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Beat Blast: Fish Frenzy

Beat Blast: Fish Frenzy

Christian I’ll be honest with you I’m in
the mood for seafood. Give me some salmon, give me some cioppino, a big ‘ol bowl of gumbo Well I’ve got good news for you Josh, there’s a bunch of new restaurants opening up in Kitsap County and we’re going to take you to
five of them starting with Axe & Arrow in downtown Bremerton. Welcome back to the Beat Blast
sponsored by the Admiral Theater I’m Kitsap Sun reporter Christian Vosler and
the first place I’m taking Josh this week is Axe & Arrow. It’s a gastropub on
Fourth Street in Bremerton that’s gonna be opening here really soon and the owners
originally wanted to start it as a brewery, but they’ve since added a bar
and room for event space. “After doing some research and some soul-searching
we realized, you know what there are a lot of great breweries, a lot of great beers
here in the northwest and so rather than try to create another great beer, let’s
focus on great food and we will highlight local breweries and become a
beer connoisseur destination, that’s really our goal.”
TOM: “The fun part about this whole thing is that where we found things, so we did a lot of reclaimed, so
that bar is almost completely reclaimed wood. The bar top is made from basically
train cars that shipped Boeing planes in and out of their plant for years and
when they when they tore down those cars we were able to capture that wood. You’ll
see additional wood around here that comes from that.”
JACK: “Our idea here was to create a place that is a destination for people looking for a comfortable,
welcoming, happy environment where there’s great service, great attitude and
they can come and enjoy time with their friends, meet new people and obviously
enjoy some great food. Hey Christian, I’m just curious if you
can tell me about any spots outside of Bremerton I might be able to go to. CHRISTIAN: Yeah Josh. If you guys have been to Silverdale recently you’ll notice a big
building going up on Bucklin Hill Road and that’s gonna be Maynard’s, it’s a new
restaurant and dining hub in Central Kitsap. The owner is billing it as
“Kitsap’s culinary destination,” and they’ll have a bar and a marketplace and
a kitchen for cooking classes and the Central Kitsap Farmer’s Market is also
going to be stationed there starting this summer. “My goal with Maynard’s was not
just to have a restaurant but the reason why we say it’s a culinary destination
is because A) it’s a destination restaurant, we’ll have a team of amazing
chefs, we’re going to provide cooking classes and I really want to educate
Kitsap county about our great agricultural program we have here
and educate them about the farmers and what farm-to-table is and what it means and
hopefully we can give back to the community and we can grow, continue to
grow our agricultural program.” Speaking of Silverdale, another new
restaurant opened recently on Byron Street in Old Town. It’s called
Kettlefish, and they call it that because they use this really unique
steam kettle cooking process to cook all of their signature dishes. The steam goes
into the jacket of the dish and super heats anything inside of it cooking it
in about 6 to 8 minutes. “This is an old-school way of cooking from back East
and down South when everything was powered by steam. So these are little
cooking vessels that are, steam comes up through one leg of the vessel goes into
the panel s of stainless and provides indirect heat. We get up to about 212
degrees in less than 30 seconds. We cook to order bouillabaisse, cioppino, clams and mussels. Pacific pan-roast is our our specialty dish. We really felt
like Kitsap County was lacking seafood options and with all the oyster beds and
everything around us we really wanted to take advantage of that and bring that to
Silverdale.” Josh, all this talk about food is making me really hungry and I
haven’t heard you offer any restaurant recommendations yet. Well, I’d like to
take us to South Kitsap because that’s where Peninsula Beverage Company, the
scrappy little brewery from Manchester, is moving into the Amy’s on the Bay
space on the Port Orchard waterfront. Bay Street, prime location, 5,000 square feet
to work with, and they’re hoping to be the spark that reignite Port Orchard. “So
right now we have 24 taps at our current Peninsula BevCo with over 200 beverages
in the fridges and then we have an awesome menu that includes tacos,
specialty grilled cheeses that are really awesome, we change them up every
time, Bahn Mi sandwiches, posole and then when we move to our new location we’re
gonna feature some northwest seafood as well. I think Port Orchard has a
reputation from people that don’t live here that there’s, that we don’t have
necessarily much to offer as far as recreation and tourism and I’m not sure
people really have a reason to come to Port Orchard but we want to change that.
We want to change the perception of local people too that businesses can’t
succeed in downtown and we want to show that if this is actually an amazing area
to have a business and it’s amazing area to come visit.” So we’ve covered a lot of
restaurants all over the county today, new ones, and I was curious if you know
of anything happening up in North Kitsap that people can check out. Yes, I do
Christian, the owners of the popular Heyday Farm brand are bringing the
Bainbridge Island Fish Company to Lynwood Center. Their mission: simple
seafood. Kitsap Sun reporter Nathan Pilling has the story.
“So we’re the owners of the Bainbridge Island fish Company and Heyday
Market which are co-located under the same roof here in Lynwood Center on
Bainbridge. We’re a casual seafood restaurant serving primarily fish tacos and fish
plates and poke and fish and chips and other seasonal dishes that sound good to
us. We wanted to build a just a casual restaurant, a place where you could come
in your flip-flops and shorts or dressed up to go out on a date. We want people to
feel really comfortable here it’s a neighborhood restaurant, a lot of
neighbors of ours live here and we want them to come in
and just feel super welcomed and have this be an inviting place where they
can sit and get some really good food and have a beer or a glass of wine on a
beautiful day.” Finally, what’s on tap for your weekend sponsored by Silver City
Brewery Tap Room. It is festival weekend this weekend Josh, there’s lots of stuff
going on all around the county That’s right Christian starts with 10:00
a.m. on Saturday the Armed Forces Day Parade, festival to follow for the first
time ever thanks to Axe & Arrow and other businesses along 4th Street.
There’s going to be an entire festival that includes a free showing at the Roxy
Theater of Top Gun at 1 p.m. Those of you inclined to head up to
Poulsbo for Viking Fest you got three days of festivities there go to for more details. That’s our show for this week, thanks for watching
and thanks especially to our sponsors and those of you who support the Kitsap
Sun, we couldn’t do this without you. See you next week.” Josh, you’re sitting
here but I haven’t heard a whole lot about you This is like we’re dating or something and poetry and nighttime poetry read by the campfire.
Christian I’m gonna be honest with you I’m hungry for seafood cioppino, gumbo
give me a big piece of halibut.

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