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Begun Ilish – Famous Bengali Style Hilsa Fish Recipe With Brinjal – Begun Diye Ilish Macher Jhol

Begun Ilish – Famous Bengali Style Hilsa Fish Recipe With Brinjal – Begun Diye Ilish Macher Jhol

Hello Friends, Welcome to Shweta’s Home Kitchen Subscribe my channel now to get regular updates of new recipes If you like my recipe, like and comment on it.. Let’s Get Started [intro of channel] Today, I will show you how to make “Brinjal Hilsa” This is very light recipe …and most enjoyed during monsoon with hot rice This is a famous Bengali traditional recipe I will show you how to cook First Hilsa fish – 4 pieces 3 slitted green chilies 1 big brinjal and make big pieces like this pieces must be big to prevent breaking the brinjal pieces onion seeds – 1/4 tsp turmeric powder cumin-green chili paste 2 tbsp this recipe will be with green chilies only Mustard oil Salt & sugar to taste Add 1/4 tsp turmeric powder in fish add 1/4 tsp salt I will make a coat with salt & turmeric power coat like this and will keep marinating for 10 mins so that it will be absorbed by the fish well this hilsa recipe is a very light recipe really enjoying with hot rice during monsoon at lunch try this at home and let me know your experience now I will keep the fish for 10 mins Add 4 tbsp mustard oil in kadai(pan) after oil heated up I will fry hilsa a little oil heated up and adding hilsa into it just fry for 1 min for both sides and take it out flip to other side after 1 min frying done, now I will keep aside add onion seeds now fry the onion seeds for 5-10 secs Add brinjal now and mix it well after 2 mins frying add salt to taste 1 tsp turmeric powder sugar to taste add little water mix it well in medium flame add cumin- green chili paste now after 1 mins of saute add 1 coffee cup water make the flame in high now adding 1/2 coffee cup water more to get brinjal cooked well more curry will there is this recipe this is a famous Bengali authentic traditional recipe starts boiling, now I will put a lid and keep the flame low we have to cook for 10 mis after 10 mins I can check, brinjal is half cooked this time I have to add hilsa fish you have to add fish when brinjal will half cooked, otherwise brinjal pieces will break keep the flame low and add fish like this I will make the flame high after adding fish in curry add slitted green chilies now Now Put the flame in high cook for 5 mins in high flame everything will be all set after 5 mins 5 mins done, My dish is ready Now I will serve it!! Make ‘Brinjal Hilsa’ by this easy steps at home and enjoy it with hot rice let me share your experience in comment box take care… and bye bye

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