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Battle Of Iconic American Dishes: Feast Mode Hunger Squad // Sponsored By Toyota Rav4 Hybrid

Battle Of Iconic American Dishes: Feast Mode Hunger Squad // Sponsored By Toyota Rav4 Hybrid

– Live and direct from Hollywood. – It’s the Feast Mode Hunger Squad. – Today, we have a very special episode of Feast Mode Hunger Squad. We will be going to – Eat signature dishes
from each other’s hometown. – I’m from the Midwest. Cincinnati, Ohio represent. – Now, me, being from Virginia which is the East Coast,
a.k.a. I guess the South. They’re gonna have a lot to live up to. – And being from San Diego, California. Pretty sure I got this one in the bag. So, I think we need to make a little bit of a competition out of it. – Wait, no this is not a contest. – [Voiceover] Yes, this is a contest. – No, this is a bonding experience for the Feast Mode Hunger Squad. – It’s a contest. – [Voiceover] No, Freddie
it’s not a contest. Back me up here. – Steven, Ohio ain’t got nothin’ on me. – You’re worried you’re
gonna lose, aren’t you? – [Voiceover] Shut up. Let’s do this. (upbeat music) – [Voiceover] Woo! – So, we’re on our way
to Ricky’s Fish Tacos in East Hollywood. It’s a truck. We get to sit outside, enjoy this beautiful
Southern California day. – [Voiceover] Doesn’t he have
like a million taco trucks? – No. He’s got one because
he’s a man of quality. – I respect that he’s a monogamist. Are you a one man kinda girl? – [Voiceover] I am, I’m
a one man kind of girl. – [Voiceover] How are you? – How you guys doing? – This is Ricky of Ricky’s Fish Tacos. Where did you learn to make fish tacos? – I’ve been eating them
since I was a little kid. You know, mom from Ensenada. They know how to make fish tacos. – We are going to eat a
lot of your fish tacos. – [Voiceover] All right. – Okay, thanks. I literally ate fish
tacos every single day after baseball practice with my dad. – Let’s eat these tacos. I will say, I am the most
excited about this mayo sauce. Oh, I don’t even know if you want this. Do you want this?
– [Steven] I guess I do now. – [All] Cheers. – Whoa! Your hair. Can we get a replay on her hair trying to eat my food? (growl) – [Voiceover] Mmm. – Wow. – Ricky’s gets extra points because he put a surfboard in his logo. He gets two points for that. – Ricky also gets two
points for that fedora. – Ricky gets five points
for just keeping it simple. – That’s the thing about tacos, it’s really all about the meat. Look at that ratio. – Let’s give Ricky three points for having quality tortillas. – Three points for the crunch. – You love crunch. – I love crunch like you love ratios. – All his sauces are on point. – Plus one per sauce. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. And a solid four points
for the atmosphere. – Even the patrons are just super diverse. Everyone who’s here at this truck on their lunch break, they look like they come from all walks of life. – Three points to the three specs of food that are left on Colin’s mustache, right now. – [Voiceover] The flavor saver. – I hope you guys got a
good fish taco experience. You enjoyed it. – Yep, I– – It was okay. – I’m trying to save
room for the next spot. We’re gonna have some amazing B-B-Q. – [Colin] Oh.
– [Steven] Oh, snap. – We’re heading to my spot. It’s known for its like
Texas style barbecue, and I’m not from Texas, I’m from Virginia, but I would say that’s
the closest you can get to like Virginia barbecue. The sweet to savory ratio
in the barbecue sauce must be correct. – [Voiceover] I love me some ratios. Freddie, you know the key to my heart. (lively guitar) – So, we’re here at my spot, a.k.a Bludso’s. This is Tad. – How you guys doing? – Basically, everything on
this menu I’m obsessed with. – I mean, I can just send
you guys out what I think is best here, if you
wanna just go with that? – I think that sounds good. – [Voiceover] Clear out some
space. Make room for the food. – [Voiceover] Excellent. Wow. – If this doesn’t make
your mouth wanna water, than y’all are just dead people inside. – I can hear the South coming out of you, right now Freddie. – Presentation, they get
