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Batman & Superman Superhero Toys Imaginext Super Hero Flight City Fisher-Price Kinder Playtime

Batman & Superman Superhero Toys Imaginext Super Hero Flight City Fisher-Price Kinder Playtime

Kinder Playtime! (children laugh) (chipmunk voices) Jacob: Welcome to Kinder Playtime! Kinder Mom: Today, we are opening up this Imaginext Super Hero Flight City! Jacob: Whoa! Kinder Mom: It is super awesome. Jacob: Alright! (explosion) Kinder Mom: Fisher Price sent us to us. Jacob: Thanks Fisher Price! I’m Batman. Superman: And I’m Superman! Batman: You think you’re so cool. Superman: Oh I know I am cool. Batman: We’ll see about that. (explosion) Jacob: Take off from Gotham City. Kinder Mom: And land in Metropolois. Jacob: It even comes with a helicopter! Wow! Kinder mom: Are you ready to open it? Jacob: Oh yeah, let’s do it! Jacob: We got it out of the box and it’s so awesome! Kinder Mom: Here’s our cool Batman and Superman figures that came with it. They’re pretty basic. Batman’s in his black and gray with the yellow utility belt. And Superman in the blue and red. And they both have cloth capes. Which one do you like better Jake? Jacob: I like this one. Kinder Mom: Obviously, because you’re a Batman fan, huh? (yells) Hey, that was a cheap shot Batman! We’re starting over here on the Daily Planet side with Superman. Just like every Imaginext set, it comes with these turntables that activate things. This one activates the Daily Planet globe and turns it into a gun. (explosion) It came with two Kryptonite arrows. This activates the trap door on top of the Daily Planet. Straight to jail. Batman: Not cool Superman. Not cool. Kinder mom: This side of the set also features a swivel door. Jacob: To the Bat cave. Batman: Welcome to Wayne Manor. Umm, I mean the Bat cave. Kinder mom: Behind the Bat signal, you can open up Wayne tower, and shoot discs. (explosion) Batman: I have not one, but two sets of doors. I so took over Joker’s lair. It is an elevator that shoots stuff. It’s awesome! Am I right? Oh, I have a helicopter too! Kinder mom: He’s not on it. Batman: Oh yeah, I can fly too Superman. Whoa! This is amazing! Owe! I’m going every where! No I don’t want this! (screams) Hey, I think I’m getting the hang of this. No! I don’t want to die! I don’t like this! I am gonna die! (yells) No! I don’t want to! (explosion) Superman: Maybe you should keep practicing. Batman: Trap door! Superman: Hey Batman! Not cool! Hey Batman, not that I need to, but can I try out your helicopter? Batman: Sure! Superman: Umm, no offense, but I think I’ll stick to regular flying. Batman: So basically, my place is better. Superman: I don’t need all of those gadgets to be awesome. Batman: But mine’s better. Superman: No mine’s cooler! (Batman and Superman argue back and forth who’s “lair” is cooler.) (creepy Joker laugh) Batman: Trap door! (creepy Joker laugh) Superman: You’re welcome Batman! (Joker grunts) Batman: Oh shucks, thanks Superman! Kinder Mom: We love this toy! Jacob: It was super cool! Kinder mom: Yeah it was, but which side was better? Batman’s side was definitely cooler. It made noises and had lots more stuff to do, but that’s okay. Superman is a lot of fun too. Thanks for watching, bye! (Joker cries) Leave us a like, write us a comment, and “sumscribe.” Thanks for watching, bye!

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