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Beer Battered Fish Tacos Recipe – Show Me the Yummy –   Episode 3

Beer Battered Fish Tacos Recipe – Show Me the Yummy – Episode 3

Welcome to show me the yummy episode
3 we are making beer battered cod fish
tacos with an asiain inspired slaw mmm I’m so excited for today’s recipe because tacos are my absolute favorite Anything mexican, especially tacos are her favorite Except these are asian tacos Right. But they’re still tacos. [music] So the first thing we’re going to do is start off with the slaw Yup, and the first part of the slaw are the toasted almonds and sesame seeds. Mmmm. So, I’m just going to place these right in my pan. Right like that. and then I’m going to take them back there and get them nice and toasty. I’m on it. Or, I guess Trevor’s gonna do it for me. Just over medium heat. over medium heat, should only take about 5 minutes or so And while Trevor’s keeping an eye on those, I’m gonna start on the slaw dressing. Which is two tablespoons sesame oil Seasoned rice vinegar about a tablespoon of lime juice and we have a little sriracha. A little spice. A little kick! just a little kick and I forgot my spatula so I’m just using my finger You’re gonna have to lick that now You can lick it, you like spicy YEAH! gettin this party started. And we have some ground ginger then we have a clove of garlic and then
we’re gonna put in some honey just to sweeten it up just a bit and then the last thing is just some salt and now I’m just going to whisk these together We’re going to take our slaw which is just coleslaw that’s pre-packaged. pre-packaged, make it easy so I’m just going to pour this in and I’m just going to start with a little bit of it just because I don’t want it to be over-dressed, so we’re just going to eye-ball it and I’m gonna add just a little bit more of the sauce cause I like mine really saucy That looks good. Yeah, the last thing with slaw is to just add some cilantro that I chopped up about a fourth of a cup. It really does add a nice freshness… fresh, bright, yeah… to the slaw. so now the slaw is done so I’m gonna put this in the fridge to chill while we get started on our tacos On it Now we’re gonna make the beer batter. The best part. Yeah, super simple. One-fourth cup flour all-purpose And one-fourth cup rice flour and just about a half teaspoon of salt I’m gonna mix it up. Trevor’s gonna whisk that and the reason we’re using rice flour is to make the batter crisp and light. next part, most important part, beer yes, I just happen to have a beer opener
always like to… just chillin in your pocket… have one on hand at all times Half cup of that. And it’s best to have your beer cold Ohhh, look at that. Oh my gosh, so good! Fantastic! And you wanna make sure to mix it until there are no lumps but you also don’t want to over mix it. Don’t over mix. No. You just want it to about that consistency. Yeah, that looks perfect I mean, it’s pretty thick but that’s what you want. Yeah. Because it will really adhere to the fish and not fall off while we’re frying it. Which is what we’re gonna do next. Fry Time! We’ve got our oil which has been heated to 350 degrees. Anywhere between 325 and 350 degrees. Yeah. we’ve got our fish cut up Fresh cod from Seattle, of course Just a half pound of cod cut into one ounce chunks So that makes about four tacos two pieces for each taco. Yup. So, if you wanted to, you could double this recipe really easily So easily. But that’s how much we have. And we’ve got our batter and some salt so after we fry the fish we’re going to
put some salt on it right away right? Yup. Alright, so I’m just going to get this in here. So, Trevor has just dredged the fish in the batter and now you can kind of see how Trevor is just slowly circling it in it helps with splattering and it helps so the batter doesn’t go everywhere I’m gonna keep doing these. Perfect. And they’re gonna sit in there for about 5 minutes. 4 minutes to 5 minutes til golden brown. You’ll see when we bring ’em out okay so these been in here about 4 or 5 minutes and now they’re a nice golden brown and as I bring these out jennifer is going to have some salt
ready and she’s gonna put that salt on there right as they come out that way the oil
kinda grabs ’em Just a teeny sprinkle of salt There’s your next one, we’re gonna do the next 5 pieces and then when we come back we’ll show you how we put these things together. So excited! Okay so all of our fish has been deep-fried. It’s golden, it looks
amazing So, we’re gonna take our toasted nuts and pour that into our slaw I’ll mix that up. Give that a quick stir. And while Trevor does that I’m going to start assembling the tacos I just take flour tortilla and place two pieces of fish right in there like that There you go. Top it with a hefty spoonful of slaw Yeah, nice and slaw-filled. You know what time it is? What time is it? Taste test! Taste test! Mmmmm Oh, that’s good. That is so yummy. That’s delicious They’re fantastic. I want these all day, every day. Well, there you have it. Beer battered cod fish tacos with an asian slaw So yummy. So yummy. As always, you can find the recipe down below if you liked the video, let us know about it leave a comment, hit the thumbs up And always, subscribe that way you get notified when we have new
videos up They’re three times a week Monday, Wednesday, Friday check them out and enjoy More tacos! More tacos! Now, we’re going to make the beer battle [Laughs] Or the beer batter

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  1. This goes without saying, but we should have added to the recipe… be sure to finish the beer after you use only a half cup of it! -Trevor

  2. I don't really like most of the things you put in it, but woah!, your video makes me want to eat it just as it is, you two are so lovely and cool, please keep the awesome recipes~! 😀

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