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Bass Fishing from Top to Bottom to  Catch More Fish with frogs, football jigs and ledge shakers

Bass Fishing from Top to Bottom to Catch More Fish with frogs, football jigs and ledge shakers

– Yeah, I get
questions all the time Whether I’m at a seminar,
at a fishing tournament Uh, through social
media, emails, whatever. And the question is, Where should I go and
what should I use? And to me, in bass
fishing, that’s like an impossible answer
because every moment, every day, all the time
on every body of water, there’s something different. Yes, there are times that
you can key in a one bay, in one style, in one
location and wreck ’em. But the reality is,
bass can live in the top of the water column eatin’
top waters all the way to the bottom in 40,
50 foot of water, eating crawfish imitation bait. So you just have to
be very versatile and be willing to catch bass
from the top to the bottom. – [Announcer] Today’s episode
of the Fisherman’s Handbook is dedicated to
demonstrating how bass set-up in different sections
of the water column, from top-to-bottom, bass can positioned
in a variety of areas. Host, Wade Middleton
starts the show by going back to his roots and doing a little pond fishing. With the conditions set up
right, and the bass are feeding, a top water frog sure can
be a great presentation. (line whirling) (laughing) – That’s so fun, that is so fun. Pond fishing never gets old. Doesn’t matter how
big or small they are. That guy jumped all over
that little SPRO junior frog. (laughing) Go back and grow up. For years, that’s all I
liked to do, as a little kid. I’d go everywhere I
could to go pond fishing. Sneak in, climb fences, places
I didn’t have permission, didn’t matter, I
just wanted to go. As I’ve gotten older, I
still love the pond fish just as much. Literally out, and it’s
deer season and we’re doing some deer hunting middle of day. And grab the fishing
rods, drove down here, started spending some time. As soon as I drive
into a place I’m always looking for a pond. You know, when I start
looking at baits to throw in a specific area,
there are definitely some baits that will not
work in certain situations and conditions. You know, you look
at a top water bait in a pond that’s choked
full of vegetation. You’ve gotta get something
either into the holes or something over the top of
it and in those situations reeling a big deep-diving crate
bait’s just not gonna work, it’s gonna ball up
before you get two cranks you’d be in to fetch it. But there are baits that
will help you catch fish in those situations. Can you feel it bite it? – Got it!
(line whirling) (laughing) – I hope those last two bites
are coming and sitting still. You still gotta, even though
you’re fishing in a pond, you kinda gotta determine
how they wanna bite it. This guy here is
covered up in, grass. Now that happens a lot in ponds. You know, especially
late in the year. We’re actually in October, we’re
on shootin’ this right now, you know, you’re at
the end of the summer. Basically, warm weather,
lots of grass will grow, and you know,
hollow body frogger. Hoppin’ frog, something
along those lines will really pay off cuz you
can fish the edges of the pond as you’re seeing me
do here, ya know. Other times of the year there
are other spots on the pond, ya know, I may be able to
throw in a worm around that little lay-downs over there
when we get over there but right now I had to take
more than a couple steps to let my, junior frog by
SPRO, just kinda sit there. That there look like
bobber going on under. It just disappeared. Got him.
(line whirling) That is a picture perfect
spot to catch a pond bass. Take in a little cove you
kinda, see the pond weed sittin’ there. They may free cast but you
can almost call you shot and catch one right there. Great deadly combination. Well, 14-inch bass in a
pond, it was SPRO frog with all the vegetation,
that’s the junior model. Some braided line, which
I think would be a must, a high speed reel. And you’re gonna
have some success. (line whirling)
(grunting) (laughing) The sound of drag! The sound of braid! It never gets old. He’s been caught before. Couple of times. That is just awesome. You don’t have to sometimes have the biggest,
fastest boat, best gear, to have a good
day catching fish. They sure help in lot of
situations that I love to go do but you can never forget the
simple fishing like this. – [Announcer] Coming up on
the Fisherman’s Handbook, we continue to breakdown
the different sections of the water column. Next, we’ll take a look
at fishing the bottom and share some real secrets
on how to catch bass offshore. The Fisherman’s Handbook
is brought to you in part by Bass Pro
Shops, and Cabela’s. Your adventure starts here. Garmin, fight your fish,
not your fish finder. And by YAMAHA marine,
reliability starts here. – There’s another fish up here. – I think so. – That’d be right there. – When it comes to
catching fish on the bottom it’s, it’s the old proverbial
needle in a haystack looking type deal which a
lot of people don’t like. They just assume to be throwing
at a target on the bank and I have to admit, I’m
kind of one of those guys. But, I know with certain
times and certain conditions I’ve gotta go look
for that needle. I’ve gotta find that
needle out there somewhere that’s holding
those fish, ya know, when you start looking
at finding offshore fish there’s a few things you
always want to keep in mind. You wanna find some
structure that’s gonna hold those fish. Can you find them just
roamin’ around out there? Yes, but generally, those
fish are related to bait fish so, if you’re finding something
that’s gonna hold fish where they’re actually
just setting up there and they’re not roaming,
you wanna find structure. And by structure it could be
different types of broken rock, It could be, small rock,
big rock, it could be something that sunk,
you know, brush pile. It could be old stumps,
old trees, a grass slide. I mean there’s always
something out there that’s gonna hold those fish. (line whirling) – Good one?
