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Beach Fishing Rigs: Don’t waste your money

Beach Fishing Rigs: Don’t waste your money

Hey guys, today, I’m going to show you guys how to tie my favorite, go-to fishing rig for beach fishing. It’s really simple, and really effective, so stick around for more. *grunting* Whew! Alright, I can do this. Guys, I hurt my knee really badly, and I’m not kidding, I’m probably going to be out of commission for another two weeks. I’ve been sitting in bed for 7 days so far, I haven’t been able to even take a step yet. He is not very happy about this. *sigh* I feel bad for you, I’m sorry.
Tell them what happened. Aw, this is kind of embarrassing. Uh, so we went to… a trampoline park. That’s enough said.
That’s basically all I need to say.
Enough said. That’s all I need to say. We went to a trampoline park with, um, Brendon’s little cousins, Danny Boy, who’s been in a few episodes and his two brothers, and, uh, I saw this whole thing happen. Like, Brendon just lost control of his very high bounces and just got his leg caught in between the little thing and then he was on the ground. I heard my leg pop and I was like “nngghh I’m not fishing for probably three weeks now.”
It was really scary. Yeah, it was really scary for me because I’ve been dating you for like, three years and I’ve literally never seen you in pain. Like, never. I’ve never seen you in pain. Yeah, ’cause I don’t usually get hurt.
So it was really scary.
I’m pretty careful. So, we told you guys on Facebook, and you guys responded with some videos that we should try, since I’m bed-ridden now, you guys have suggested some really cool ideas that we’d like to try, so today I’m going to be showing you guys how to tie my favorite beach fishing rig, this rig is really easy to tie, um, it works really well, and there’s not much to it, it’s really simple. Let’s get on it. Okay. So what is this, uh, beach fishing rig good for, Brendon? This beach fishing rig is really good for, you know, sitting on the beach with a tube and your surf rod, casting it out, sitting and waiting for a fish to take it. That’s the kind of fishing that we’re talking about today. So, here are the materials that you’ll need: two beads, a swivel, one of these rigs for sliding sinkers, and I’ll include a link below, I’m not sure what they’re called, but there’s a– there’s many different kinds of these. A sinker, a hook, and fluorocarbon leader. I would usually tie this with fluorocarbon but for today’s demonstration purposes I’m going to be using this thick line, m’kay? This thick, neon line so you guys can see what I’m doing. So now, this rig ties straight on to your braid, or whatever line you’re using. This is 30 lb. Power Pro braid, and uh, this is my favorite kind of braid to use, it’s been very reliable to me, and it’s a good price. Let me show you how I tie it now. Okay, first, what you’re gonna do is put you’re sliding sinker through… your main line, okay? See? There you go. See, see how this slides? You see how this slides?
Mhmm. Okay. Now, we’re going to put a bead through it. And now, this bead you don’t need it, but this is so that the weight of the sinker won’t be messing up the knot that we’re about to tie. Does that make sense, everybody? There we go. Cut the loose end off… Alright, so now we’ve got half the rig set up. Now, we’re just gonna take probably around a foot to three feet, one to three feet of leader line, and we’re gonna use this colorful line just as an example. This isn’t what I would actually use, just so you can see it. So now, I’m going to tie onto the other end of the swivel now. And then… the final step is just tie the hook on with whatever kind of knot you want to tie. What knot are you choosing? I don’t know what it’s called… I’m– I’m actually terrible with names. I know how to do it, I don’t know what it’s called. After we tie that, we go back to our sliding sinker, and we attach our sinker to it. So now, the sinker is on. And it slides. When you cast this rig out, since this is a sliding sinker, look what happens. You cast it out, it sinks to the bottom, you’ve got bait on this line, right? Now, a fish comes and takes it. Has no idea it’s a hook on it, right? It’s– it’s able to slide and continue to swim without without noticing or feeling any pressure. That’s why it’s so deadly, is because it’s not like, it’s directly to a line and the second the feel tension, they’ll drop it. This is a rig, where it can take it for 20 – 30 yards and have no idea that it has a hook in its mouth. You can imagine how many times this thing will bang into this knot, right? That will eventually ruin your knot. That could possibly cost you a really big fish and you don’t want that to happen, so my solution to it is put a little bead. This little bead will save you from losing a big fish. Alright, I have this swivel on here, can you guys see the swivel?
Yes. We use this swivel so– because there’s currents under the water, spinning this bait around, moving it around, you don’t want your line to get all twisted up, have you guys experienced that before? Where you bring your rig back and everything is all twisted up? That’s because under water, your line is spinning around like this and getting twisted. You see how it gets twisted when it spins? This swivel prevents that from happening. Isn’t that cool? Ohhh… My knee hurts. It’s like, it’s just I’m sitting there and it’s just pulsing. Yeah, we’re gonna have to get you elevated again. We’re doing what’s called, “R.I.C.E.” Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation, and, uh, hopefully that will help you. We’re going to California in like, 4 weeks, and we’re planning on doing some fishing there, so hopefully, Brendon will be better by then and we can do some fishing, but if you are in California, or you’ve fished in California and you have any recommendations for us we’d love to hear them in the comments below. um, I’m really excited about that trip. Yes, what we’re trying to do there is we’re trying to do some beach fishing, some pier fishing, um, and experience what it’s like to fish in California.
Yeah, we’ll be in Los Angeles and then San Diego, and we’ll be in that area for like, 3 week or something, so, yeah.
Comment below some suggestions that you want to see or some places that we should try doing, um, if you are living in California and do this on the reg The reg…
Comment that below, help us out, give us some insight! Yeah! We’re looking forward to it. Thank you guys for sharing, we, on our part, will continue sharing as long as you guys keep telling us it’s helpful. Or, or, or join us on Facebook! We’ve just been getting so many people joining recently Yeah, it’s been really cool.
and everyone’s been posting such cool pictures of their fish, of like, weird rigs and stuff that they see,
Yeah, I really like that. and it’s a really fun time so, meet us on Facebook and uh, we’re very active on there, if you guys want to reach out to us and talk to us, Facebook’s the way to go.
Ja. Thank you for watching this week, we’ll see you next week, and uh, Peace out, Skrillex. Skrillex–? No, that didn’t make sense. Thank you guys for watching, see you next week.
Bye. Ladies and gentlemen, we are tying my favorite, go-to fishing rig… it’s called… a fishing rig for beach fishing… What’s going on guys? Hey, everybody. Hey, guys. Hey guys… Hey guys. What’s going on guys? Hey guys, today I’m gonna be show– Hey, guys! What do i say? Stick around… Okay.
That’s not the right word. I was thinking Guadalupe, but that has nothing to do with anything. Guadalupe. Hey guys, today we’re talking about… Hey guys, hey guys, today I’m going to show you guys… Hey, everybody! Oh, hey everybody! I’m gonna show you guys how to tie a beach fishing rig today! *guffaw* *laughing* Come on! We just need one good take!
Okay. *sigh* I’m just trying to make my face right! Hey guys.

