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Baylor Staff Member Holds Fishing World Record

Baylor Staff Member Holds Fishing World Record

A guy known for keeping Baylor athletes in line is
reeling in more than just players. Keith Miller is the Athletics Director for
Compliance at Baylor and he also holds a world record for catching a fish every single day
for almost three years. In 2009, I was kind of joking with my wife
‘Hey I’ve caught a fish every day’ and she said, ‘haha I bet you can’t do it for an entire
year’ because you know, seven days compared to a full year. Well in marriage, there are battles you choose
and when your wife challenges you, you don’t want to lose. So 2009 I caught a fish every day that. Three- hundred and sixty-five days turned
into one-thousand, all in order to benefit charity. I contacted Texas parks and wildlife, a national
organization called junior anglers and hunters of America, and we did a fundraising drive. We sent 400 inner city Houston kids to a one
week outdoor camp based on the fundraising. I’ve also in the last 8 years bought about
6,000 rods and reels for under privileged kids based off of my fundraising efforts. He takes his children fishing with him because
he believes it is very important to get children involved. I think it is amazing that kids get that interested
in the outdoors and not video games and they are truly invested in something that can impact
generations to come, our environment, it’s just amazing. Miller even finds time during his lunch break
and after work to go fishing. I have my fly fishing gear, you can see it
over there in the corner, I also have other back up gear in the office and I also have
stuff in the truck. I always have gear, even in my wallet. You never know. He has two rules when he goes fishing. He has to use artificial lures and he has
to take a picture of what he catches and post it on social media in order for it to count
towards his streak. Last year he was ten months into a new streak,
but he broke one of his rules. So while in Arizona it was very tough fishing,
I caught a carp on a fly, which is a tremendous feat, that’s not easy. After several hours of fishing on Christmas
Eve, I did it and as I pulled the fish to take a picture of it. Carp are very, very slippery, slipperier than
your average fish. And this sucker just slipped out and popped
back in the water and I didn’t get a picture of it. I had violated one of my own rules, and ended
my streak. He has recently started a new streak and you
never know, he may end up beating his one-thousand day streak, but this time with his kids, Zoie
and Fisher. Yes, his name is Fisher. For Lariat TV News, I’m Meredith Aldis.

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