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Battered Fish | Cooking Final Fantasy XIV Food

Battered Fish | Cooking Final Fantasy XIV Food

Welcome to A Recipe Reborn featuring your favourite foods
from Final Fantasy XIV. Hello, my name is Lemon Drop and I recreate dishes as close
as I can to the in-game recipe, description and thumbnail. If you’re into XIV and food, please subscribe and click the
bell for a new episode every Tuesday. Today I am making battered fish. In celebration of this
year’s Moonfire Faire which starts tomorrow, I’m cooking
fish and chips for the first time at home. And by chips, I mean fries. And by fries, I mean roasted
potatoes, but I’ll get to that later. Battered fish was featured in both 2015 and 2017 and if you look closely at this year’s event art, you can
see these two on the right are chowing down. I’m happy to report that I’ve managed to incorporate all of
the in-game recipe ingredients and I will be enjoying it with malt vinegar as the
description suggests. I’m starting with the batter and I realize that may sound
backwards to some people. Some batters are mixed immediately before frying but in this
case, I want to give the mixture some time to hydrate, chill and
relax. By the way if you don’t want to use beer in your batter, carbonated or still water will work just fine. I prefer my batter to be thin and crispy so I’ve made it
fairly runny. If you like it thicker, use less liquid. This goes into the fridge while I prepare the potatoes. I don’t want my fish to get cold while I cook these, so
instead I’ve chosen to roast them. Using a method I learned from Kenji Lopez-Alt at the Serious
Eats food lab, I’m par-boiling the potatoes in an alkaline solution. The alkalinity breaks down the surface of the potatoes and the broken surface texture bakes up brown and crunchy. These go into the oven for 45 minutes to an hour, depending
on your preferred doneness. As usual, you will find times, temperatures and measurements
in the description below. Here I’m patting my fish dry and then coating it with a bit
of flour. This helps the batter to stick. I’m using canola to fry today because it was on sale. I realize my filet is a bit too big for my pot and I’m cooking it whole so I can recreate the thumbnail, but you can cut your fish into smaller more manageable
pieces. Everything is done and looking beautiful, I can’t wait to
dig into this. All that’s left to do now is garnish with some lemon,
parsley and pour on the malt vinegar. If you’ve never tried it, malt vinegar is made from ale,
instead of wine. It’s still sour but it has a rounded sweet flavour to
balance the sourness. As you can probably tell, I like my potatoes to be very well
done, I like the crunchy texture and the toasty flavour. If that’s not for you, you can always reduce the cooking
time. That’s one of the nice things about simple food like this is
that you can tweak it however you like and it will still
come out great. Even nicer is that I was able to serve both the fish and the
fries directly out of the oven and fryer, hot and fresh. All I need to do now is put on my hachimaki and get a cup of
shave ice. For the full recipe and instructions, please check out the
link to my website in the description below. Thank you for watching, I wish you all a happy Moonfire
Faire and I will see you next week for another episode and another

26 comments on “Battered Fish | Cooking Final Fantasy XIV Food

  1. I'm so used to special events starting on Tuesdays, that I was all set to go… then I learned it was tomorrow 🙁

  2. What is your favourite kind of festival food? In Toronto, one particular vendor sells "One Love Corn" which is grilled and seasoned with Carribean spices. It's similar to elote and I look forward to having it every summer! 🌽

  3. Interesting to see your gourmet twist on the old fish and chips concept! I can't get over the fact that you're a Mr. Face viera at the moment though, is this a phase or are you memebunny for life now?

  4. I cannot thank you enough for these. found you a few months ago and Im thrilled you are continuing to post. keep it up!

  5. oh this is so cool. I got recommended to this channel by this other youtube channel called Work To Game. The one thing about this channel is that it makes me too hungry lol. Good thing I like to cook too.

  6. Is the pooch really named Kupo, lol? If so, that's awesome! Came over on a recommendation from Work to Game and I'm glad I did. Have enjoyed real life recipes from in game since WoW. Keep em coming.

  7. I love fish and chips and also prefer the batter light over heavy. seeing you cook it I now wonder why my fiance and I buy frozen at the store. :p

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