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Bass Fishing in a Small House on the Water 백야지 좌대 배스 낚시 – PART 1

Bass Fishing in a Small House on the Water 백야지 좌대 배스 낚시 – PART 1

hey what’s up guys out here fishing in one song try get some bass today heading out on the water over there and try to catch some bass [Music] [Music] all right let’s get set up and get this going all right let’s run down my set up for today everything on spinning rods I got the jack Oh Mikey one one five a seven inch hard jointed hard brake hard bait I got something special double fluke rig today double fluke rig then we got four inch car Tech and nice little wacky rig on a drop shot guys I’m start off my trusted Mikey Jack Howell Mikey one one five first today table right now it’s my may huh yeah they following saying they following but not biting off to the drop shot wacky rig some bite sometimes I’d like to shake a little violently on to the new SIM card you put one in think oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness first fish of the day I think all the big ones it was really hot today I think all the big ones gonna come out at night we here till tomorrow morning so see what we can do dink-dink all right too small take it where are all the big fish see if there’s anything under here something dropped out I’m still coming grab it you don’t want no part of it all right sure my secret weapon for today [Music] one that’s interested coming out from underneath he’s gonna grab it oh they like this they like this too hot today knows all you got to do is kind of twitch it and they dance yeah a bunch of followers a lot of small ones oh my goodness Wow today must be a dink fest that’s even smaller macho macho oh my goodness think that might be the smallest bathroom a lot in my life dank fast big ones are ready to eat some bigger flukes to myself us and then no chocolate huh Pete fish it and check up soon can I see this one now action boys okay $88 NS testing la pagina oh no what the hustle one just came and swiped it no no it was big one he came he came and decided not to eat it last minute luck hunting mom puck with them with it here oh my one fell off there goes my warm switching up my bait really magnums won’t call her half ounce Oh smoke dink small well better than my last one smaller than my last one but bigger than my last one but do it right get this thing slide very nice and good oh my gosh my worm fell off again okay so I’m there from worm Magnum from this one having to hook it through the actual tube this time off again my favorite bait the Mikey I advise fish weren’t biting so I decided to have dinner see if we can get anything in these low light conditions throw in the Mikey my favorite bait see what happens

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