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Beautiful Guadalajara: Killer Breakfast, Tranquil Parque Agua Azul, and Delicious Fish Tacos!

Beautiful Guadalajara: Killer Breakfast, Tranquil Parque Agua Azul, and Delicious Fish Tacos!

good morning we’re going to breakfast
which we’re really excited about because the pictures online looked really cool I
slept like the dead last night the room was pitch black was so nice I probably
could have slept all day if I didn’t have a three year old alarm clock okay it’s too bright, I’m just gonna show you the view, this is amazing okay so Jesse came back with uh…I need you to go first because I can’t I can’t
make a decision it’s it’s too wondrous, there’s tortas ahogadas, there’s chilauuiles there’s cereal how is that possible, there’s yogurt, there’s everything, how do they have that on a breakfast buffet? deserts there’s like champagne I don’t even know what’s going on okay like you
need to go first you can decide things like that what are you doing? making the shadows move. give it back, give it back okay Jesse was not
exaggerating this is ridiculous this is absolutely ridiculous okay
look at it look at it this is a gigantic omelet made to order, whatever you want, what’d you get? ham, onion, and cheese of course, gonna be delicious we are out and
about it’s what time is it? it’s like 11?
11:37 we ate what three hours ago. I’m still stuffed I’m still full so we are heading to the paleontology
Museum down at this park to show Harper some bones hopefully some old things
that are dinosaurs or look like dinosaurs or something or other so that’s what we’re doing here and there’s so many people in this city so it’s crazy going from
San Miguel to Guanajuato felt like we’re in a big city now
oh that’s just cute Erin that’s adorable it’s precious
just wait until we get to Mexico City it’s gonna blow our minds all right let’s go
find some paleontology stuff and look look what they’ve got here I mean I remember going to Walmart in
China it’s like it’s such a head trip to go into places like Walmart in a
totally different environment I’m interested to see how much it’s like
the place that is Walmart in Guanajuato but is not labeled Walmart, there’s the store in Guanajuato that carries a lot of great value brands and your receipt says Walmart well yeah but it’s not Walmart but we don’t we don’t know all right let’s go into Walmart we’re US tourists we have to go to Walmart okay so the paleontology Museum is at
one corner of this big beautiful park called Parque Agua Azul they have a
butterfly sanctuary they have an aviary and this place is giant and shady and
lovely and I think we’re gonna sit down and have a snack and then explore these guys are the biggest guys I’ve ever seen okay so we didn’t actually see any
butterflies maybe we came at the wrong time of year
or they maybe are replenishing the butterflies or something I don’t know
but it was really pretty inside and free so who can complain looks like we’re gonna have better luck
with the aviary there’s like a big parrot and here’s a big giant leaf that’s a bird I’m not sure I could
take in a fight pretty bird! hola! Hola! Look they’re so cute there are little benches around so if
you want you could come and sit and just listen to the birds and I don’t know
maybe someone will come perch on your head
poop on your shoulder or something you could try it out and let me know I have
a three year old so there’s no sitting still for me look at these guys Wow look at all these rocks Harper if you think that’s a lot of rocks, look at this wall. It’s all special kinds of rocks Woah look at these rocks! It’s it’s it’s amazing! Harper come here, come here, look at how big its teeth are Wow, that’s some big teeth Wow so all the prices were crossed out
I had read online that this is free on Tuesday but perhaps its free more often, I don’t know there is nobody here like we have this whole museum to ourselves it’s pretty cool now this is a
small museum but for a three-year-old who loves bones it’s pretty great. Mom, sloth bones! Sloth bones? Mom I found some stuffies! looks like a real dig
site all right so we have had a lovely day
here in this park and we’re at the playground we are gonna go find some
dinner I have a restaurant that I have in mind I’m not sure we’re gonna be able to
extract Harper from the swings yeah so we’ll see it’s really nice and cool in
this park it’s pretty warm today but there’s so many shade trees that it’s really nice Hey look we finally found some

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  1. Guadalajara is such an amazing city, my home town is about a 3 hour drive away near the coast, if you guys have the opportunity to visit the Costa Alegre, you won't regreted, hope you enjoy your time in Guadalajara!! 👍👍👍❤🙏

  2. Those tacos de pescado are the best! I remember spending lots of quality time with my family at Parque Agua Azul! Try the "escamochas" from Plaza Guadalajara (underground market in front of the Cathedral). It's a mix of fruits with syrup, orange and lime juice! I've been craving for one of those for a while!

