vinegar called shrubs It’s the latest trend in cocktails You will also find crafts, flowers, meats and seafood and delicious treats, like crepes and donuts Our favorite in particular is the Hama Hama oyster sliders The weather was so nice that they sold out by noon Well no fear, Los Chilangos was there to save us with some delicious tacos (Chi) Alright, whatcha got there? (Chris) I got some fish tacos here and some, uh, marinated pork, pineapple, GRINGAS! (Chi) And what kind of fish is that? I think it’s Rock cod (Chris) Rock fish, yup (Chi) Mmmmm…aright..get a bite of your.. (Chris ) We found a window sill that’s actually big enough for the plate. Otherwise, we’re holding it and it doesn’t work. (Chi) At the Ballard Inn (Chris) Thank you Ballard Inn (Chi) Is it good? (Chris) Mmm…the marinade is awesome. (Chi) Do you taste the pineapple? (Chris) Join me, won’t you? (Chris) Yes, the pineapples slices are in there. (Chris) You’ve got a line of lipstick on your chin. (Chi) Nervously laughs it off and ignores Chris (Acapella singing in the background by a group of women) (Chi) Where is that coming from? (Chris) The group of women right there. Alright, so I’ve got the fish tacos here Mmmm, it’s so good! It really was just made to order. And it’s local rock cod too The best feature about this farmers market is the location. It takes over Ballard Avenue, home to many great bars and restaurants. After devouring the tacos, we really wanted those cinnamon covered donuts, but decided that cocktails and fries at the Ballard Annex Oyster house was an even better idea. You can’t leave a farmers market without picking up a bouquet of fresh flowers. Here I am getting the last call deal with a custom bouquet of tulips and daffodils for only five dollars.

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