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Bangus Lumpia (Fish Egg Rolls)

Bangus Lumpia (Fish Egg Rolls)

Check the video description for the complete recipe written in English. Fish Spring Roll this is our recipe for today so guys, please come with me as I cook we’ll use boneless milk fish for this one like before, here is the complete list of ingredients first step is to cook the milk fish until it’s flaky we may bake this in the oven or fry it this is a marinated milk fish. Non marinated bangus will also do I marinated this overnight to make sure it’s very flavorful if you want to know the recipe, check it out on Daing na Bangus recipe bake in the oven for 15 min. in 370 deg F after 25 min. it’s ready cool down for a while then we’ll remove the milk fish meat I’m using gloves because it’s still a bit hot this is boneless milk fish so it’s easier to separate the meat then transfer the meat in a bowl like this of course the fatty belly is included. That’s very delicious make sure you’ve taken everything so it’s not wasted after taking the milk fish meat. Let’s proceed with stir frying we’ll stir fry this together with the vegetables once this is ready, get ready with the pan pre heat frying pan and add cooking oil heat up cooking oil once hot, add here the onion this is yellow onion, chopped then add the celery stalk chopped into small pieces too stir fry quickly then add carrot like the 2 previous ingredients, this is chopped into small pieces too stir fry for 30 sec. then add parsley this is chop chop parsely, chopped into small pieces too I usually add this to pancit because it gives flavor and aroma now, let’s add the milk fish meat continue to stir fry 1 min. of stir frying it’s done. Then add seasoning we only have 2 simple seasonings: salt and ground black pepper here they go cook again for 30 sec. just make sure salt and ground black pepper is well distributed then transfer to a big bowl next is the other ingredients here’s the chopped jicama we did not include the jicama in the stir fry process I did it on purpose to make sure it’s still has the texture it’s good to have that crunch for our spring roll next is egg 1 pc. of egg. This serves as binder it means this will bind the ingredients stir well once we’re done stirring, we’ll wrap in spring roll wrap this is a square type of wrap. A thicker type of wrap divide in half to obtain a triangle shape then let’s start wrapping the fish spring roll I cut this in half to have more wrap wrapping is simple for those who doesn’t have experience in wrapping, this is how I do it place the wrapper on a flat surface like this then add 1-2 tbsp of mixture get a mixture and place it on top of the wrapper make sure your hands are clean compress the meat and place here it’s better to make sure to press it so it’s intact next, fold inwards rhw left side of the wrapper while pressing the middle next is the other side. Do same thing press then pull the bottom side of the wrapper then roll it up while rolling, keep on pressing so it’s intact the get egg white apply on the tip of the wrapper I wasn’t able to add the egg white in the list earlier, please add this one you may use water if you’ll cook it immediately one more guys I’ll show you again to let you know how to wrap it. This is for the beginners if you have better way of wrapping, please post your thoughts in the comment section it’s late here already, so I’ll wrap this then freeze in refrigerator and we can cook this anytime we want I’ll cook this tomorrow let me wrap them all so next time, I’ll just fry them fry the eat you caught me being glutinous see? wrapping is simple use this as your guide for the beginners just make sure it’s sealed no mixture will come out while frying now guys, we’re ready to fry the spring roll I didn’t had much time yesterday so I kept this in the freezer then thawed. We can now fry this pre heat cooking oil in a pan place the spring roll one by one remember, give extra space for the spring rolls you can make use of the space but do not overcrowd I think 6=7 pcs is enough we also need to maintain the temperature if the temperature drops, it will take more time to cook we an cook this quickly, after 2-3 min., flip the spring roll cook the opposite side then wait until it’s golden brown like the other side I’m drooling becaus I know this is the part where we are almost done get ready with your container you may use plate with paper towel to absorb oil you may also use cooling rack like this one. place the fried ones and let the excess oil drip thne proceed with the second batch after cooking the second batch, we’ll place them here in the cooling rack too to drip excess oil and cool it down here’s our Fish Lumpa using boneless milk fish get ready with the rice and dip because this is ready guys, as always, thank you for always beeing there for me. Thank you for you never ending support and for watching videos watch out for upcoming videos in the future please don’t forget to subscribeto our youtube channeland follow me on instagram here’s our fish lumpia let’s eat

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  1. Naku bagong idea nanaman po ito! Thanks po sa pag share! May tanong po ako ano po ang pwedeng substitute ng liver spread para po sa caldereta? Thanks po! God bless!

  2. I learned a lots from you bro…igagawa ko family k nyan Pg uwi ko pinas….thank your vedio is a cure of my homesickness…more power and god bless.

  3. Thanks for the recipe. When I was in Philippines, we were using dalagang bukid (fish) especially for Holy Week. Bangus is also a good substitute for meat because bangus is not fishy in taste and odor. I think in this recipe, bangus is better than tilapia.

  4. Hello po si Lucy po ito..
    Since nandito po ako sa Riyadh 2016 until now ay nanonood npo ako ng inyong Panlasang Pinoy.
    Marami na rin po akong natutunang techniques base sa mga napapanood ko rito.
    Hope po makapagluto po kau ng sapin2.
    Kc po paborito ko po ito kainin. At malaman ko po kung paano ang paggawa. To cooked in my own way.
    Marami pong salamat and God bless you and your family always.😊

  5. Thank you sir for the tips on wrapping a lumpia. I would also like to ask what camera were you using. Everything about this video was vivid and crisp 😊 thank you! Bon apetite!

  6. so love ur vids! nakakaenganyo palagi magluto… simpleng instructions and para ka lang nakikipagusap sa isang kaibiganπŸ‘πŸ˜€

  7. I'm newly married and have no idea how to cook at all! Thanks to Panlasang Pinoy, all of my first time in cooking are all coming from your recipe. God bless you all! 😊

  8. I watch your videos everyday and i
    Learn a lot while watching your videos I will try to cook tonight
    Yummy taste good

  9. Hehehe igisa pa pla yan .kc un ginawa ko deneritso ko lng .manga nman un hinalo ko po .pareho sa mga sangkap mo .naiba lng sa mangaπŸ˜ƒ

  10. HI. Salamat sa mga nlu2to mo Kua chef. Nanunuod aq ng mga cooking lesson. Mahilig xe aq magluto ska ganda ng boses nyu.

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