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Bass Fishing at Crane Lake, MN

Bass Fishing at Crane Lake, MN

ROGER CORMIER: All right. This is a nice one. What a way to start it out. Look at the size of
this small mouth. Gotcha, yeah! That’s it right there. Hi folks, I’m Roger Cormierrrh bass like this
but also, walleyes, northern pike,
crappies, a few muskies. This isn’t a giant
small mouth but a good way to start off the show. I’m in the Crane Lake
area of northern Minnesota. This is on the western edge of
the boundary waters up in the Arrowhead region of
northern Minnesota, a great place to fish. I’m going to talk about the
fish in today’s segment and also talk about vacation plans
for fisherman and families in Northern Minnesota in
the Crane Lake area. This should be a fun segment. Let’s let that
one go, about a, maybe a 17 inch small mouth. ♪ I’m trying out a couple of new
rapalas in this segment today. I’ve got the
Clackin’ Rap here, number seven Clackin’ Rap
and the Clackin’ Minnow. These are real
loud rattling baits. They’ve got a rattling chamber
in them and I’m trying a couple of go to colors up
here in Northern Minnesota. They’re kind of a
crawdad orange pattern. I’m going to throw some
of these for bass today. We have a hot south
wind blowing today. The nice thing about coming up
to Crane Lake in the boundary waters is there’s tons
of islands and bays and backwaters where you can go
and tuck out of the wind. So I’m actually looking for
calm areas that are on the north shore that are facing away
on the lea side of this wind. It’s a lot more comfortable to
fish in those conditions and the bass are crawling all
over these banks anyway. I’ve gone to heavier line
than I use to fish with. I’ve put on a lot of 12 and
14 pound test line for jerk baits and top water lures for
fishing these big small mouth. I mean you’ve got the
potential up here for 19 and 20
mouth bass and yeah, inch class small you can fish them on light
line but when you’re catching numbers of fish that heavier
line lasts a little bit longer. I like to spool up with
Suffix Pro Mix or Sage, both real durable lines but
that heavier pound test is There we go! Get that Clackin’ Minnow and
that’s that orange pattern. I was talking about
that crawdad pattern. I’m going to
fling him in here. Ewe! Look at this bass. What a giant! And this is what Crane
Lake is known for right here, trophy small
mouth bass potential. If you do have a GPS mapping
chip technology in your boat that you’re bringing up
to the Crane Lake area, make sure you get
the Lake Master Chip. It’s deadly accurate for
all the waters up here in the Crane Lake area. That runs down to a jig
that at one point had a craw imitator on it but it looks
like he popped that off when I set the hook on him. It also looks like
he’s been caught before. You know the Crane Lake
area is truly a destination if you’re interesting in
exploring the outdoors, your family is into fishing
and experiencing the outdoors. Voyageur’s National
Park, a wilderness setting. Beautiful pristine
islands up here. All the pine trees
up here, of course, and d some great fishing on a
number of different lakes. ♪ Whatever level of
experience you’re looking for, whatever price point, the
Crane Lake area has it all. Oh, and there he goes. A quick release. We don’t have to
worry about the hooks. That’s a good thing if we want
to let those fish go anyway. You know the fishing up here
is really good for the small mouth as I’m showing you here
today but this is also a great fishery for big northern pike. You’ve got the potential up
here for 15 to 20 pound class northern pike and you’ll catch
those either trolling the shorelines or casting like we’re
doing for the bass today. You’ll catch them
right along with the bass. Great walleye
fishing up here. Shallow water in the
springtime and then during the summer you’re
fishing them on the reefs. Another great thing about the
Crane Lake area and Voyageur’s National Park, although
some areas of Minnesota in the boundary waters have
motor restrictions, Crane Lake is not
one of those spots. You can bring any horsepower
boat up here and run the Minnesota Canada
boundary waters, Voyageur’s National Park without
having to worry about minimum or maximum motor restrictions
or canoe only areas. ♪ ♪ Another bass, this one’s
on that wacky style worm. Now he spit the worm. This is another great way to
catch small mouth up here. This is 17
flourocarbon leaders. pounds, So I’ll just
lift him right up. Here’s a hook and
there’s a bass, another solid fish. ♪ Crane Lake has
something for everyone. Great fishing, a pristine
wildness setting in Voyageur’s National Park and a variety of
accommodations and activities

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