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Bass fishing in the Philippines part two

Bass fishing in the Philippines part two

This reel is broken You yanked it too hard I know The reel is gone It’s gone, it came off [fish] I bet the bearings are busted I think so too Shame That was still working yesterday I wonder what bass taste like I haven’t tried it yet It’s good Good? Sweet and tasty Really? How? Dose it taste like tilapia? Nope If you grill it fresh, the meat tasts sweet Really? Yea, if fresh Only if fresh I had an African guest He gutted the fish Gutted it Cleaned it… Got off That’s fine It got away! Shame So i was saying, he cleaned it, put vinegar, onions… He made ceviche out of it? He made a dip and ate the fish raw! That African was cool He offered us some I was hesitant Scary Yummy! So did you try it? Nope It was a big 2kg fish he filleted Cleaned it He had alot of meat, i was wondering what he’d do with it Ceviche was it He removed all the meat too Chopped some onions And other ingredients Salt And vinegar He dipped and ate it Crazy I dont mind eating saltwater fish raw, ceviche it, dont mind For freshwater fish, I’d think twice Last time when we had left over bait, during a trip in Cagayan. Flying fish Ahh I ceviche it That’s tasty, ive tried it My boss asked me to try and ceviche it It’s good It was good I like this type of fishing, feels relaxing Not like jigging(vertical), which is tiring And you don’t get as much bites I agree, atleast here i get bites now and then I love it here And if you get lucky with a 4kg bass That would make my trip Actually, im really happy with it now I caught lots We’re just waiting for the big one Yea, that’ll be great It would be really cool if it happened If not, i don’t mind The big ones are rare Usually the big ones are down deep Ahh They are hard to catch But when the water level is low, whe the sunken church is visible That’s when we start catching big bass That was a strong tug Something’s following it Oohh big Look at the rod bend The worm’s gone That’s fine, a fair trade for this fish Sometimes [in the ocean] it may seem calm but underneath the current is ripping …. A nice one Slowly If it pulls hard, loosen the drag It’s loose already Same as earlier, slammed it on the way up There must be a group of biggies there That’s bigger This is bigger You tiered it out Definitely bigger Can you take a photo? Once they’re near the boat they fight harder It’s tiered

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  1. Those bass are huge!! I see you practice CnR. Nice job! May fishing fee ba jan? Fish size restrictions? What lures are u using. Thanks for sharing sir!

  2. Wow am so amazed, I thought seabaas can found onyl in Northern countries, meron din pala sa atin❤️🎣🎣🎣🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭 pantabangan nueva ecija… One day I will come and do fishing 🎣 🎣🎣🎣❤️🐠🐠🐠 thank you for vedio it inspired me a lot😊👍👌♥️🇦🇪

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