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  1. Lots of good places in LA, Carrillo, PV, I have buddies that stand up Paddle board fish in the kelp patties. That is the best way. Malibu has a lot of good spots too

  2. I know that rig as the West coast rig ,I have a 2nd hook same size as a sliding hook. 2 hooks in the same bait doubles your chance of a hook up but does also catch 2 fish same time. Lot of fun when they're 5 lb each. Another add on is a Imp shield on main line & take your trace trace down to a clip on your sinker .Keeps all the weight together & gives you more distance .

  3. The Carolina rig with a sinker slide. I love this rig, it's one of my top 5 rigs I use for catfishing. The knot you used on the hook looks like a variant of a snell knot. Witch is my all time favorite knot.

  4. I've noticed about all your videos are based around coastal fishing. If you're ever in the mood to trout fish in the mountains of NC, holler at me

  5. I usually tie a high low rig/dropper loop/Kentucky rig on. I can't honestly say I've used a Carolina type rig in saltwater, I'll have to give it a try

  6. In California, above everything, the water is always cold. Expect 58F.
    Check out average monthly temps at…0….596.1846.0j1j3j1j0j1…………….0i71j0i131i67j0i67j0i131j0i131i70i256.Px0agB4hP%2Bs%3D#imgdii=rAIkrVaURfWazM:&imgrc=700nlNVIxTbZpM:

  7. Where are you locared?
    Like what state??
    I'm in NC mountains and go to the coast about once a year if I'm lucky, so im just curious and am trying to relate some of what you're doing to what I experience at NC beaches.
    Thanks and good luck!

