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Basic Fishing Gear : How to Cast Conventional Fishing Reels

Basic Fishing Gear : How to Cast Conventional Fishing Reels

Now, this could be a little more challenging
for you. What we’re going to talk about is actually setting up to cast conventional tackle,
such as this outfit right here. If you do a lot of casting and then you really don’t
need a conventional reel, then spinning is probably the way to go for you. But, there’s
times where you need a little bit heavier gear or you need a reel that’s got more line
capacity. Then, you’ve got to be able to cast this thing. Now, the first thing you do on
a conventional reel because it’s a revolving spool is you take your thumb and you actually
put pressure on the spool itself. Then, the next thing you do is you flip this lever which
actually puts the reel into freeze spool. In other words, it’s free to cast at this
time. Now, it’s kind of a combination of thumb control on the spool. So, when you go to cast
you kind of hold the rod back a little bit and you kind of ease it out. When you ease
it out, you’re actually going to momentarily take your thumb off the spool. And, then lightly
ride the spool as the line goes out. Here, you’re going to need a little bit heavier
weight in order to accomplish this. But, as that line goes out you’re actually controlling
the speed of that spool. And, when the bait hits the water. The second it hits the water
you’re going to freeze the spool. And, that keeps this reel from revolving and getting
bird’s nested.

29 comments on “Basic Fishing Gear : How to Cast Conventional Fishing Reels

  1. wat u do is if u have a guided one it puts it evenly if u dont have a guided u use ur finger to guid it

  2. get a left-hand wind multi, then your not having to change hands afetr casting, and as with fixed-spool reel (99% of sane people use)you are retrieving left-handed-

    I cannot comment anymore on this ridiculous AMERICAN idea of right -hand multipliers which is the biggest con in the whole of fishing reel history

  3. I have never used one of those yet, but since viewing this video I know what to do or have a good idea. I guess those types would be using the heavier lines on them.

  4. Ok so i got this penn conventional reel and when i go to cast it i get a birds nest and it wont go but 2 ft then stop?? Its clicking when i try to cast, am i doing something wrong? I dont have too much line and i have a #2 weight on it?? Please help??????

  5. @KeiIeongDawg hey! my rod is 5ft and i cast it easy 30-60 ft out from the shore. tell me your rod hight sinker and line test. also! 5 ft 6 oz-4 oz 7ft 3-2oz 10+ 2-1oz depends on what fish you want you can jump on the size weights

  6. @KeiIeongDawg The clicking is an alarm mechanism, make sure you turn that off when you cast. Also for the weight, it depends how far you want to cast but when i use my penn jigmaster i use a 5-6 ounce weight. When casting make sure your line is on free spool and have your thumb on the rim of the spool, Cast with alot of force but DO NOT take your finger off the rim of the spool.

  7. @KeiIeongDawg You must apply light pressure and as soon as it hits the water apply enough pressure to the spinning spool in order for it to stop.

  8. Once you have casted your rod, turn the alarm mechanism(clicker) on. This way you leave your reel on freespool for the fish to take it out but the clicking will let you know that you've got a fish.

  9. Here is a trick I learned back in 84 when using a casting reel. Divide the weight of your line by the length of the pole. So for me, when using my 9ft 6in casting rod with a Penn 9m loaded with 15 pound test. I'd use a minimum of 1.5 ounces of weight. And as the man said, soon as you feel the weight hit the water, put on the brakes. Yes it takes time and practice to get right, and build up a callouse on your thumb. Good Fishing

  10. So you want to cast a conventional reel. Back in 84 when I was on the south coast of CA, I learned how to cast said type of reel, and there is a trick to it, which I was taught. Okay, so you have a Penn 309m conventional reel, loaded with 30lb test on a six foot rod. Divide 30 by 6 and you get 5, so yo uneed to cast with a 5 ounce weight, yes it sounds heavy but it will reduce backlash and tangles. This formula will work with any line and rod length. Hope this helps.

  11. Thanks for the info! I recently picked up an old Penn delmar 285 reel and had no idea how to work the darn thing.

  12. its really not as hard as some people make it out to be. If you can use a baitcaster then you can use a conventional reel, the only difference really being the release button to cast and the weight.

  13. That Shimano TLD 15/30 is what I learned to cast on. Since I switched to casting gear, conventional and low profile, I haven't touched a spinning reel in years. I'm more accurate, can cast a lot further, has clicker so i don't use bells anymore, and usually they hold more line and drag pressure.

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