– Uh, don’t know. – Yeah, it’s a freaking giant. – It looks like a
pretty good one! – Three pounder, wow,
thought he was a lot bigger. – I did too when he come up. – He cracked it. Oh he is, he a four pounder. (laughing) – Oh, you’re a ledge shaker
fish, you talkin’ ’bout. – [Fisherman] I’m on the bottom. – There’s no other
cover up on the bank for these fish to be on. Come here buddy, ah yeah. It’s a good fish right there. That’s some bite right
there, I felt that rock he was dragging that
right along there, thunk! Kinda like what you was
expectin’ wasn’t it? When you start looking
at finding offshore fish and setting up on ’em, I love to find
bait in a location. And, not always
can you find bait. You know, in theory to
crawdad, I’ve yet to find much crawfish shown
up on my sonar. Out there that I
know they’re there. So in those situations,
you’re looking for the fish themselves set up in a
good fish holding structure and whether you are
using traditional
slide clear live scope whatever it may be. You’re looking for some return that shows a sign
of life down there. In a situation that
the fish are set up for you can catch em’. Like your broken rock, ya
know, if you’re throwing a crank bait or a big
ledge shaker-type bait with soft plastic on it,
you’re pulling it across there, and all of a sudden
you feel rough stuff. I mean that’s like
you go on point and guys like Creedle talk about I’m just gonna leave
it there for a second barely moving, try
to get that bite, where other guys
will keep it moving. It’s just how you’re
gonna trigger that bite. Look how fast I was
movin’ that sucker. – I seen that. (laughing) – Couldn’t catch up with him. I had to knock you out the way. I hated to. – Yeah I could tell you did. – I was reeling and going
the whole time on him. He was just on the bottom. – Yep. – You know sometimes
fish are on the top, sometimes they’re on the bottom. Sometimes they’re in between, based on the cover
of the situation. That’s what you gotta do. I got lucky there. – You know for me the reason
you wanna fish the bottom is simply because
the fish are not up in the water column
and you’re idling around you’re looking at
your graph and seeing where the fish are,
and they’re gonna be, they’re either gonna be
where the bait is at, or somewhere that
they wanna live. Like something that’s,
they like to sit around some type of
cover, whether its a rock sticking up off bottom or
its a stump or a lay down or whatever it is. I mean you take
just a little rock that’s sticking, you know,
that high off the ground, the fish’ll just be sat
there right beside it. It’s, for one it feels
like cover for him for two its like an ambush spot. Sand or something, Crawdad
comes by that rock. He just jumps out
there and snatches it, he’s got an easy meal. There’s one. – Ain’t coming up quick. – Another good one. – He’s just quit. – He’s cold. – He’s given up. (laughing) – He’s cold. – Right there you see
where that fish is hooked? – Yeah. – Right there in the
top of the mouth. – Right where you want it. – What is wrong with him? – He’s like oh man, I just
tired of it, taking a nap and that crawfish
came swimming by. – I mean he didn’t do nothin’,
he never kicked or nothin’. (laughing) – He kicked hard
when he bit though. – Man I mean that’s right
where you wanna hook them. – That’s where you wanna
hook them every time. – That’s a good fish. (laughing) – All these fish are good,
they are all there right on the bottom. You talk about fish, windy
fish upon top, top water windy fish down on the bottom. You know and there’s experience
that can guide you to that. The conditions, we crank
the dams, we flip docks and the only thing
we hadn’t done. – Is go a lot deeper. – Use a sonar, finally we did. – Yup. – That’s the, might be
the ticket for the day. Now here is a little while,
maybe shallow and catch them on a crank bait. (calming music) [Announcer] Time for another
break, when we return we continue to look at
catching fish on the bottom. When you are able to dial in
the right location with the right bait, the bites will
begin to show up in a hurry. The Fisherman’s Handbook
is brought to you in part by Ranger Boats, still
building legends one at a time. Big Bite Baits, designed to
bring the big bite to your line. Sunline America, the strength
to guarantee your confidence And by Engel, the original
high performance cooler. (upbeat music) Today we’ve been showing
you different ways to get bites in different
parts of the water column. Now, we will continue
to take a look at fishing along the bottom. But once you have
picked a location, how do you know
what bait to throw? You know I let time of year,
water clarity, weather kinda dictate what I gonna do. I consider myself more or
less a power fisherman, I like to move a lot, I
like doing spinner baits, I like doing top waters and
I think that’s why I like throwing the big ledge shaker
and football jigs a lot. – Dang fish come
up and grab that. – Ate it right off the bottom. – Did you see that? – (laughing) I did. – I was hung up trying to get
my jig unhung, just sitting there bouncing, when
it came off, smokin’. – Sittin’ there lookin’ at it
the whole time, thinking about eatin’ it. (laughing) – That thing came unhooked
and whack! (laughing) – Talkin’ about the shocker. – Didn’t take you long