  8. It's a fish-finder rig.  That leader shouldn't be that long.  Your bait and sinker will helicopter as it gets casted out.  All this rig needs is a 12" leader.

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  10. sorry for your injury first of all. Second I have a bait feeder Ozuma AFT-80 reel, is this similar action?

  11. This was a very helpful video and I have advise on how to tie a very special knot. First step is to go to Kay jeweler and buy a nice ring and tie the knot already with your beautiful girlfriend. Any women that hunt, fishes, and shoots is a keeper! Props!👍🏽 brother you have a good thing going

  12. No steel leader? I fish the Trinity River for monster gar. Do you not need a steel leader? Going to the Gulf of Mexico and saltwater fishing for the first time. I have won tournaments freshwater fishing. Saltwater just seems SO different.

  13. Some fish finder terminals are designed to not wear with braid line. The normal white ones are soft, and will be chewed up, with the braid friction.

  14. Great videos, specially this one. I use this method all the time. I am a Surfcaster. Btw Its Sinker slides.

  15. I like your videos, but why are you using bright neon thick braid, and mentioning that your using it to to show what your doing.. and then show no knot tieing. Guess it does help show how line can twist though..

  16. Percocet my friend and a tall can . I would like for you to fish the beach next to pacifica pier. I never catch anything . Even though people next to me catch monsters.

  17. Yeah a lot of people get hurt at them trampoline park.. people go there for the first time and almost kill themselves.. and don't realize there is a way in jumping so you don't blow out your knee.. went one time and almost blew out my knee.. I stopped and just watched the kids. lol

  18. This rig contradicts the episode on tying a shock leader as there is no swivel. I tie the same rig. But I was thinking about that bead chaffing the knot. I just knot on a cut rubber band instead of a bead or even two rubber band knots. Let that lead slam into rubber instead of hard plastic that does not always slide over the knot. I've never had problems with beads, so I guess they work. But rubber bands are cheaper and have a lot more uses (making weedless hooks, lashing rods together, free line fishing, etc.

    This one will be hard to describe, but I will try. I fish with an open bail. Best on a flat dock. One without a railing. Cast this rig. Leave the bail open and lay the rod flat on the dock. Fill a pop can with a little water. Pull the line out between the reel and first guide to the left or right a few feet and place the loop over the pull tab of the can. When the fish runs, it pulls over the pop can and it is on an open bail. Close the bail and cross his eyes.

    Now you can fish in complete darkness as you will hear the can go over.

    Another rubber band trick. Cut your rubber band and wrap it around the cork right above where the line comes off the reel. Open the bail. Tuck a loop of line under one wrap of rubber band. The fish runs and out goes the line on an open bail. The rubber band gives enough resistance so wind and waves do not pull you line out.

    For headlamps, I use the one for car detailing. Why? Because it is on and off. No cycling through high, low, green and red to get to off.

  19. Back in the 60s as boys we would goes to the mechanical shops and junkyard to scouts for bolts,nuts and any odd weights we could find to goes fishing,we would search for discarded or entangled fishing lines that are being dumped so that we could join them up to do fishing,rods are chopped fresh from bamboo tree,baits are earthworms or mussels we find and that’s adds to the amusement to fishing back then.

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  26. When.U guys are inSan Diego; definitely go check out Mission.Beach!! It has a Great Big Pier with little bungalows I heard U can rent them; so check it oit. Also You need permit in CA to fish in.Salt Water….Yep; thays CA for You! The fish out there are HUGE!! Be ready with gags and nets.for sure. Have Fun and let me know how yous do.. also check out SUNSET BEACH Very close by! Even Malibu Beach is good. Try them.all. you will catch FISH for sure! Kudos! 🐋🐋🐬🐡🐟

  27. I wish you would be more informative about the knots you're using to tie your swivels, and hooks. Very least to say, the name of this setup for the rest who would like to know, is called a " fish finder rig". Note: This Fish finder are not recommended for 30lb braid, need the other ones made for braid.

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