five presentation points. – [Voiceover] Yes. – For what? Like what? – Every just looks awesome. – It looks so good. – Just look. – Oh, and then we got the cornbread. – [Voiceover] Oh goodness!
Did you see that? When you pick it up. – [All] Oh! – That’s a plus 10. – The real deal right here. Major flavor points right here. We’re giving him five, five flavor points. – Yeah, three points for the tender. – [Voiceover] Three!
– [Voiceover] Three! – You can’t just start dishing out points, all right randomly. – Why? There is no scale. – We’re just giving
points like crazy people. – For how buttery that is, plus two. – Cheers. – That’s a negative point right there. – What are you talking about? It’s not its fault, it’s your fault. – You just out here
tryin’ to deduct points ’cause you’re gettin’ nervous. – I’ll give another three
points for that mac and cheese. That’s some solid mac and cheese. – Everything melts in your mouth. A baby could eat this. – The pickles crunch on fleek. – We gotta try that spicy thing. – The hot link. – Mmm. – And there truly is an
art to like making good comfort food, and I think
this place nailed it. Plus 17 points. – Okay. There’s gotta be some order.
– [Freddie] No. – [All] Feast Mode Hunger Squad. – Ah, how am I gonna
stay awake in the car? – So–
– [Colin] Where are we going? – We’re gonna get Cincinnati chili. – I’ve never heard about Cincinnati chili until I met this one over here. – What?! It’s world famous. – I think it’s Cincinnati famous. – Nope. – We are on the way to my spot. The closest thing to
home spot for Steven Lim. Chili John’s. Over in Cincinnati we
have these things called Three Ways, and it’s not
what you’re thinking. They are chili, cheese, and noodles. We are here with. – Anthony. – [Voiceover] What is
your signature dish here? – Beef and beans. Our California pink beans. – [Voiceover] This
place reminds me so much of the Midwest. – I’m gonna give ’em five
points just for decor. I’m diggin’ the vibe in here. – Two points for the lobster bib. – [Voiceover] See how fast it is guys. – [Voiceover] ‘Cause Ohio
likes their food fast. – All right, the fact that
it came out in 10 seconds. 10 points, c’mon. – [Voiceover] Yeah, it’s Cincinnati style. – Five points. – Now, do you guys have
cheese to throw on there? – I have buckets of cheese. – Whoa! – So, how much cheese should
I put on here, Steven? – [Voiceover] That is so much cheese. – Mmm. – This gets five points
just off the beans. – Oh, and then we got onions. Onions go on there too, right? – Plus five points for all the variations, the mix and match. I gotta say, if spaghetti
was like this all the time I’d probably eat it more often. – This is like a great quaint date. Where it’s like, I’ll take you to my spot. – What do you think I’m
doing right now, Freddie? – Oh, man I’m getting meat sweats. – Point system wise, I
think we know who won. – [Voiceover] I feel like
I know you guys better now. – See, it’s better as
a bonding experience. – [Freddie] Yeah.
– [Colin] Yeah. – [Voiceover] Ah. – [Voiceover] What are
we doing next time, guys? – [Voiceover] Feast Mode
Hunger Squad signing out. – Comment below, what should we eat next? Let’s do it. – [Voiceover] Yeah, where do we eat next?

34 comments on “Battle Of Iconic American Dishes: Feast Mode Hunger Squad // Sponsored By Toyota Rav4 Hybrid

  1. The fact Steven said he is from the mid west and chose that food to highlight shows why he is NOT from the mid west. If Ohio is in the mid west, California is in Asia. Ha Ha.

  2. I think they should have deducted points from the BBQ place for price, you know that cost 4 times as much as what they got at the other places.

  3. Should've gone to Sarah's Mexican Food. Its a small shack serving delicious food near Mission Beach, San Diego.

  4. The look on Freddie's face when Colin and Steven ate the sausage together was so funny!! Freddie is so great…I am glad I found some videos of her outside of LadyLike.

  5. can we hv this back and make a special series out of this just like worth it and unsolved thx freddie is the best never lose her

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