  3. Erin I think you have a future Antropolagist in your hands. bless her shes so cute😍😘I hear Guanajato has the mummys google that it be awesome if you took a trip and film them . thats one of my goals to go.visit😉

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed your video… of the best family oriented presentations of Guadalajara that I've seen. Enjoy!

  5. if you ever to to Jalisco there is a resturant called THE PEACOCK GARDEN you enjoy a meal and have nature all around you with loose peacocks, birds etc. I think the baby will love it

  6. I’ve seen your vlogs since the first Mexico vlog months back and I got to say you look super happy to be living in Mexico. Your face glows with happiness

  7. you guys need to go check out Los Colomos and Guadalajara´s Zoo, from the zoo you can also see la Barranca de Huentitán you´ll love it.

  8. That buffet breakfast looked amazing! And we shop at Walmart here in Cancun too. They have better food selection than some of the options near us. It feels weird shopping there in Mexico haha

  9. So nice to see the neighboring country that is not the U.S. of A! (T.Rump 😐) Seems so peaced out there and the sensual life.

  10. I think I can help you with your Walmart mystery. The history of Walmart in Mexico is interesting. They didn't mean to be in Mexico. They were brought to Mexico by the Arango brothers owners of group cifra. The brothers started group cifra at the end of the 1950's with the first supermarket called aurrera. They also opened superama in 1960 then vips restaurants in 1964. They also opened suburbia (clothing chain store) and bodega aurrera (aurrera warehouse) in 1970 and in 1978 they opened el Portón restaurants. Then at the beginning of the 90's due to the huge competition with other supermarkets they decided to look for Walmart as Walmart success in the us was impressive. They signed a joint venture and they transformed some aurrera locations into Walmarts. I remember the first Walmart opened in northern Mexico City in location known as the toreo cuatro caminos. A few months after the joint venture was signed, they opened Sam's club. As Walmart saw the success and the potential in Mexico they bought out the Arango brothers from cifra in 1997. Cifra was renamed Walmart Mexico which also now controls the Walmarts in Centro America. Walmart Mexico is an independent company trading in the Mexican stock exchange. But technically most of the shares are owned by Walmart inc (USA). Recently, Walmart sold their suburbias to Liverpool (department store) for $800 million dollars. This was a good battle as Liverpool was fighting Carlos slim's sears. By the way sears Mexico is owned by Carlos slim's group Sanborns (sanborns is a nation wide chain restaurant) Sears in the USA just filed for chapter 11 and they are struggling in Canada. In 2013, they sold vips restaurants for $626 millions dollars to the alsea (a Mexican restaurant group) which operates and owns all Starbucks in Mexico. Yes only one company owns them all. Starbucks made a deal with them to operate their business in Mexico in exchange Starbucks gets commission for ever location plus some of the profits without having to invest a cent.

    I think that it is interesting that Walmart inc was not looking to go to Mexico but they were kind of invited to Mexico. Now they have more than 2,700 Walmarts, Walmart supercenters, sam's clubs and many superamas, aurreras, bodegas aurrera hey also owned restaurants. By the way, one Arango brother decided to retire in Spain and they had opened vips in Spain before the Walmart thing but vips Spain was not in the deal with Walmart so he kept the vips in Spain. Sorry for the length so I think that you went to a supermarket (aurrera, bodega aurrera, superama) own by Walmart Mexico. You will also find their generic Walmart brand products at most of their stores.