to set the hook on him. – No it didn’t. – It’s like a flip
and bite down there. – Oh man, that’s a good one,
nice healthy fish. (laughing) – Secret lures MVP football jig. (upbeat music) MVP football jig, this
is a Missouri curl. I really like that color,
peanut butter and jelly. This one just has a little
bit of chartreuse in it. The neat thing about this
head, the neatest to me, is that pivot divot
head right there. It just makes that bait
crawl across that bottom. You can feel it a lot better and it makes this bait stand up. See how that hook stands
up in the air right there? Does the same thing
on the bottom. It makes it so much
easier when that fish sucks that bait in. Nine times out of ten you’re
gonna hook him right in the top of the mouth, which
is where you wanna hook him. For colors, I mean to me a lot
of it is personal preference. If you’re throwing
something that you don’t have confidence in. You’re not gonna
fish near as good. Sometimes colors do matter,
you want something that definitely kinda
shows up in the water, in more stained water, dirtier
water, I like a darker color. You know sometimes that might
be black and blue, this water is a little bit
stained right here and I’m throwing
a Missouri craw. The main reason I went
to this Missouri craw and there’s not a lot
of it as you can see, not a lot of chartreuse
but it is a little bit. Sometimes I might even take my
whatever plastic I’m putting on here and I might
dip ’em chartreuse. Early in the Spring,
late Winter, early Spring sometime I’ll dip ’em
orange and I might throw a skirt that’s got some in it. A lot of it’s just
personal preference. I mean you just kinda attach
it to the water color you got, something you definitely
got confidence in. – There’s one. (upbeat music) – What do you have? – Football jig got it one. – He hadn’t showed itself yet. A little bit there. – [Jeff] Yeah he is. – Oh yeah. – Hmm I like it when
they do that. (laughing) – Maybe they could get
their head out of the water. – Oh yeah. – Good one. (laughing) (laughing) – Like little kids. – We are. – On the bottom. – He’s pullin’. – He’s pullin’ down. – Feelin’ that old dead,
and rock and he just thump, thump, thump. And all of a sudden
the real thump hits. – That’s a good solid fish. – He took the bait right down. – Yeah he did, he
ate that thing. You know that’s the
neat thing about this Secret Lures Football Jig,
it’s that pivot, divot head. Is what it’s called, it
makes that bait sit up from the bottom. It will make the hook sit up
off the bottom and it’s so much easier to get
the hook in the mouth. You could see I had
that fish hooked in the top of the mouth and
he was down deep. It makes a big difference
on hooking fish. – Yeah and I think it also
helps keep in contact with some of the rocks sometimes,
just goes over the top. And it just kind of
digs in and rolls. – It’s amazing how much more
you feel with it ’cause I’ve thrown a bunch of
different Football jigs. Feeling the difference
in the way that it drags across the bottom. The biggest thing I noticed
about it was on the ledge shape when I was taking it out
and throwing it around, just how much you could
feel it, it just felt like, it almost felt like
it like a crake bait, digging in the bottom. It makes a huge difference. – Huge difference. – I think it makes a difference
in the way that baits act. You know jumping across
the bottom, it’s not just sliding across the bottom, it’s actually moving
like a craw dead. – Crawdad, throwing up a
little dust or mudballs for lack of a better word. – [Announcer] And next on
the Fisherman’s Handbook, we wrap up this episode
of catching Bass
from top to bottom. Stay tuned for more great
information when we return. – Little head shaker. – Head shaker. – On the ledge
shaker. (laughing) – That’s pretty good. [Announcer] The Fisherman’s
Handbook is brought to you in part by Sawyer products,
we keep you outdoors. SPRO, sports professionals
and by Gill, dress like a pro. (upbeat music) – Stay with him. – Little head shaker. – Head shaker. – On the ledge
shaker (laughing). – That’s pretty
good. (laughing). – Like it. Come here buddy. There’s something about
gettin’ bit on the bottom. – Yup. – It just always fun. – Big worms, finesse baits
whatever it may be when their off shore that
trigger that bite. When they are on the bottom and they’re sittin’ up
on stretcher like that and you find a school of
them, you’re that guy that can win the tournament right
there in five casts. You can beat your buddies
up if you have the right presentation and they don’t
have a bait that can get down to it. You can just have an
absolute blast catching fish. I mean when you find
fish on the bottom, and you’ve dialed
in the retrieve and the bait and the
color, and the cadence, so to speak, that they want. You’re absolutely gonna’ have
a phenomenal fishing trip. (upbeat music) – Feel better? – I think so, he’s
a pretty good one. – He’s not bad (laughing). – Come up here buddy. (laughing) – I haven’t got a broken
record, but it’s fun. – Absolutely. – He hit it and took
it away from him. Hey how you gonna’ catch me? – So fun. – [Announcer] Thanks for
watching this episode of The Fisherman’s Handbook. This has been a
Carecotv production. (exploding)

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