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Bass Fishing at Clear Lake with Jimmy Reese

Narrator: IN THE SPRING MONTHS THE LARGEMOUTH MOVE UP TO SHALLOW WATER AS THE WEATHER WARMS Let’s go come on girl. AND THEY BIT PLASTIC WORMS Here you go. Nice Clear Lake bass. Margarita Mutilator always comes through. Let you go little girl. Ok guys, we had a great day. We’re sitting in front of the Kinocti Vista Casino which is where everybody comes and stays. You don’t have to go far just to catch fish just so you know, a matter of fact, while you’re docked in the nice free slip they give you for staying the night…drop the lure down, you, you might actually catch….. you see that? There’s fish everywhere anyways so uh… great day you know we covered a lot of water, we caught a lot of fish. Had a blast and we just did a simple system today that anybody can do…anybody! You bring your kids…I bring my kids out here all the time we dropshot. There’s a few different, it doesn’t matter what color worm. I like the Margarita Mutilator Roboworm. Ya know, but just put the trolling motor down and start fishing. Wether it’s tules or vegetation or rock piles and just cover water and all the sudden your gonna start figuring things out, ya know your gonna get bit. It’s like “oh look at that!”… you gonna get bit again. So, it’s Clear Lake you guys one of the top fisheries in the nation. Come see us, come have fun, there’s crappie, there’s blue gill, monster kitties… lots of cat fish so, uh but… most importantly some big ole bass. So hopefully we’ll see you guys here soon and yeah… let’s have some fun. Let’s rip some lips! Alright see you guys next time. Narrator: GOOD TIMES AND LOTS OF FUN TODAY CATCHING HALIBUT AND STRIPERS IN SAN FRANCISCO BAY AND THEN HEADING TO THE FRESH WATER GIANT CLEAR LAKE WHERE THE LARGEMOUTH BASS WERE PUTTING ON A SHOW. HOPE YOU’LL BE HERE FOR OUR NEXT SHOW AS WELL ON FISH’N 4 FUN!

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