  11. Happy Harper! That girl was so joyful it made my heart leap. (I love it that she's so into the bones and dinosaurs…cool.)

  12. Wow! We got Walmarts here but that Guadalajara Walmart is GIGANTIC! lol….Jesse getting so flustered as what to get at the breakfast buffet table, I would too, you endanger yourself by overeating, but considering the walkabout amidst the beautiful downtown of La Perla Tapatía, totally appropriate! Ah, the Paleontology Museum, that future Paleontologist, you know your 3-year-old alarm clock, sure did get as excited by all those old bones, but just as fine when Dad takes her out to the swings! AWESOME to see a big beautiful multicolored Guacamaya living side by side by ducks, and LOL when you said there are small benches to sit on and wait for somebody, some avian friend to come and perch on your shoulder or poop on your head! Thanks my dear Erin for sharing this glimpse of your Family's sojourn into La Perla Tapatía! 🙂

  13. Jessie i feel you on the breakfast selections whoa that is just too much goodness to choose from 😮 another nice video Erin 🤳 park was awesome and fish tacos 1 of my favs more more more 👍🙌

  14. Wow!
    That's a buffet breakfast!
    The park was beautiful and love the museum.
    Fish tacos are my favorite.
    I'm definitely will have nightmares with all that food that I'm craving now.

  15. Girl I love your videos! Thank you for being sooooo awesome in taking us on a trip with you to all these cool places. Keep the vids coming!!!! Stay safe and continue to soak all the awesomeness the cities have to offer!

  16. Really nice video, i would take home one of the colorful parrots, jk, that park is so beautiful, dont the birds fly away out of the park?

  17. That breakfast spread was incredible! Looks like you guys stayed at a great place. And I never imagined I’d ever see a parrot and a duck in the same shot! Nice you took Harper to the museum. We’ll never forget when she asked if the bread had bones. 😆 She’s so cute and curious. -Jim

  18. In México we have Ahurrera y Bodega Ahurrera, which are part of the Walmart family and are cheaper than Walmart, since México has very low incomes and some peoplw can afford doing their groceries at a store like Walmart. Especia Guanajuato City, eventhough Guanajuato as a estate is supposed to be one of the wealthiest, the capital is not and you can see it in their local population, that's something that shocked me because the touristic industry is good, but…I don't know, just my observations.

  19. Guadalajara Guadalajara.., Guadalajara Guadalajara, Guadalajara looks like an Awesome City to visit and explore, blending the old and the new masterfully, best of both worlds. Probably my favorite video of yours and I love your videos!

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  21. I remember visiting a Walmart in Xalapa, Veracruz Mexico maybe like some 18 years ago. It did feel weird. I was living in Illinois at the time. I now live in Puerto Rico. The Walmarts here are pretty cool. People don't act crazy.

  22. Buenos tacos u all, The music is killer, and the video is outstanding. It`s wonderful to see Jessie loosening up a little and being more open in the videos. Your daughter is so adorable and smart and I just can`t get enough of you guys. Please keep the videos coming. Looking forward to the next one! ☮

  23. Wow you look so much confident, congrats on a great video.! Beautiful family, ! Ahh wait till your 3 Years old starts speaking in Spanish that’s going to be so awesome.!! Can’t wait..! Felicidades.

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  25. Hi how are you?, I loved watching your videos, and I'm glad you love visiting my beautiful country. I hope one day you come to visit Chiapas, the most beautiful state from Mexico.

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    I also agree in regards to the Music, love it and your editing is great

    I really hope you find a Home in Mexico, by home I mean The Place you are looking for in this Walkabout

    Mi Casa es Tu Casa, de corazón

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  32. This is something that will should not support Walmart. I know Guadalajara is big city. Just the fact that most of the products come from overseas. This doesn’t help the local economy. Not only that the capital money goes to other countries it doesn’t stay in Mexico.

  33. Walmart in Mexico looks a lot cleaner and organized than my local Walmart's. This is the primary reason why I am a Target gal.

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